Sunday, 1 February 2015

A Spotlight On: Dial Tones by As It Is

Hi everyone!

You may remember that a little while ago I let you know about a sort of project/series that I'm wanting to start here on Carolyn's Simple Life (you can read that post here if you'd like).
The project that I'm starting is called 'A Spotlight On' and this is the first post for it.

The song that I want to talk about is Dial Tones by As It Is.
I've talked about this band a lot on my blog because I really, really love their music.

I first started listening to them just under 2 years ago because I was subscribed to their lead singer's (Patty Walters) YouTube channel and I loved his solo work.  So I thought I'd have a listen to the band he was in and I'm so glad that I did because, they're now one of my favourite bands.

At the end of last year they signed to Fearless Records which was huge for them because Fearless Records have worked with the likes of Pierce The Veil, Tonight Alive and Mayday Parade.
To say I was proud when I found this out would be an understatement.

They also recorded their debut album, 'Never Happy, Ever After' at the end of last year and this month they released the first single from this album. 

The song they released is Dial Tones and I'm absolutely loving it.
It isn't what I was expecting from As It Is but at the same time it actually was, if that makes any sense?
Basically I'd been expecting a lot more of Patty's screaming (which may be on the rest of the album), and 'Dial Tones' doesn't have much which was a surprise.
But, I still really love this song anyway.

I think the subtle guitar intro sets up the song really well and leads into the first verse brilliantly, especially with Foley's drumming to assist this transition.  Lyrically, I love the first verse.  Especially the line 'If you're a mess, God knows what that makes me' cause I think it makes the situation the song is about more real.

I love the chorus so much, especially how Patty's voice gets rougher with emotion because it lets you hear how he has a connection with the song.  The harmonies and adlibs in the vocals are amazing and exactly what I expected from this band.  The way that the lead guitar and drumming compliment each other in the chorus is absolutely brilliant. 
I also love the lyrics in the chorus especially the line 'I'll mend your heart and break it in the same breathe', the lyrics are really powerful.

When Ben started singing lead vocals in the second verse I was so pleased, it made me so happy to know that him and Patty are still sharing the lead vocals although, Patty still is the main vocalist.
I feel like Ben's voice suits this part well and I love how his voice goes rough when he's more emotional, you can definitely hear when he's putting more into a certain part of the song and I really love that.

I love the middle 8 of this song because dynamically it reminds me of their song 'Can't Save Myself', which should mean that their album won't sound extremely different from their earlier EP's, which was something I'm really happy about.

The final chorus!  Oh, the feels!  The piano piece right before the final chorus sets up for the final chorus so well.  I love the dynamics of the final chorus because they have made very single instrument compliment each other in a way that creates an amazingly emotional atmosphere.

Overall I think the lyrics in this song are amazing, especially in the first verse and the chorus.  Seriously, I love them so much that I want to write them down and have a copy of them with me all the time, even though they're about a situation that I've never been in.  They're the sort of lyrics that you just feel connected too. 

I really love the music video for Dial Tones.  The performance shots give a taste of what the band are like when they're performing live which I really like.  I also think the locations (both the location for the performance shot and the shots of the band members on the phone) used in the video have been really well picked. 

I would absolutely love to see these guys live one day.  Their shows have been said to be intimate yet crazy and, all about the music and having a good time.  Not only would I love to see them live as a fan of their music but, I'd also love to see them live as a photographer because I think these guys would be great to photograph in concert.

 I love this song and I can't wait to hear the album.  Mainly because As It Is are a band that I love and I love hearing new music, so it's a great combination.  I can definitely see these guys doing really well for themselves with 'Never Happy, Ever After'.
Let me know in the comments what you think of this song or, even just As It Is as a band, I'd love to hear what you think.