Sunday, 26 October 2014

Zoella Beauty | Blissful Mistful Fragranced Body Mist

Hey everyone.
This week I popped into Superdrug to buy a new fragrance.
I used to wear 'Love Etc.' by the Body Shop but they discontinued this line and I finished my last bottle of the 'Love Etc.' perfume last week.
So I decided to have a very long nosy around Superdrug to find a new fragrance.

I tried Marc Jacobs 'Daisy' (way too expensive for me but it smells amazing!) and Britney Spears 'Fantasy' which I also really liked.  But I was mostly excited about trying Zoe Suggs body mist from her 'Zoella Beauty' range and I fell in love with the scent, so that's what I decided to buy.

Just in case anyone doesn't know Zoe is a beauty blogger and vlogger and recently launched her own beauty line which I've been really excited to try out.

I really love this scent, it's quite summery but I love how it's a strong scent but not overpowering. 
I also love the design on the bottle, I think it's really pretty and I love the polka dots on the back of the bottle.
The only issue is that I feel the scent doesn't last for very long but apart from that I don't have any complaints about it as a product.

If you want to buy any of Zoe's products you can get them from Superdrug here or Feel Unique here.



Thursday, 23 October 2014

My October Playlist 2014

Hello everyone!
 It's almost the end of October which means I'm going to share some of the songs that I've been enjoying this month.
I've been really enjoying a lot of acoustic and slower songs this month but also a few faster songs.

All Time Low - Daydream Away

Fall Out Boy - Sophomore Slump Or Comeback Of The Year

Tonight Alive Ft. Mark Hoppus - Thank You & Goodnight

Dodie Clark - She

Sorority Noise - Mediocre At Best

All Time Low - Painting Flowers

Sleeping With Sirens - Who Are You Now

Ed Sheeran - Autumn Leaves

A Day To Remember - If It Means A Lot To You

All Time Low - My Only One

Fall Out Boy - Disloyal Order Of Water Buffaloes

Sorority Noise - Smoke

Ed Sheeran - Photograph

This month I've been really loving some of All Time Low's more 'acoustic' songs, or even just some of their slower songs.  The three that I've included ('Painting Flowers, 'Daydream Away' and 'My Only One') are some of my favourite songs from All Time Low and there have been days when I just play them on repeat.  I personally think that these are all beautiful songs, both lyrically and instrumentally.

This month I was on Bandcamp and I found a band called 'Sorority Noise' and I'm really liking listening to them, especially their album 'Forgettable'.  Their sound is quite different from most of the bands that I listen too, although they're definitely in the genres that I listen too.  I particularly like their song 'Smoke' as I think that it's quite a haunting song yet still intricately beautiful.  If you want to give them a listen then you can do that here.

At the end of last month Dodie Clark posted her original song 'She' on her YouTube channel doddleoddle.  I really like this song and think that it's quite thought provoking and very emotional.  Dodie has the ability to portray her emotions through her music which is sometimes a rare thing to find but it is something that Dodie is very good at as a musician.  I really love this song and I highly recommend that you listen to it. 

I hope you've enjoyed reading about some of the songs I've been liking this month, if there are any songs or musicians you think I should listen too then please let me know in the comments.


Friday, 17 October 2014

Holiday Photos & Blog Updates

Hello everyone!

I recently went away for a few days to visit some family and friends and thought I'd tell you a little about it and share some of my photos as well (this post is pretty much just going to be photos).

We went for a walk at the beach and got to see some really amazing sunsets.  But unfortunately my camera battery ran out so I only got one photo (that's not very good) of the sunset.

I went to Wagamamas for the first time, which I really enjoyed and I'd love to go back soon - the food there is so amazing!

While I was away I got to meet up with my friend Esmee (who runs one of my favourite blogs: Ezzlepops.  I highly recommend you all having a nosy around her blog).  We went shopping, had lunch at Pizza Hut and had lots of really lovely chats.

(As you can see I forgot to take photos until we were halfway through our pizza!)


As per usual, I spent way too much time in both HMV and Waterstones.  I got 3 new books:
Where She Went by Gayle Foreman (which I've read already and loved)
Afterworlds by Scott Westerfield (which I've started reading and so far I really like it)
Love Letters To The Dead by Ava Dellaira.

I also got my first Fall Out Boy album which is 'Folie à Deux'.  I've listened to the album already but I won't talk about it in detail because I'm going to write an album dissection post for it.  All I will tell you is that my first impressions of 'Folie à Deux' are good but I need to listen to it a bit more before I write about it.

Some more news is that the lovely Sneha Kadaba is running a series of posts here on my blog about the basics of makeup, you can check out the first post here.
I'm also putting together an Autumn photography post for Sneha's blog which I should hopefully have completed soon and I'll let you all know when it's up on Sneha's blog.

Another quick bit of information for you all is that I'm very busy at the moment between my job and college work, so I'm sorry if I'm a little delayed in getting posts to you all.

I hope you're all doing okay, I know that this time of year can be quite stressful for those of you applying for university and college. 

I'll see you all next week with my October Playlist.


Thursday, 9 October 2014

My Album Wishlist | October 2014


Hello everyone!
This week I thought I'd share with you some of the albums that I'd like to get.  It's mostly artists that are pop-punk, punk-rock and post-hardcore. 
Here is the list of albums that (at the moment) I'd really like to add to my CD collection:


 Original album artwork by Tony Moore
 A Day To Remember
- Common Courtesy -
- What Separates Me From You -
- Homesick -

Photo Credit (x) 
 You Me At Six
- Cavalier Youth -
- Sinners Never Sleep -
- Take Off Your Colours -
- Hold Me Down -


Photo Credit (x)
  Tonight Alive
- What Are You So Scared Of? -

Photo Credit (x)
 Marianas Trench
- Ever After -
- Masterpiece Theatre -

Photo Credit (x)
 Pierce The Veil
- Selfish Machines -
- A Flair For The Dramatic -

Photo Credit (x)
The Summer Set 
- Legendary -
- Everything's Fine -
- Love Like This -

Photo Credit (x)
 Sleeping With Sirens
- With Ears To See & Eyes To Hear -
- If You Were A Movie, This Would Be Your Soundtrack -
- Lets Cheers To This -

Photo Credit (x)
 All Time Low
- Put Up Or Shut Up -
- The Party Scene -
- Dirty Work -

Photo Credit (x)
Panic! At The Disco
- Too Weird To Live, Too Rare To Die! -

Photo Credit (x) 
Fall Out Boy
- Save Rock & Roll -
- Folie A Deux -
- Infinity On High -
- From Under The Cork Tree -

Photo Credit (x) 
Simple Plan
- No Pads, No Helmets, Just Balls -
- Still Not Getting Any -

Photo Credit (x) 
Of Mice & Men
- Restoring Force -

Photo Credit (x) 
We The Kings
- Somewhere, Somehow -
- Smile Kid -
- Sunshine State Of Mind -

Photo Credit (x)
Mayday Parade
- Monsters In The Closet -
 - Tales Told By Dead Friends -
- Anywhere But Here -

Photo Credit (x)
My Chemical Romance
- The Black Parade -
 - Danger Days: The True Lives Of The Fabulous Killjoys -
- May Death Never Stop You -

Firstly I know that 'Put Up Or Shut Up' by All Time Low is an EP not an album but I included it anyway because I really want it.
Most of the songs on this EP are songs that I already know and love so it would be amazing to have my own copy of these songs. 
I also love listening to these songs then listening to their most recent songs.  I love hearing how All Time Low have stayed true to their sound but also how much they've progressed as musicians.
This will be a lot easier to do when I have my own copy of this EP as I already have a copy of their most recent album 'Don't Panic!' and copies of the extra songs from 'Don't Panic: It's Longer Now!'.

This is also how I feel with Simple Plan.
I really want their first two albums ('No Pads, No Helmets, Just Balls' and 'Still Not Getting Any') so I can compare them to their most recent work ('Get Your Heart On!' and 'Get Your Heart On - The Second Coming!').  I can't help but feel proud of how far they've come as a band.
The progression from their first songs to their most recent work is incredible but I love how when you hear their music you know it's Simple Plan.
But I'd also love to complete my Simple Plan collection as it's because of them that I love all the bands and music that I do now, and also because they're currently recording another studio album which can't wait to hear.

I've not heard a lot of songs from Pierce The Veil's 'Selfish Machines' album but what I have heard I really love.
I absolutely love Pierce The Veil's sound, although I now listen to quite a few post-hardcore bands (because I started listening to Pierce The Veil this got me listening to a lot of similar bands such as Sleeping With Sirens)  I feel that Pierce The Veil are very unique and bring something (a good something) completely different to post-hardcore music.
I'd love to have a copy of 'Selfish Machines' and I'm so happy that Pierce The Veil are currently writing and recording a new album (which I can't wait to get my hands on).

Although I've not been listening to You Me At Six for very long I would love to get a copy of their most recent album 'Cavalier Youth'.
There a few song on this album that I already know and love but one of my favourite things about getting a new album is listening to the songs I've never heard before.
I love hearing new songs and listening to musicians I haven't previously listened to.
So I've decided that until I get a copy of the album (either my own or borrowed) I don't want to listen to any of their songs that I haven't heard before (although this will be difficult).  This means I can get that really awesome, excited feeling when I discover a really amazing song/album for the first time.
It's one of my favourite feelings in the world.

I'm pretty much the same with A Day To Remember as I am with You Me At Six.
Although I've not been listening to A Day To Remember for very long I'd love to get a copy of their most recent album 'Common Courtesy'.
I think I've only heard four songs from this album but I really want it in order to hear new songs from A Day To Remember.
I really want to get one of their albums so that I can properly sit down and listen to their music, not just spend ages searching through YouTube lyric videos.

I have a lot of love for We The Kings.  I only started listening to them this year but they're now one of my favourite bands.  They're my go to band when I know I need something that will definitely make me feel happy.
From the 3 daily vloggers in the band, to their most recent album Somewhere, Somehow, I've really grown to love this band.

I would probably squeal from excitement if I managed to get my own copy of the album 'Ever After' by Marianas Trench.
I have so much for this album but it's very difficult to get a hold of in the UK (or it's just really expensive to order online).
This album is so well put together and even from just one listen you can tell that so much work has been put into this album.

Although I've listed more albums and artists I feel it's best I don't go into detail about all of them.
Because let's face it, if I did we'd be here a lot longer and you and me both would end up getting pretty bored, pretty quickly.
I hope you enjoyed this style of post and reading about what albums I'd like to get.
Let me know in the comments what albums are on your wishlist, as well as any albums you think I would enjoy listening too.



Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Makeup: Back To Basics with Sneha Kadaba | Face

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Hi everyone, I'm Sneha and I’m really excited to be guest blogging for Carolyn!  I’m doing a series of ‘Back to Basics’ blog posts on make-up, which should hopefully help you out if you’re new to this crazy world of beauty.  It’s going to be split into three parts – face, eyes and lips.  So let’s start with the face, shall we?

There are SO many options when it comes to choosing a base for your makeup – tinted moisturisers, CC creams, BB creams, DD creams (?!) and of course, good old foundation.  So how do you know what will work for you, and where on earth do you begin?  It isn’t as hard as you think, and it all starts with getting to know your skin. 
Take a long look in the mirror and examine what you see.  Is your skin even toned, or do you see a lot of pigmentation, discolouration or spots?  Do you have a problem with fine lines, or do you struggle with dry patches or large pores? Remember – it’s perfectly fine to have any of these issues – it’s just that you have to keep them in mind when choosing a product.
If you have dry skin (characterised by dry patches, itchiness  or a general tight feeling to the skin), then you’ll need a base specially formulated for it.  Stay away from anything that says ‘mattifying’ or ‘oil-control’ because that will just dry it out even more.  Instead, opt for bases that say things like ‘luminous’, ‘dewy’ or ‘hydrating’ as they’ll help to keep the moisture in. 
Tinted moisturisers would also be a good option for you, but they tend to have lighter coverage than traditional foundations so they’re a good option if you’re not looking for much coverage.  If you do go for a foundation, cream foundations or mousse foundations will work well for you.

Photo Credit (x)
Oily skin tends to break down whatever product is on it (speaking from experience here), so you’ll have a better chance of your base actually staying on your face if you use a mattifying primer.  Go for thinner formulas, look for oil-free versions and give powder foundations and mineral makeup a try since it’s less likely to slide off the face. 
Oily skin can often be problem skin, so if you have a lot of breakouts, look for foundations that have acne-fighting ingredients in them (Neutrogena and Clinique make some really good ones).
Remember that your skin changes throughout the year (weather, stress and your environment can all play a part), so it’s always smart to keep a couple of options at all times so you can switch it up.  It’s also important to keep in mind that your foundation can’t do everything.
Smearing a full-coverage foundation all over your face will create a mask-like effect, so use light layers and use concealer to cover the problem bits.  This looks much more natural.
When choosing your base, try to see what it looks like in natural light.  Store lighting can often be deceiving!  The last thing you want is to be blown away by how you look with your foundation in store, buy it and step outside only to discover that your face doesn’t seem to belong to the rest of you.  Match your foundation to your jawline (not the back of your hand) because this will give you a more accurate match. 
Finally, don’t be afraid to ask for help!  More often than not, shop assistants are very happy to help you out and premium brands will let you get a mini-makeover in store along with a sample for you to take away.
I hope this has helped! It can take a while to find your perfect match but don’t worry, it’s make-up after all – isn’t that what makes it fun?
Hello there you lovely lot!
I just wanted to quickly say a big thank you to Sneha for doing this guest post series here on my blog and that if you want to check out her blog (which I highly recommend doing) then click here.