Thursday, 13 November 2014

The Power Of Words

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Hey everyone!
If I'm being honest I wasn't going to actually write this post until a few minutes ago when I listened to the song 'Actors' by All Time Low for the first time.  When I listened to it I got this feeling that I love, but it's a feeling I haven't had in a long time and it reminded me why I love music so much.
I've also just finished reading the book 'Love Letters To The Dead' by Ava Dellaira, it's one of the most incredible books I've ever read and this definitely reminded me why I love writing as much as I do.
This also means that I have no idea where this post is going or if I'm even going to post this, I just know that I want to write something so I'm sorry if this post is awful.
Recently my heads been mega busy and I've had a lot going on.  Spending time with my family, talking/texting/emailing with my friends, blasting the music I love very loudly through my earphones and escaping to fictional worlds in books has helped keep me grounded, or at least to have some time to appreciate the things I love.
When I started this blog I didn't think anything would come of it, I thought I'd put up a few posts and then give because that's what I tend to do with most things.  But I stuck at it because it's a way of combining two thing I love so much; music and writing.

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I think that words can be a powerful thing, whether they're in a book, on the back of a postcard, a poem, lyrics, an English essay, a blog post, an advert, a note you're passing to your friend in class, a letter, an email, it's an endless list.  We use words everyday but I feel that a lot of the time people forget how powerful words can actually be.
I love how with music the artists take these words and make them even more powerful by putting them into a song.
What I also love about music is how artists can take all these messed up feelings that I have and actually find the words that explain what they are.  Sometimes I listen to the music and have no idea what the lyrics are (if you're a Fall Out Boy fan you'll know what I mean - you're lying if you say you could make out all the lyrics the first time you listened to the 'Folie à Deux' album).  But I kind of love that because some musicians really have the ability to make you feel the words even if you don't know what they are yet.

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I've recently been reminded how powerful words can be.  In one case it was when a poem caused me to cry.  In another case it was when a text message made me feel really appreciated.  And as you've already read in one case a song overwhelmed me with an emotion that I can't describe, and a book made me appreciate the people in my life a lot.
I think what I'm trying to get at is that I really love words and I really love how putting various sounds to these words creates music.  I also really love how words can make us feel certain ways, bring back memories and make us want to change the world in a good way. 

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There are words that I want to drown myself in and there are words that I want to share with the world.  There are words in books that have created new worlds and there are words that when blasting through speakers make me feel so alive.
There are words that I've said and that I've written that I wish I could erase from existence, because they were powerful in the wrong way and I regret them so much.  There are words that I want to share with everyone I love and there are words that I just want to keep as my own.  There are words that I want to write for myself and there are words that I wish I could say belonged to me originally.
The words we use are powerful and we need to remember this.  We need to remember to use our words, what we say, think and write, and use them for good.  We also need to remember that our words will always have an affect on someone else in one way or another, we need to try our best to make sure this affect is never negative.
Your words are powerful, use them wisely.