Sunday, 17 November 2013

Mittens, Stress & Secret Websites!

It's almost that time of year again! For me I don't like to get into the Christmas spirit too early, I normally wait till December. But I couldn't help but get a little excited when I went into Starbucks and was served my hot chocolate in a Christmas cup!
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Unfortunately for me Christmas is quite a stressful time as well as being exciting. I'm in my 5th year at high school (I think that's year 11 in England, please correct me if I'm wrong) and I'm studying 5 Highers. I'm doing 3 courses over 1 year (Health & Food Technology, Geography and Business Management) and 2 courses over 2 years (English and Maths).
This means that I've recently been sitting NAB (National Assessment Bank) exams. These are mini exams which you have to sit and pass in order to sit the final exam. I'm doing okay(ish) so far but I am finding it all pretty stressful.
I'm finding the Higher Geography course difficult and I am very scared about sitting my 2nd NAB for the course at the end of the week (I failed my 1st NAB for the course 2 weeks ago but I failed, luckily I passed the resit though) so I am very nervous, but trying to stay hopeful that I will pass it first time.
As well as NAB's I also have rehearsals for my school Christmas concert and concert rehearsals for a regional showcase concert that I'm doing next March. And I've got a few mountains of homework that I need to battle my way through. So saying that I'm letting the stress get to me would be an understatement. A huge one.
In order to get me into the Christmas spirit and to try and help me feel a little less stressed my mum decided to surprise me a lovely bag of maltesers and some snowmen mittens at Primark which she got for me while I was at maths tutoring.
I also got to see my bestie Hannah for the first time in a while this week which was really nice! When I was with her she introduced to me to a world which I'm sad to say that I've been deprived of up until now. And that world is 
I spent a very long time browsing through the website and drooling over the scrumptious looking creations! I would definitely recommend taking a look at the website then taking a copy of your favourite recipe with you on your next Starbucks visit (I know that's what I'll definitely be doing!)
So basically, although I'm currently very stressed and a little scared, I'm looking forward to Christmas and all the duvet days and hot chocolate that comes with it!
Quick side note!
I was very excited the other day as Simple Plan announced the release date, title and track list for their new EP 'Get Your Heart On - The Second Coming!' and I cannot wait! The 3rd of December is when it will be released and it is currently my light in the darkness and I'm very excited to hear some new music from the boys!
Photo taken from the Simple Plan official website