Wednesday, 16 October 2013

My First Concert | Lawson - Everywhere We Go Tour 2013

Photo taken from Lawson's Twitter account. All Credit goes to the owner.

On the 9th of October me & my friend Sarah travelled through to Glasgow to see Lawson as part of their Everywhere We Go Tour.  It was my first concert so I was really excited especially since Lawson are one of my favourite bands, but I was also a little nervous as I knew there would be a lot of people there.
When we arrived I was really shocked to see ROOM94 (one of the two support acts) right across the road from where we had parked.  I wanted to go over and say hi but I was too nervous just to go up to them.  Also, I knew we had to get in the queue because we had balcony tickets which is unallocated seating.  But I am a little gutted that I didn't go and say hi to them.

Paighton and ROOM94 were the support acts and they were both amazing!  They were really talented and were great at interacting with the audience.  During the break between ROOM94 and Lawson me & Sarah started talking to the couple next to us (we never got their names) and they were really nice. The girl was telling me loads of useful ways that I could get into the radio and film industry and it was lovely meeting both of them.  They were a good laugh and the girl was telling me about when she saw Simple Plan live (I was so jealous). And it was the guys first concert too so I didn't feel so nervous about that.
When Lawson came on they had an amazing entrance but just as the curtain dropped the security guard there asked me to stop filming :(
Throughout the entire concert they had an amazing stage presence and they made sure the crowd was always involved and engaged which I loved. I absolutely loved Andy's tartan scarf that he had attached to the back of his jeans!

 I really enjoyed the acoustic set that they done, especially Waterfall as it's always been one of my favourite songs from the Chapman Square album.

For their encore they sang Everywhere You Go and Standing In The Dark. I will admit that I got a bit tearful during Standing In The Dark, partly because I knew it was the last song and partly because I am so proud. From filming covers in their kitchen to their own headline tour in the UK, I couldn't be more proud of Andy, Joel, Adam and Ryan.