Monday, 13 January 2014

My January Playlist 2014

Hi everyone!

I hope you all enjoy my playlist for this month!

Marianas Trench - Ever After

Memphis May Fire - Miles Away (Acoustic) ft. Kellin Quinn

The Summer Set ft. Dia Frampton - Where Are You Now?

Pierce The Veil - Bulls In The Bronx

Simple Plan - In

All Time Low - So Long Soldier

Mayday Parade - When You See My Friends

Tonight Alive ft. Benji Madden - Breakdown

Real Friends - I've Given Up On You

Vic Fuentes & Jenna McDougall - Hold On Till May (acoustic)
I only want to go into detail about one song on this playlist and that is the first song.
So I listened to the song 'Ever After' for the first time ever before I wrote this playlist and it is now one of my favourite songs.  I don't know if it's the dynamics or Josh Ramsay's amazing vocals or the lyrics but there was something about this song. 
I just closed my eyes and listened and was completely overwhelmed with appreciation for this song. It is a truly beautiful piece.  I would definitely recommend to have a listen to this song. Actually I'd say listen to all the songs on this playlist, they're all pretty amazing songs.

Also a quick heads up on a post that's coming in the near future!
I'm doing a n online interview with singer-songwriter Will Sid Smith so send me any questions that you might have for him! If you don't know who he is then go check out his website: