Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Guest Post: The Perks of Christmas in Farmington

Hey everyone it's Carolyn here.  I just want to say a really huge thank you to my friend Allie for writing this post, I absolutely love it!  You can have a look at her blog here and I highly recommend you do because it's brilliant!

Carolyn x

Hey, people of Carolyn's Simple Life!  (Sidenote:  you all recently helped Carolyn reach over 100 followers on Bloglovin - woooooo!  Give yourself a high five.)  I'm Allie, and I usually do things like this over at Reckless, but today Carolyn's letting me take over and I am so excited about it! Carolyn's one of the lovely people I've met through blogging (thanks, Blogger!) and we've been excited about working on this project together for quite a while!

I'm from America and Carolyn is from Scotland, and as we excitedly started to talk about Christmas (this was over a month ago, so, yes, we're basically overgrown 6-year-olds when it comes to Christmas) we realized that we celebrate Christmas in pretty different ways. 

The basics are similar - twinkling lights covering every available surface and an overabundance of super delicious holiday foods, for example, are parts of Christmas on both sides of the pond.  Beyond that, though, there are a ton of really cool differences, so we're trading spaces today for a global Christmas experience.  Global.  How cool does that sound?  Anyway, you can check her post out here and keep reading for a taste of Christmas in Farmington, Michigan.

| America's Thanksgiving Day Parade

I always start getting excited for Christmas long before Thanksgiving, but it seems that the rest of the world officially starts celebrating on Thanksgiving Day.  In Detroit, there's a parade downtown (and Christmas lights!) that's named after Thanksgiving but is otherwise Christmas themed.  The marching bands play carols and the float people wear Santa hats, and the parade ends with Santa rolling down the street in his sleigh.

There's Santa!  Try to notice him and not my family's extraordinary ability to look a little uncomfortable when we're asked to take a picture together.

| Wayne County Light Fest

There's this long, winding road near where I live, and every year it decks 4.8 miles of itself in Christmas lights so that every family in the area can pile into their car and take a drive through.  We've gone every year ever since I can remember, and I like to think that I could probably drive through it with my eyes closed and accurately name each light display as we go by, but I still love it and get ready for an all-out protest when someone suggests that we skip it one year.  There's also an 8k night run through the lights at the beginning of November, which sounds like torture but actually isn't - it's really, really pretty, and you have constant excuses to stop and "take pictures."

| Ice Skating

There's ice skating everywhere!  If I want to be close to home, downtown Farmington sets up an ice rink for the winter complete with - you guessed it - Christmas lights and music.  It's adorable and two minutes away.  Downtown Detroit does its own thing, icing over Campus Martius and adding a huge Christmas tree to make it festive.  


| Frankenmuth & Bronner's

Frankenmuth, Michigan is home to Bronner's which claims to be the world's largest Christmas store.  I totally believe them - it's 5.5 football fields worth of anything and everything Christmas related.  I mean, it's insane - I'm pretty sure there's a life sized Darth Vader nutcracker in there.  It's open year round, available for whenever you need a Christmas fix, and it is the most festive thing I've ever seen in my life so I love it. 

Now that I'm done with exams, I've got a chance to finally sit back and enjoy all the Christmas things - in the last couple days, I've ice skated, consumed several steaming mugs of hot chocolate, and taken in twinkling lights in so many more forms than I previously thought were possible.  I'm off to wrap presents and bake cookies (I'm pretty good at procrastinating, oops!) and otherwise binge on Christmas spirit!  Merry Christmas to all of you - I hope you eat get exciting presents and spend time with your families and do all of the exciting Christmas things.  I really do.


P.S.  Because I'm a bad blogger and didn't actually take pictures of all of this, Google helped me out with a few of these.  If it's not mine, the photo's linked back to its original source!