Saturday, 31 January 2015

The 13 Things Project with Allie - The Introduction


Hey everyone!
I'm really excited to announce a project that me and my friend Allie from Reckless are going to be starting together.
I recently read the book Since You've Been Gone by Morgan Matson (you can read what I thought about the book in My January Favourites 2015).
In this book one of the girls goes away for the summer and leaves her best friend a list of 13 things to do.  I thought that this would be a really cool thing to turn into a blogging project.
So, I emailed my awesome friend Allie and she was totally up for the idea.  We've sent each other lists of 13 things for the other person to complete and it can be completed in any order. 
We decided that the lists could be absolutely anything (although we decided pretty early on that extreme things were maybe out of the question, like climbing a volcano - something that still makes me laugh when I read Allie's email!).
We're going to be sharing our adventures on our blogs and Instagram using #thirteenthingsproject.
We'll be sharing photos and, interesting (maybe even slightly crazy) stories about what we get up too.

Here is the list that Allie has sent to me:

1. Send a letter to a random address OR send a letter to a well-known person
2. Give music.
3. Go somewhere unknown.
4. Plan out your dream trip - really plan it out, with actual dates and places.
5. Compliment a stranger.
6. Read The Shack, Pride and Prejudice, or Eat, Pray, Love. (Or all three!).
7. Learn basic phrases in a totally new language.  Bonus: use them!
8. Treat yourself - and a few friends - to a ridiculously relaxing at-home spa night.  Soak your feet, do facials, watch chick flicks, eat chocolate.
9. Buy a journal and fill it with dreams for your life in five, ten, and fifty years.  Make it pretty!
10. Go to a concert.  It doesn't have to be a big deal - a small, free one in a park or something will work.
11. Go twenty-four hours without your phone.  Use the time to do a project that you've been wanting to do.
12. Pretend to be a tourist in Edinburgh - go everywhere a newcomer would go, and take pictures in front of EVERYTHING.
13. Watch your favourite movie from when you were a little kid.
There are quite a few things on this list which I might find a little difficult to complete - learn a new language and 24 hours without my phone. 
And there are some that I'm extremely excited for.  Go to a concert and read 3 books I've never read before - yes please!

I'm unbelievably excited to start this project (from today) and I can't wait to share what I get up too with all of you.  And I'm really excited to be doing a project with Allie cause she's such a great friend. 

You can read Allie's post about the project as well as the list that I sent her here.