Sunday, 14 December 2014

My Reading Habits Tag


Hey everyone!
I saw this tag over on Bethan Likes and thought I'd give it a go, seeing as I spend a lot of time with my nose stuck in a book or a notepad.
So, I hope you enjoy my Reading Habits tag.
Do you have a certain place at home for reading?
Preferably in my room or just anywhere that's quiet.

Where do you like to read? 
Again, my room or anywhere that's quiet so I can concentrate on what I'm reading.  If I have a day when I forget my earphones then I'll read on the bus instead of listening to music.

Bookmark or random piece of paper?
Most of the time it's just a random piece of paper, whatever I can find when I need to keep my place.  But I really hate folding corners on books, I never do it and it's one of my pet peeves.

Can you just stop reading or do you have to stop after a chapter/certain amount of pages?
I have to stop at the end of a paragraph.  I can never stop in the middle of a paragraph, I'm so bad with this that if someone talks to me while I'm reading then I make them wait till I've finished the paragraph or sentence I'm on!

Do you eat or drink while reading?
Sometimes, if I'm at home then I probably will have a hot chocolate and a digestive biscuit.  But any other time probably not.

One book at a time or several at once?
One book at a time!  But if I'm reading a series then I may read a different book when I'm in the middle of the series.  And after I've read a whole series then I'll just read whichever one I want after that, they don't have to be in order anymore.

Reading aloud or silently in your head?

Silently in my head, I'm not very good at reading out loud cause I jumble up my words.

Do you read ahead or skip pages?

I'm guilty of reading ahead a little but I can't skip pages (unless I've read the book before).

Break the spine or keep it like new?
Keep it like new.

Do you write in your books?
No, I like to keep my books how they are.

Who do you tag? 

Any fellow bookworms who are reading this, and if you do it then leave me the link in the comments and I'll give it a read.

 I hope you enjoyed my reading habits tag, let me know in the comments what some of your books are and I'll try and read them.


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