Thursday, 12 December 2013

My Favourite Things About Christmas

I love Christmas.

And I love making lists.
So I've made a list about Christmas.

Christmas will always be one of my favourite times of year (the only thing I don't like is the cold weather! Maybe I should move to Australia). So here is a list of my favourite things about the season of giving, goodwill and other good stuff:

1. FOOD! (I love food all year round. But Christmas food is just scrumptious!)

2. Christmas Songs (If you know me then you'll know I love music and Christmas music is no exception!)

3. Christmas Decorations (Is there anything prettier?)

4. Cosy nights in with a good book and a bar of chocolate

5. Christmas Movies (Especially Elf. Nothing beats the Elf movie at Christmas)

There are a lot more things that I love about Christmas but I thought that I'd keep this list short and sweet! Very sorry for the short posts but there will be longer ones coming soon!