Monday, 29 September 2014

My September Favourites 2014

Hello veryone!
 It's the second last day of September.  I actually find that quite scary because this means it's almost the end of 2014, this year has gone in so quickly!
 At the end of August I done a favourites post (which you can read here) and I thought it would be nice for me to turn my monthly favourites into a little series.

YouTube Channels
 I love Bethan's channel!
I'm very excited for her EP which is being released on the 2nd of November this year.
I really enjoy watching Bethan's videos, she gives really good advice (especially surrounding bullying) and I love watching her hair and makeup tutorials - I adore Bethan's hair!

 Tanya Burr is like a YouTube best friend.
This month she's been posting a daily vlog every day as well as a weekly video every Sunday.  I've loved watching her videos everyday, when I've had a bad day or I'm feeling a bit down Tanya's videos help me to feel better.
And although our fashion senses are completely different, I love watching her fashion and beauty videos.
This month I particularly enjoyed her Autumn Fashion Haul.
 PointlessBlogTV is Alfie Deyes second channel and he's recently started daily vlogging on this channel (he's daily vlogged before but he's been daily vlogging continuously for quite a while now). 
 I really enjoy watching Alfie's daily vlogs as you get to see behind the scenes of him promoting his book 'The Pointless Book'.
I also like how relaxed he seems in his daily vlogs, it makes the vlog feel more like a conversation and I really like that.

Sugar Sweet Style

I'm not someone who knows a lot about makeup (I only have a slight interest and will stare in awe at those girls who have very on point eye makeup) but this blog is making me interested in makeup.
I've really enjoyed scrolling through this blog, I particularly like the NYX Jumbo Pencil Review (which you can read here).
I also think that the photography on this blog is absolutely amazing!  It makes me want to learn a lot more about how to improve the photography on my blog (because let's face it, my photography could be a lot better).

Sprinkle Of Glitter

Louise is like an internet Auntie!
Between her YouTube Channel and her blog, I feel as though Louise provides a place on the internet where it's okay to be who you want to be, it's a message which Louise teaches very well (I really hope she collaborates with Carrie Hope Fletcher on this topic one day).
Louise also lets us know that it's okay to be upset and sad sometimes, and that it's also okay to express and share these feelings.
I particularly enjoy reading Louise's 'Motivational Monday' posts on her blog, I find them very helpful, especially over the last month.

Sneha Kadaba

I have a lot of love for Sneha's blog even though I only just started reading it a few days ago.
From the design of her blog, to the friendly and chatty style of her posts, I have fallen in love with this blog.
Although Sneha's blog is mainly beauty and fashion I still really enjoy reading it and I'm so happy that I found her blog.

 Simple Plan | Get Your Heart On - The Second Coming!

I've really liked listening to Simple Plan's EP 'Get Your Heart On - The Second Coming!' this month.
In particular I've been really enjoying the songs 'Lucky One' (which I'm listening to right now) and 'The Rest Of Us'.
These two songs already mean a lot to me but this past month has been an emotional rollercoaster so these songs have really helped me (although I didn't include them in this months playlist as I only wanted to talk about them here).
I've been really enjoying listening to A Day To Remember this month.
I'm not going to go into a lot of detail as I already done that in my September Playlist (which you can read here).
 But I am just going to let you all know that I've been really loving their music this month and I think they're a pretty incredible band.
 All Time Low 'Straight To DVD' 

If you follow me on my personal Instagram then you may already know that I found a brilliant combination.
That combination is All Time Low's Straight To DVD and a bag of Galaxy Minstrels - and no, I didn't eat all that bag myself!
I decided to cosy up on the sofa and watch the documentary DVD.
Although there are some little parts of the DVD I don't really like that much (please don't jump down my throat for saying that), I absolutely love this DVD.
This DVD just makes me really happy and also gives me this really nervous (but good nervous) and excited feeling that makes me hope I can see All Time Low live one day, it would be a dream come true for me.

If I Stay
Gayle Forman

Really this should be for August because I read it on the last day in August but I'm putting it in here.  I finished this book in a day which in itself explains how much I loved it.
I have so much love for this book, it's an emotional and beautiful story but also discusses a few deep topics in a complex yet understandable way.
 I, of course, loved how heavily music featured in the story but also how it interweaved in such a lovely way with the rest of the story.
I would definitely recommend this book, it's an amazingly beautiful book.
I really hope I can get my hands on the sequel 'Where She Went' and I would also love to see the movie version as well.

The Manifesto On How To Be Interesting
Holly Bourne

For a start, I love the cover and the fact that the page edges are ILLUMINOUS ORANGE!!
But unfortunately it took me a while to get into this book if I'm being honest.  But luckily once I got into a certain stage in the story I started to enjoy the book and wanted to know what happened next for the main character Bree.
I enjoyed this book and I liked how well the author wrote about how difficult the high school experience can be for a lot of people, as not many authors can make some of the experiences as real as Holly Bourne did with this novel.


You may have seen in My Autumn Wardrobe Wishlist post that I have developed quite a love for plaid shirts.
I bought this shirt from new look and I absolutely love it!  The fabric is really lovely, it's so soft and comfortable.  I also love the colours in this shirt, especially the shade of blue I think it's really nice.
 I also purchased a new pair of black skinny jeans from New Look and I really like them.
Normally when I get a new pair of jeans I find that they can be really uncomfortable for the first few days.  But I didn't find that with this pair, I think they're really comfy and practicable.

I hope you're enjoying this new style of post and that you're enjoying reading about some of the things that I've been loving over the past month.

Let me know in the comments about some of the things you have been loving over September, I'd love to read about them, as well as any recommendations you have for me.