Wednesday, 31 December 2014

My December Favourites 2014

Hey everyone!

Oh my days, it's actually the last day of December!  Which also means it's the end of 2014 and that's something that I'm struggling to get my head around really.  This past month has been extremely busy for me between work, college, blogging and Christmas.  I really can't believe that I'm writing both my last favourites post for this year but also my last post of 2014.
I hope that December has been a good month for everyone because I know how stressful it can be, and I hope you were able to find some time this month to just enjoy yourself.
There have been a lot of things that I've loved this month but I won't write about them all because we could be here for a really long time if I did.
But I hope you enjoy reading about what I've been loving these past few weeks.

YouTube Channels
I really love Ellie's channel.  Her personality really shows in her videos and her ideas are very creative, imaginative and unique. 
I really love the editing in Ellie's videos and her backgrounds and lighting make her videos look really nice.  Ellie's channel is the sort of channel where you can just relax and enjoy her videos.  But she also has quite a few serious videos which can really make you think.  This is probably one of my favourite things about her channel: she has a variety of videos.

I have been loving a lot Vlogmases this year but Louise's has to be my absolute favourite.  Sprinkle Of Chatter has always been a channel which I've loved and I was so excited when Louise announced that she would be trying vlogmas and doing it in her own unique way. Her videos were so lovely, homely and always made me smile.

Evelyn Talks
I have so much love for Eve's blog!  Her posts are written in a really friendly and chatty style which I wish I had in my writing.  She has such a variety of posts which means I can always find something on her blog to read, no matter what kind of mood I'm in. 
I love her photography as well and her blog design is really pretty.

The Velvet Black
I absolutely love Alice's blog.  This is mainly because I'd love to have her wardrobe!  I really am no expert when it comes to fashion - I mostly wear skinny jeans and band t-shirts because that's what I'm comfortable in - but seeing Alice's fashion posts makes me want to put a bit more effort into what I'm wearing.
The photography on her blog is really amazing and is edited so well.  And I really love her blog design and setup.

This month I listened to PVRIS for the first time and what I've listened too of their music so far, I'm really liking.  Their sound is quite unique and I really love this, they're developing their own sound as a band.  I absolutely love their song 'My House' and I think that dynamically it's absolutely brilliant, especially the effects used on the vocals during the middle 8.  I really want to order my own copy of their album 'White Noise' soon because I think it would be a great album to add to my collection.
 I have a lot of love for Kodaline as a band.  I've listened to this band for quite a long time now because I feel like their music is really unique and, it's the sort of thing you can listen too over and over and never be fed up with it.
 They're music is filled to the brim with emotion and their live performances can become quite haunting to listen too, the emotion is that strong.  I really hope I can get a copy of their album 'In A Perfect World' because I think it would be a really amazing listen.
 The Fault In Our Stars
I made the slight mistake of buying this film on DVD.  I've read the book and I saw this film in the cinema as well.  I cried at the book and I cried in the cinema, so I really shouldn't have been surprised when I was sitting in my bedroom crying while I watched the DVD.
I really love the book to film adaption as I think it sticks to the story line really well and the actors played the characters really well.  One of my favourite things about the book/film is the friendship between Augustus and Isaac and how Augustus' relationship with Hazel doesn't change their friendship.  Also, it is always guaranteed that I will cry during Isaacs pre-funeral eulogy.
 I really love this movie and I know I'll be re-watching it a lot.

 A Long Way Down
Nick Hornby
I had quite high expectations for this book because I'd heard a lot of good reviews for it.  I really enjoyed this book and I think that Nick Hornby done a great job of giving the four main characters their own individual, complex stories. 
I think the only thing I didn't like was the ending because I wanted to know more about what would happen for the characters in the future, I wanted to know that they would all be okay.
The Perks Of Being A Wallflower
Stephen Chbosky
 Since the first time I read this book (which was a while ago now) it has been one of my favourite books to read.  I find the character of Charlie one which must have taken a lot of emotion in order to write this story from his point of view.  Stephen Chbosky explores a lot of different parts of teenage life in this novel and he does it so well.
I really can't recommend this book enough, it's always one that I know I can turn too.  Although I would definitely say that it's more for older readers.
Let me know in the comments what you've been loving this month, I'd love to hear from you all.
I hope you all have an amazing 2015 as well, I can't believe it's a new year tomorrow!
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