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Will Sid Smith: Interview & Giveaway!

Hey everyone!
If you've been reading my blog for a while then you'll know that I love discovering new music.  Quite a long time ago I found a guy called Will Sid Smith on YouTube, I really enjoy listening to his music and now I'm lucky enough to do an online interview with him.

Will has been singing since the age of 6 and after hearing 'Immune' by KT Tunstall he started to teach himself guitar at the age of 14.  Not long after starting to play the guitar Will began writing his own lyrics and music.

Now at the age of 18, Will has been playing gigs in and around London for nearly 3 years, has written many of his own songs and, is studying for his A-Levels.

What's your biggest inspiration when writing music?

The people around me are my biggest inspirations for sure. Whether that’s family, friends or lovers. The latter mostly because they’re often the ones that make me laugh, cry, wish I didn’t exist and also make me feel like I’m on top of the world. Such an insane thing that bounces you crazily all over the emotional spectrum is just impossible to ignore, and the best way to deal with it for me, is to write about it.

What can you tell us about your singles Never Forget, Safe and Tonight?

Never Forget is one of those ‘lost love’ songs... I came up with a couple of chords that sounded nice and then wanted to write something fairly clichéd yet profound, so I added in a ton of imagery about trees and then topped it off with some sad sounding high notes with a little acoustic guitar solo thing. So much fun to record.

Safe is one of those songs that I was lucky enough to finish recording in one take but took me so long to finish writing. I was approached by someone who wanted me to write a sad song for a movie of theirs, and I already had some melancholy piano music but needed a situation to base my lyrics upon. When the director gave me that situation I finished the song in about 20 minutes!

I wrote Tonight a couple of years ago and it was about my girlfriend at the time, not sure how I came up with it exactly, but I knew I wanted to write a cheeky love song with a nice melody so with all the inspiration there and an idea, I got to work...

What artists do you like to listen to?

I love to listen to Coldplay. Chris Martin’s voice is really haunting and every song he writes is just so good. In my newer songs – Safe and Never Forget, I took a lot of inspiration from this guy because he is a truly fantastic musician. Recently I’ve been listening to loads of Soul and R&B like Otis Redding, Aretha Franklin and Stevie Wonder. I feel really comfortable singing those kinds of songs because the vocal parts are way more flexible than pop songs and there’s this unexplainable sexiness I get to feel when I sing Soul...

What advice would you give to other upcoming artists?

Get your parents involved as much as possible, my parents have helped me so much through my music career, especially my Dad who takes me to pretty much all of my gigs and much more – so yeah, get them involved if you can.
And another thing, I’ve seen a lot of young musicians who are trying to write cool or current sounding songs, and trying to be like another artist instead of just being themselves, so my advice would be to always be yourself, and don’t worry about tailoring yourself to fit the needs of others, it never works, if you do what YOU need to do then you’ll succeed.

What's been the most surreal moment of your music journey so far?

I really have no idea...there have been loads of times that I’ve felt like I’ve been touched by an angel during a gig but nothing that stands out especially for any particular reason, it’s always surreal for me...

What's your favourite food to eat when you're ill?

I tend to eat just a ton of crap when I’m ill. If I have the energy to go downstairs in the morning, then I’ll just stock up with crisps, sandwiches and lemonade to last me for the whole day so I don’t even have to leave my bed.

Would you rather be the 6th member of The Wanted or One Direction?

To be honest, I wouldn’t like to be in either of those boy bands. I’d prefer just to be a singer/songwriter – in other words, the centre of attention. I feel like I’m not enough of a team player to be in a boy band, but if someone was holding a gun up to my head and threatened to kill my mother then I’d probably choose One Direction because they make more money.

Do you prefer CD's or downloads?

Not sure. Downloads are good if you like one song from a particular album or artist and they’re easier to put on your iPod but I do like owning CD's of my favourite bands and listening to them for hours on end, so I don’t know what I like better, they’ve both got their pros and cons.

Do you have any interesting or weird pre-show rituals?

Well, since I stopped sacrificing virgins on the night before a gig, it’s just been basic goat murder as of late... Nah, mostly it’s just loud vocal runs of all the swear words under the sun to get the nerves out of my system. Maybe some push ups to get the blood pumping as well.

What gigs have you been to yourself?

I’ve been to quite a few, but the best musical event I’ve ever been to was Reading Festival back in 2011. Saw My Chemical Romance, Thirty Seconds to Mars, Muse, Ed Sheeran, The Strokes, so many amazing bands and artists, I had the time of my life.
Most of the gigs I’ve been to have been really intense and moshy heavy rock bands but one day I’d really like to go see Adele or Michael Bublé because I’ve loved them for ages and they’re nice to chill out to.

What artist(s) would you love to see live?

Never seen Coldplay, their concerts always look epic, and I’d love to go see Muse again as well. Would love to see Fall Out Boy, never got to see them before their hiatus and that was when I loved them the most but it’d still be so cool to see them, and I’ve always been a huge Paramore fan so
I definitely need to see them as well.
The composer Hans Zimmer does shows sometimes and I find his music simply amazing so he’s on my list too, and can’t believe I’m saying this but I’ve got to see the ‘Glee’ cast in concert before I die...

So now that we've all determined that Will is pretty grounded, doesn't make any sacrifices before his performances and, has made me extremely jealous over the fact that he's been to Reading Festival, here are all the various places where you can find Will:


I'd just like to say a huge thank you to Will for doing this interview with me and to everyone that sent in their questions for him.

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