Thursday, 4 December 2014

A Gift Guide For Music Lovers

Hey everyone!
It's December which means most of us are trying to find the perfect Christmas presents for our family and friends.  So far I've managed to chose a few gifts but with some others I'm starting to stress out about what to buy for them.
So I thought I would try and help out any of you who are trying to find a gift for someone who is a little like me, a bit of a music lover (which is a huge understatement).


The most obvious choice here is to buy them music that they love.  It's always greatly appreciated (seriously, I get so happy if someone buys me an album) especially if it's by an artist that they love. 
The one warning I will give is that you should try and find out what CD's they already own so that you don't buy one they have.  This has happened with me a few times and it's a little annoying but I'm mostly just happy that people remember what music I like.
If you're not sure whether someone has the album you're going to get them then try to get a gift receipt with it because then that way then can replace it for an album they don't have.
I really am speaking from experience with this one, some of my favourite CD's are ones that I received as presents

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I love having earphones because it means I can listen to the music I love wherever I am. But a big issue for me is that I'm always breaking or losing my earphones.  Or a lot of the time I end up breaking them and then losing them!
If you get earphones or headphones for someone they'll be greatly appreciated.  Some things to keep in mind when buying them are:
- Don't buy headphones for someone who prefers earphones and vice versa.
- Similar to the above, try and find out what kind of earphones the person prefers: buds or in ears.
- It may not be the best idea to buy earphones for someone who owns headphones - a lot of people see it as downgrading - unless they specifically ask for them.
- The majority of the time with headphones or earphones you are paying for quality so if your budget is low then maybe consider a different present.
T-shirts, posters, wristbands, flags, necklaces, badges, mugs, patches, the list of possible merchandise goes on and on!  When it comes to merchandise for anything (bands, sports teams, TV shows etc.) there's always a wide range of choice. 

I, personally, love wearing band merch so I prefer T-shirts, wristbands, badges etc. because it's a way of connecting with other people who like the music you do (as I learnt when a complete stranger walked up to me and said he liked my Tonight Alive t-shirt!).  I also feel like Pete Wentz also described the feeling of wearing band merch really well (pictured above).

The best advice I can give for music merchandise is to try and order from the musicians own website or from a music merchandise store (such as Pulp, Hot Topic or Merch Direct).  This way you can be guaranteed that the merchandise you're buying is the official merchandise of the artist and not a bootleg version.
Also, try and find out if they have any merchandise already so you don't end up buying something thy already have  And if you're buying them clothing then try to find out what size they are.
This is probably the safest option if you're a little worried about buying a present for someone.  This way it allows someone to chose something they'll love and that they don't already own.  So if you're feeling a bit lost when walking around HMV (was it All Time Low or You Me At Six that they said they like?) then maybe consider getting the person a voucher for their favourite music or merchandise store.
Again I'm speaking from experience that this is a good idea, I love getting vouchers fro any of my favourite stores.
I hope this post is of some help and if any of you have  any other gift ideas or recommendations then please let me know in the comments, I'd love to hear from you.