Monday, 17 March 2014

New Album Purchases: Tonight Alive & All Time Low

I'm an extremely happy bunny just now as I went to HMV on Friday and spent my voucher (and a little extra money too!) from my friend Emma.
Like the last time I was in HMV I was pleasantly surprised to discover that HMV had quite a lot of CD's in that I really want.  There was a lot of All Time Low, there was Panic! At The Disco, Simple Plan and Tonight Alive.  I was so excited by the amount of All Time Low that they had in stock that I completely forgot to check for any Sleeping With Sirens and I didn't look for any Fall Out Boy either!  Although I was a little sad to discover that HMV still don't stock Marianas Trench.
I decided to limit myself to two CD's as I don't like having lots of new songs to listen to all at once.  I like being able to listen to an album and appreciate it without comparing it to other ones that I just bought as well.
Anyway, as you can see from my photos I decided to get Tonight Alive's most recent album 'The Other Side' and All Time Low's DVD/CD set 'Straight To DVD'.
This was the first Tonight Alive album that I personally own (I've only ever had a couple of songs from 'What Are You So Scared Of?' sent to me from my friend who has a digital copy of the album) so I was extremely excited. 
As I've said in previous posts one of my favourite things about getting a new CD is discovering songs I've never heard before.  I'd only ever previously heard 'Lonely Girl' (this was the first song I'd ever heard from Tonight Alive and is the reason why I properly started listening to them), 'Come Home' and 'The Ocean'.
It's nice to finally have a CD copy of these songs but also I'm just loving this album in general.  One of my particular favourites from the album is 'Hell And Back' I don't know what it is about the song but I'm just really loving it.  I'm also loving the song 'The Other Side'.
I normally worry about songs on albums that have the same title as the actual album itself. I'm always scared that I won't like it and I feel like I have to like the song as it's the name of the album.  But this song and also the song 'Ever After' by Marianas Trench (from their album 'Ever After') have definitely eliminated that worry.
I'm very pleased with this purchase.  It's a good album, well thought through and I'm really enjoying listening to it.
As some of you may know I love All Time Low.  I've been listening to their music for just under a year and I was so happy to see this in HMV.  I've been wanting to see the documentary and concert for a really long time and I was definitely not disappointed.
I spent my Saturday evening with my portable DVD player, a hot chocolate and, what is now one of my favourite DVD's.  It made me laugh, smile and cry a little (with both laughter - I cry really easily when I laugh, one of my many weird quirks - and proudness from seeing how far they have come as a band).  And it was nice to have some moments when I fangirled over Alex doing the leg thing (only All Time Low fans will understand the leg thing, sorry).
It also confirmed something that I've always thought about All Time Low - they know how to put on an amazing concert for their fans.  This has just increased how much I would love to see them live one day.
Overall I'm really pleased with what I got, new music always makes me feel better so it's helping to keep me happy.
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