Wednesday, 29 October 2014

My October Favourites 2014

Hey everyone!
It's the end of October.  It is actually the end of October.  I don't think my typing can convey to you how much this surprises/worries me!  It's autumn (my favourite season so this makes me very happy) so it's almost the end of the year and I really can't believe how quickly this year has gone in.

 October has been busy but good for me and as I'm going to (hopefully) be doing every month, I thought I'd share with you all some of the things that I've been loving over the past few weeks.
YouTube Channels
I love Lucy's channel and I also love her second channel teawiththreesugars.  I just have so much love for Lucy as a creator on YouTube.  I've been subscribed to her channel for quite a while now and I'm always so pleased when her videos appear in my subscription box.  Lucy is a very unique creator and I think that's one of my favourite things about her channel, you know that her work will be something new and exciting.  
Also, I love how colourful Lucy's backgrounds are in her videos, it gives them a sort of cosy/homey feel the to them which I really like.


Why have I only just started watching Beckie's videos this month?  I love her channel so much!  Beckie's videos are very chatty (like Lucy's videos) yet not the typical tag video, she discusses serious topics as well as lighter topics. 
 I haven't been able to watch a huge amount of Beckie's videos but what I have seen, I've really enjoyed and I'd recommend having a browse through her YouTube channel.

I love both Esmee and her blog and this month I was so happy that we got to meet up (you can read a little about that here).
One of my favourite things about Esmee's blog is that there's a huge variety of posts, she isn't sticking to one certain category and I love that.  She has book hauls, fashion posts and recipes.  I love how chatty her posts are and her photography is amazing!
I can't stress enough how much I think you should read her blog, it really is brilliant!

Beyond The Velvet

Beyond The Velvet is written by twins Leah and Rachel.  I only started reading their blog this month and I'm so glad I did.  I spent quite a while scrolling through it and I really like it.  I particularly like their fashion posts, especially 'Winter Warmers | Primark Jumper And Skirt' and 'Wait And Braid | Half Up Fishtail'.  I also love the layout and design of their blog, it's so beautiful and I really love it.

 Sorority Noise

You may have already read in My October Playlist that I found a band called Sorority Noise on Bandcamp.  I've been really enjoying listening to their music, especially their album 'Forgettable'.  In particular I love the song 'Smoke'.  I feel like their sound is a little bit like 'As It Is' meets 'Real Friends' with a little bit of 'Mayday Parade'. 
I really love that they have a unique sound and I feel that the lead singer has a very haunting voice which I really love.
If you want to check them out then you can look at their Bandcamp here.

Ed Sheeran

This month I've been really enjoying listening to Ed Sheeran, especially his album '+' and also some songs from his EP 'Loose Change'. 
I've loved Ed Sheeran's music for quite a long time and I always love listening to his work this time of year (or anytime really), I feel that no matter what I'll find an Ed Sheeran song that I can relate too.
 His music is genuine and I feel he has a raw talent when it comes to music, both vocally and instrumentally which is very clear in his music.

 Silver Linings Playbook

I had heard so much about this film and had pretty high expectations for it.  I'm so glad that it lived up to my expectations even though at the beginning I knew nothing about the actual story line.  I think that the actors in this film done a really great job of portraying the characters and of telling their stories.  I liked how there was focus on all the characters individual stories, not just that of the two main characters.
I also really loved how well the soundtrack contributed to the film.
I'd highly recommend watching this film, it's a very emotional story but I loved it because of that.

 This film was on the BBC and is about a man called Neil Baldwin.  I really don't think my words can do this film justice.  Neil Baldwin has learning difficulties but refused to see them as that and this film explores part of his life.  If you want to watch the film and read more about it (which I highly recommend because it's an incredible film) then you can do that here.

Where She Went
Gayle Foreman
I read the first book - 'If I Stay' - in this two part story in less than a day, I was hooked from the beginning and really loved it (you can read about this here).  'If I Stay' was told from Mia's point of view but 'Where She Went' was told from Adam's point of view.  I liked the change in narrative but it took me a while to adjust to reading the story from his point of view.
 Although I did find the ending quite predictable (although it was the ending I wanted) I still enjoyed this book a lot and it was nice to read about what happens to all the different characters after 'If I Stay'.
I hope you've enjoyed reading about some of the things that I've been liking this October.  Let me know in the comments some of the things that you've been loving this month, I'd love to read about them.