Sunday, 21 December 2014

My Feel Good Playlist & A Huge Thank You!

Hey everyone!

The first part of this post is going to be my feel good playlist and if you stick around till the end then be prepared for a slightly mushy thank you to you all!
For a while now I've been wanting to make a Feel Good/Motivational playlist but I've never been in the right mood to make it.  But recently I've been feeling in a more appropriate mood to write it, I think this is mostly due to how excited I am for Christmas. 
There are a few songs in this playlist that other people may not consider 'feel good' songs but the songs I've included are ones that make me, personally, feel good.
So here it is, my (quite long) feel good playlist:

Patrick Stump - Spotlight (Oh, Nostalgia)
Simple Plan - The Rest Of Us
The Summer Set - Lightning In A Bottle
All Time Low - Me Without You (All I Ever Wanted)
You Me At Six - Lived A Lie
Tonight Alive - Come Home
We The Kings - That Feeling

Kodaline - Love Like This
The Wanted - Gold Forever

7 Minutes In Heaven - The Statement (Acoustic)
Dodie Clark - Absolutely Smitten
Fall Out Boy - The Kids Aren't Alright
All Time Low - Weightless
Sheppard - Geronimo (Cover by Fast Forward Music)
A Day To Remember - Right Back At It Again
Ed Sheeran - Little Bird
Panic! At The Disco - Ready To Go (Get Me Out Of My Mind)
Tessa Violet - Broken Record
Marianas Trench - Stutter
Owl City - Shooting Star

Simple Plan - Holding On


Patrick Stump - Spotlight (Oh Nostalgia)
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I personally feel that Spotlight by Patrick Stump is an incredible song.  In case you don't know who Patrick Stump is, he's the lead singer of Fall Out Boy and during Fall Out Boy's hiatus he released some solo music.  Spotlight was one of the songs that he released and I absolutely love it.
Lyrically it's incredible, uplifting and inspiring.  The tempo is upbeat and I have a party in my head whenever I listen to it. 
I also love the music video for this song as I think it really shows that everyone has their own unique talents and quirks that makes them an amazing person.
All in all, I think this a great song and it personally makes me feel good whenever I listen to it.
Owl City - Shooting Star
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Another song which I think is pretty inspiring lyrically is Shooting Star by Owl City.  I have so much love for this song.  I love the message behind the lyrics and I love dancing around in my room to this song.  Whenever I hear Shooting Star a smile appears on my face no matter what mood I'm in.
I also love the music video for this song, it's great to watch and the effects used are really amazing.


Simple Plan - The Rest Of Us
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I've talked about Simple Plan a lot on my blog and I've also talked about their EP 'Get You Heart On - The Second Coming!' a lot on here as well.  One of my favourite songs from this EP is The Rest Of Us. 
As soon as you hear this song you just know it's Simple Plan, from the lyrics to the insanely brilliant percussion (hats off to Chuck Comeau).  This song really helps to remind people that whatever you're going through, you're not alone.  I love this song because it makes me think of all the amazing friends I've made because of the music I like, and also how much I love the music that I listen too.
I also love the music video for this song because it's really great for Simple Plan fans to see all the bands highlights from 'Get Your Heart On!'.
I hope you enjoyed my feel good playlist, let me know in the comments what songs make you feel good, I'd love to have more to listen too.
I want to quickly take the time to say a huge thank you because I reached 100 followers on Bloglovin.  I am so grateful for everyone that reads my blog and also to everyone that follows me on Bloglovin.  My blog really does mean a lot to me and it means even more that you like what I write.  
When I started this blog I really didn't think anything would come of it or even that I'd still be blogging here over a year later.  I'm not including this in anyway to brag, I genuinely just want you all to know how much this means to me.  Blogging is something which I love so much and I honestly can't thank you all enough for the support that you show Carolyn's Simple Life.
 So, thank you very much and I'm sending you all a big internet hug!