Saturday, 24 January 2015

My January Playlist 2015

Hey everyone!
This month has been so busy for me!  I've had a lot of work going on for college and I'm working on a few exciting things for my blog - one of which you'll be finding out about really soon and involves my lovely friend Allie.
But thanks to long bus journeys to and from college I get a few hours each week when I can listen to music or read a good book.

There has been SO MIUCH music that I have been loving this month.  So, that means that this playlist is really freaking long!  But I hope you all like it anyway.

We Are The In Crowd - Reflections
You Me At Six - Carpe Diem

All Time Low - Something's Gotta Give

Fall Out Boy - Irresistible

We Are The In Crowd - Don't You Worry

You Me At Six - Wild Ones

Issues - Never Lose Your Flames

Dodie Clark - A Permanent Hug

Fall Out Boy - Favourite Record

PVRIS - Ghosts

Fall Out Boy - Jet Pack Blues

All Time Low - To Live & Let Go

You Me At Six - Fresh Start Fever

We Are The In Crowd - Come Back Home

PVRIS - Mirrors

Tessa Violet & Meghan Tonjes - Affected

Dodie Clark - Paint

You Me At Six - Be Who You Are

As It Is - Dial Tones

PVRIS - Let Them In

All Time Low - Paint You Wings

We Are The In Crowd - Remember (To Forget You)

frnkiero andthe cellabration - Joyriding

I love, love, love Dodie Clark!  I've talked about her music a lot here on my blog and I'm quite happily going to again. 
Dodie's music is different from a lot of the music that I listen too but at the same time it really isn't.  Instrumentally, yes her music is very different because it's just her voice and her ukulele.  But lyrically her music is the same as a lot of the other artists that I listen too because her lyrics are so true and, raw with emotion.  Dodie writes songs about anything and everything, from makeup to falling in love with someone you're not sure you should have fallen for.
Her voice is beautiful and fits perfectly with the music she writes.  If you haven't listened to Dodie before then seriously, go and give her a listen because her music is amazing.
You can listen to her music on her YouTube channel here.
You might remember from last months playlist that I had just started to listen to We Are The In Crowd when I wrote that playlist. 
Now I'm at the stage where I've bought one of their albums, I desperately want to see them live and I'd definitely say that they are one of my favourite bands.
I think what I really love about this band is that their lyrics are raw and real,  their vocal harmonies are freaking incredible and the drumming is insanely amazing.
I've fallen completely in love with their album Weird Kids and could hands down say it's one of my favourite albums.  I feel the same way about this album that I do for Simple Plan's 'Get Your Heart On!' album and All Time Low's album 'Don't Panic!' - which is a lot of love and appreciation.

At the end of last month I bought my first You Me At Six album to add to my collection.  I bought their album 'Cavalier Youth' and I'm really loving it. 
Cavalier Youth is a really incredible album in that there is definitely an underlying sound but at the same time every song on there is unique.
This has made me really excited to see them live next month because I think that these are the sort of songs that may even sound better live than in the studio.
Oh my goodness, All Time Low!  You may remember from my post earlier this month about All Time Low's new single that I've been loving their music this month (as I do basically every month).
They released Something's Gotta Give this month and as I predicted after listening to it for the first time, I was playing it on repeat for a few days.
Since I ordered my tickets to see All Time Low I've been counting down the days till the concert.  But this month my excitement has tripled because they released new music, I've fallen in love with their album 'Don't Panic!' all over again and my tickets for the concert arrived!

At the end of last month I started listening to PVRIS and I listened to more of their music this month and I absolutely love them.  I've been really liking their song 'Ghosts' in particular and, I really want to get a copy of their album White Noise now.
I find a lot of their music to have quite a haunting sound which makes it sound really beautiful.  Also, although they're similar to a lot of the bands that I listen too, the haunting sound of their music makes them really stand out as a band which I love,*/*/American-Beauty-American-Psycho/3MKF0000000

This album!!  This month Fall Out Boy released their album American Beauty/American Psycho and you may have seen from my instagram that I love this album.  I haven't got my own physical copy yet but I'm hoping to get it soon.
American Beauty American Psycho shows how versatile yet talented they are, and how they’re not afraid to try absolutely anything as a band.
I've been particularly loving 'Jet Pack Blues' and 'Favourite Record' and, I'd highly recommend giving them (or the entire album) a listen.

I hope you enjoyed my (quite long) playlist for this month.  I hope the first month of 2015 has been good for everyone.  Let me know in the comments what music you've been listening too lately, I'd love to find more artists to listen too.


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