Friday, 22 August 2014

Tonight Alive Concert

Hi everyone!
My legs are sore, my ears are still ringing and my voice is almost gone.
But right now, I couldn't be happier.
Because last night me and my friend Lex saw Tonight Alive at The Liquid Rooms.

A quick pre warning:
This post will mostly be photos, even though my camera wasn't working properly so all my photos look pretty awful, I wanted to share them with you guys.
 I took a lot of photos (my camera album went from 208 photos to over 600 photos) so I've selected a small handful of my favourite photos to show you

We arrived at the venue early so we decided to just get in the queue.
I was pretty excited at this point as Tonight Alive are one of my top bands that I've wanted to see for a while now.
But I will also admit that I was quite nervous as I had got myself quite worked up about the evening.
The doors opened at about seven and we were quite near the front of the queue so we got in quite quickly.

When we got in the venue there wasn't many people on the right hand side so we went there and we ended up being in the front row.
The support act was a group called The LaFontaines.  I had previously never heard of them and during the first song I really wasn't sure if their music was for me.
But further on into their set I started to really like them and they were great at interacting with the audience.  The lead guitarist was extremely good, and so was the drummer.  If I'm honest I have no idea how to explain the genre of music that they are, maybe punk rock meets rap music?
I quite liked them and I'm going to borrow their album from Lex.
 The LaFontaines

The LaFontaines
After The LaFontaines there was an equipment switch during which they had music playing through the speakers, it helped me to calm down as I was feeling a little anxious.
The atmosphere at this point was amazing, you could tell everyone just wanted Tonight Alive to come on.
And when Tonight Alive came on stage, I didn't think it was possible but, I got even more excited.
The first song they performed was their most recent single 'The Edge' and it was incredible.
Jake Hardy

Jenna McDougall

 Jenna McDougall
I was so happy with where we were in the venue, it meant I didn't have to zoom on any of my photos and we were so close to the band!  But unfortunately it meant I was unable to get any photos of Whakaio Taahi or Matt Best.
This also meant that being so close to the band there was some points I just stood in amazement at how amazing they are live, and in complete shock that I was actually seeing Tonight Alive!
 Cam Adler & Jake Hardy

Jenna McDougall
 Jenna McDougall

 Jenna McDougall
 Jenna McDougall

 Cam Adler

 Jake Hardy

 Jenna McDougall & Cam Adler
 One of Cam Adler's guitar picks that I got
My concert ticket
There were various points during the concert that I had to remind myself what was actually happening, it was quite surreal to see one of my favourite bands right in front of me.
The entire evening was amazing.
I was so happy that they played 'Complexes', it's one of my favourite Tonight Alive songs and it is incredible to hear live.
I also loved hearing 'The Fire', as well as 'Amelia, 'Don't Wish' and 'Bathwater'. 
Something that I really loved is that they sound just as good live as they do on the album.  This isn't always the case with some artists and I was so glad that Tonight Alive are just as good live as they are in the studio.
I want to say a massive thank you to quite a few people:
Firstly, Tonight Alive.
They put on an amazing performance.  It was their first time performing in Edinburgh and I'm so glad that they did.  The entire evening was amazing and I am so happy that I got to see one of my favourite bands live.
I was pretty nervous before the concert but when we got in I felt completely at ease and hearing/seeing them live was a dream come true for me.
Secondly, Lex.
It was her first concert and she isn't a huge Tonight Alive fan (although she does listen to them they're not one of her favourite bands) so I really appreciate her going with me.
She calmed me down and put up with the weird, emotional states that I was in both before and after the concert.
She also took loads of photos for me because my camera wouldn't focus.
Thirdly, the security guard.
When I first got Cam's pick I dropped it (both out of clumsiness and shock) and he picked it up and made sure I got it back.  He also tried his best not to be in the way of anyone seeing properly but also making sure people in the audience were okay (such as getting a bottle of water for the girl next to me).
Overall I had an incredible time, both bands were amazing and the venue was really good, although it's small I feel this just made the concert more intimate.
I would definitely recommend seeing Tonight Alive if you ever get the chance.
Or even just seeing one of your favourite bands live if you're able too, it's an amazing experience.