Sunday, 7 December 2014

My Christmas Playlist 2014

Hey everyone!

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Last year I posted a Christmas Playlist (which you can read here) as well as a monthly playlist and I've decided to do the same this year.
This years playlist features quite a few of the same songs as last year with a few new songs thrown in as well.  I think this is because Christmas music doesn't really change, it's always the classics but that's something that I love about Christmas music.
There are only a few Christmas classics in my playlist but I hope you enjoy it anyway.

All Time Low - Fools Holiday
Michael Bublé - Santa Claus Is Coming To Town
The Ready Set - I Don't Wanna Spend Another Christmas Without You
The Summer Set - This Christmas
Casting Crowns - Peace On Earth

Hazel Hayes & Dodie Clark - Silent Night

Train - Shake Up Christmas
The Pogues Ft. Kirsty MacColl - Fairytale Of New York
Jona Lewie - Stop The Cavalry
Gabriel Aplin - The Power of Love
Yellowcard - Christmas Lights
The Beach Boys - Little Saint Nick

Jason Lancaster - All I Can Give You

Yes I know, the majority of these songs are from the 'Punk Goes Christmas' album but that's because it's my favourite Christmas album (alongside 'Instant Xmas Party).
To be honest the overall sound is definitely more pop punk than punk but I think that's kind of perfect considering it's a Christmas album.

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 My absolute favourite from this album has to be 'Fools Holiday' by All Time Low.  They're probably my favourite band on this album (with The Summer Set coming a close second) and I love this song so much.  It's a Christmas song but definitely still has that All Time Low sound to it, which is what I really, really love.
 Like I just said, The Summer Set are probably my second favourite band on this album.  They're music in general has a definite pop feel to it (although it is still punk) and 'This Christmas' is no different.  I really freaking love this song!  It's just so Christmas-y and happy but (like 'Fools Holiday') it still has that 'The Summer Set' sound and feel which I love, love, love!

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One of my other favourite Christmas songs (not from 'Punk Goes Christmas') is 'Shake Up Christmas' by Train.  They're a band which I love and this song always puts me in a really excited, Christmas-y mood.  I highly recommend listening to this song, it's brilliant (I'm currently dancing away to it while typing this).

I hope you enjoyed my slightly hyper (I've had too much sugar today!) Christmas playlist.
Please let me know in the comments what your favourite song from my playlist is as well as some of your own favourite Christmas songs.