Wednesday, 24 September 2014

My September Playlist 2014

Hello veryone!
September has been a very stressful and busy month (although there have been some good times) and I have been so thankful to have the music that I love, it has really helped me get through the past month.

There's quite a variety of songs in this months playlist, I hope you like it.

BriBry - Adventure Time

Fast Forward - Find You (Zedd Ft. Matthew Koma & Miriam Bryant Cover)

MKTO - Classic

A Day To Remember - Have Faith In Me

Yellowcard - With You Around (Acoustic)

As It Is - Bitter, Broken Me

You Me At Six - Lived A Lie

All Time Low - Six Feet Under The Stars (Acoustic)

Never Shout Never - On The Brightside

Defy You Stars - Rest (acoustic)

A Day To Remember - Sometimes You're The Hammer, Sometimes You're The Nail

Fast Forward - Rude (Magic Cover)

Mallory Knox - Lighthouse

Nikk Banos (from Defy You Stars) - Bad Again

You Me At Six - Room To Breathe

A Day To Remember - Right Back At It Again

Panic! At The Disco - Collar Full

As It Is - Often (Acoustic)

A while ago on YouTube I subscribed to a group called Fast Forward.
They're quirky but talented and put really awesome twists on songs.  For example, using car doors closing instead of drums for a bass beats.
I've really enjoyed listening to them and I would definitely recommend checking out their YouTube channel if you're looking for something different yet brilliant to listen too.

Also, I want to have another little chat about You Me At Six (just in case you're a bit confused, I had a very excited babble about them in this post).
I really wish I'd listened to them sooner because - at least what I've listened to so far - I freaking love their music!
I'm really hoping to get one of their albums soon and if I'm not able too then I'll borrow one from my friend who's a really big fan of You Me At Six.
At the moment I'm really loving their songs 'Lived A Lie' and 'Room To Breathe' but I especially love 'Lived A Lie'.

Also, although I started listening to them a while ago, I feel like I can now call myself a fan of A Day To Remember.
I listened to 'Sometimes You're The Hammer, Sometimes You're The Nail' for the first time this month and I personally think it's pretty incredible.
From the lyrics to the dynamics, I love this song from start to finish.
It's an incredibly powerful song.
I also only just listened to 'Right Back At It Again' this month and it's brilliant! 
I had it on repeat for quite a while (and still do this sometimes) luckily I've not reached the 'I've listened to this song so much that I'm sick of it' stage quite yet.  I just really love this song, I'm sorry that I'm so bad at describing it to you all, you need to listen to it to understand what I'm getting at I guess.
I know I included their song 'Have Faith In me' in a previous playlist but, how did I only just fully appreciate how incredible the bass line is?  The bass line in this song is freaking awesome!  I also love this song lyrically (as I'm starting to find with quite a few of their songs).
Basically, I've been really loving A Day To Remember this month and they're music has made me want to listen to not only more of their work but other artists in the hardcore genre.

There's a lot of music that I'm really loving just now, I've been quite emotional recently and I'm so glad that the songs I love are a constant in my life.

I forgot to mention in my previous post that I changed the colour scheme of my blog and added some new gadgets to the sidebar.  I hope you all like the changes I've made.

Also, if you missed it, I interviewed Nikk Banos from the band Defy You Stars (who are included in this playlist) and if you haven't seen it then you can read it here.