Sunday, 20 April 2014

Yet Another All Time Low Album!

Hi everyone!
During my Easter holidays I spent a few days in Aberdeen and as per usual with me now, I couldn't go to Aberdeen without popping into the HMV store there.
So I walked into the shop and next thing I knew I'd been there for over an hour and over 10 CD's were being balanced in my hands.  I think it finally occurred to me that I had a bit of a problem.
I had a mixture of albums, from Of Mice & Men, to Kodaline, to Simple Plan, to Ed Sheeran EP's.  I took over a small ledge in the shop and tried to decide what albums to get.  To say this was difficult for me would be a huge understatement. 
I finally decided on Simple Plan's album 'Still Not Getting Any' and All Time Low's album
'So Wrong, It's Right' (although there was a lot of swithering between All Time Low's albums 'So Wrong It's Right' and 'Nothing Personal' as I really love both these albums and would my own copies of both).
I was quite pleased with myself for finally narrowing down what CD's I was going to get.


But then on my way to the checkout I walked past the DVD section and decided to have a little browse through the films and I found 'Captain America: The First Avenger'.
I had never seen this film and have wanted to see it ever since it came out so I couldn't help but pick it up as well.  And yet again I had a problem as I could only get one of the CD's if I wanted the DVD.

After a lot of thinking again I finally decided on Captain America and All Time Low's album
'So Wrong It's Right'.
So that evening me and my sister watched Captain America together.  My sister had already seen the film (as well as the new one which is just out in cinemas) but it was my first time seeing it and I loved it so much! 

I haven't been able to fully listen to the 'So Wrong, It's Right' album properly (as in with absolutely no distractions like school work or my very messy bedroom that is desperately needing a clean).  Although so far my favourite tracks are:

Six Feet Under The Stars
Dear Maria, Count Me In (A song which I already had a lot of love for)
Stay Awake (Dreams Only Last For A Night) (This song was actually the reason why I bought this album, I have an oceans worth of love for this song)
Poppin' Champagne

I will most probably go on a lovely little ramble about my love for this album in a separate blog post as I would quite like to talk about some of my favourite songs individually and in a bit more detail and depth.  But so far I am loving this album and I just hope that I can add 'Nothing Personal' to my album collection very soon.