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My Glamour Kills Clothing Wishlist | January 2015

Hey everyone!

I've recently started posting fashion wishlist's such as my Autumn Wardrobe Wishlist and my Winter Wardrobe Wishlist. Something that I've decided to try is making Wishlist's for particular brands as well as seasons.
One of my favourite clothes websites to browse through has to be Glamour Kills Clothing
One of my favourite things about Glamour Kills is the range of clothing that they have but also the alternative style as well.
So I thought I'd share with you some of the items from Glamour Kills Clothing that I would love to add to my wardrobe.

Do Or Dye Raglan Shirt
 I love tie dye!  The tie dye/splash effect on the sleeves and chest pocket brings a really nice effect to this shirt.  I love the colours that have been used because they're interesting without being overpowering.  I also love the style and material of this shirt, I have one that's the same and it's so comfy to wear, especially if you know it's going to be a long day and you're out and about.
You can buy this shirt here.

Cruise On Denim Vest Black
I've never really been one for only wearing short sleeves, I can almost always be found wearing my trusty black hoodie over whatever top I've thrown on that day.  But when I saw this on the website it caught my eye.  I think it would go really nicely with a bright or patterned t-shirt and some (maybe ripped) black skinny jeans or, maybe even a black skater skirt with some biker boots.
You can buy this vest here.
Live Fast Raglan Shirt from the AWG Winter Line 2014
 As an All Time Low fan I'm always excited when Alex Gaskarth releases new clothes for his Glamour Kills line.  When I saw this shirt I really liked it because I love the fading splash of colour on the rose.  And also because the image of the rose reminds of one of my favourite All Time Low songs which is 'Painting Flowers' (if you've not heard it I highly recommend you listen to it because it's freaking beautiful).
You can buy this shirt here.

The Jenna Surplus Jacket
 Like I was when I found out Alex Gaskarth works with Glamour Kills, I was equally excited when I found out Tonight Alive's Jenna McDougall was as well.
Jenna has been both a life and fashion inspiration of mine since I started listening to Tonight Alive.  I love Jenna's fashion sense and would quite happily own her wardrobe!
I think what I like about this is that the pink leopard print on the inside of the hood and jacket adds a really nice detail to the jacket, even if pink isn't one of my favourite colours to wear.
You can buy this jacket here.

Native Vibes Pocket Tee
 Another big fashion inspiration of mine is Tay Jardine from We Are The In Crowd.  I'd quite happily combine Tay and Jenna's wardrobe collections and keep them for myself!
I'm not the sort of person who wears bright clothing so I really love that this is a dark top but I also the love the patterned, colourful detailing on the chest pocket.
The material used for this t-shirt also looks super comfy.
You can buy this t-shirt here.

 Dreamer Throwback Fleece
Crewneck jumper!  Crewneck jumper!  Crewneck jumper!
You might remember from my Winter Wardrobe Wishlist that I really, really want a crewneck jumper.  When I saw this jumper on the website I was so happy to see this item because it has one simple statement on it, and also because that statement is 'Dreamer'.  I would love to own this jumper.
The only issue I have with this jumper is that it's only available in white, because it's easy to get dirty and I'd prefer to have it in black with white writing.  But I'd still buy it in white because I do really like this jumper.
You can buy this jumper here.
Pushing Daisies Dress
I really am not one to wear dresses.  I feel my most comfortable when I'm wearing jeans but I really am trying my best to widen the types of clothing in my wardrobe.  Even if that means venturing into the world of dresses and skirts.
What I like about this dress is that only the skirt is patterned and also that it has 3 quarter length sleeves.  I prefer to have long sleeves or to wear a cardigan or hoodie if I'm wearing short sleeves.  I also really like the daisy pattern on the skirt and the exposed elastic waistband gives the dress a really nice finish.
You can buy this dress here
Floral Tay Bomber Jacket
 Another Tay Jardine item that I love from Glamour Kills is this leather jacket.  I've wanted a leather jacket for a while but, I never bothered buying one after I got my Miss Selfridges army canvas jacket.
I love the floral detailing on the inside of the jacket as I think it gives it a nice feminine touch to an item that can sometimes be seen as quite rocker, I also love that this detailing makes it quite interesting and makes the jacket a sort of statement piece.
You can buy this jacket here.

Skyline Dreamer Racerback Tank Top
I love, love, love the slogan on this shirt.  Since reading a post on Harel's blog called 'Dream Big and Shoot for the Stars' (you can read the post here and I highly recommend you do) I've been feeling quite motivated with my writing, both creative and blogging, as from a young age it's something that I've loved.  But I'm also starting to feel very passionate about my photography as well.
I think it's important for people to have dreams and to have the opportunity to follow those dreams.
I feel as though this is a slogan which I live by in my head but is one that I need to start living in reality.
The photograph used on this vest top is perfect for the slogan, the only thing I would change about this item is that I'd prefer it as a t-shirt rather than a vest.
You can buy this t-shirt here.

Skyline Dreamers Baseball Raglan Shirt
 This is probably one of my absolute favourites from Glamour Kills.  Similar to the vest top above I fell in love with this shirt for its slogan.  But also because I adore the beautiful galaxy photo that is printed on the back.  This is probably one of my favourite items from Glamour Kills both for the design but also because I like the style of the shirt as well.  Although it's a little annoying that the design is on the back of the shirt which would be covered if worn with a jumper or if someone has long hair.
You can buy this shirt here.

 Feel Good Lost V-Neck Tee
I love the photograph of the woods on this t-shirt and I think that the slogan fits the photograph really well.  I also like that the entire design, including the Glamour Kills logo is in black and white and that this colour scheme suits the design really well.
 You can buy this t-shirt here.

Flower Child Throwback Crew Fleece
Another crewneck jumper *insert my squeal of excitement here* which I really like (although not as much as the 'Dreamer' jumper).  I love how the flower design is only on the sleeves because I think that otherwise it could be a little overpowering and maybe even slightly in your face.  
But the design layout on this jumper is simple yet effective which is what I really like.
You can buy this jumper here.

We Are Infinite Scoop T-Shirt
When I saw this t-shirt the first thing that I thought of was 'The Perks Of Being A Wallflower' which is both one of my favourite books and films (and probably my favourite book to screen adaptation).  This is one of the most well known quotes from 'The Perks Of Being A Wallflower' and I think that this design is lovely.
I also love the fading colours on the main body of the t-shirt.  I think the scoop neckline is an interesting one to have for this design but that it suits the t-shirt really well.
You can buy this t-shirt here

Mini Dreamer Patch
I'm currently at the stage where I'm trying to decide whether I want to start sewing patches onto my Vans Rucksack or onto my black hoodie.  Although I originally wanted to start with some band logo patches, I think it might be nicer to actually start with some other patches instead.
Like you've already read in this post, I think that it's important for people to follow their dreams and I think that this patch shows this.
You can buy this patch here.

Mini Stay Weird Patch
Another patch that I like is this 'Stay Weird' patch.  When I first saw it I thought of We Are The In Crowd's album 'Weird Kids'.  This is an album which I've fallen in love with and I was really happy when I saw this patch because it reminds me of this album.  I also think the font used for the text on the patch is perfect for the slogan.
You can buy this patch here.

I hope you've enjoyed reading my Glamour Kills Clothing wishlist, let me know in the comments which item was your favourite.  
Be sure to check out the Glamour Kills Clothing website which you can view here.

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