Sunday, 15 February 2015

All Time Low & You Me At Six UK Arena Tour | The SSE Hydro Arena, Glasgow

Hey everyone!
A quick note before I properly start this post, it's probably going to be very photo heavy and, could possible end up being quite long.
Thursday the 12th of February 2015 is going to be a date that I'll never forget.  I travelled through to Glasgow with my friend Sarah to see All Time Low and You Me At Six on their joint headline UK arena tour.  It was my first time seeing both bands and it was Sarah's 4th and 5th times seeing the bands. 
I was extremely excited for weeks leading up to the concert, to be completely honest I'd been really excited since we booked the tickets in November.
We arrived at the venue at about 5 o'clock after getting something to eat in Glasgow itself and, then we got the train to the arena.  We talked to the people in the line behind us, it turns out we'd got the train at the same time as them as well.  I think their names were Kirsty, Amy and, Richard and they were really nice.  But unfortunately I forgot to give Amy my tumblr URL to keep in contact and I'm really wishing that I had remembered.  
We had a good laugh in the line talking about bands we all liked and, joking about how the Hydro Arena had spelt All Time Low wrong on the sign on the arena. 
But they fixed it later on.
The doors opened at about half past 6 and me and Sarah bought some merch then headed to our seats. 
We were in level two seating in the back row because it's all that was available when we booked our tickets.  The support act was group called Walk The Moon.  I'd previously never listened to them but I think they were pretty good.  During their set I was feeling a little anxious, there was a lot of people and I was panicking in my head that we wouldn't be able to see very well when All Time Low and You Me At Six were on.  I think this stopped me from enjoying their set as much as I could have plus, at the this point the atmosphere in the stands wasn't as good as it was later on.
I didn't take a lot of photos of Walk The Moon because I wanted to save the memory on my camera SD card for All Time Low and You Me At Six.
After Walk The Moon there was an equipment change over.  At this point my emotions were everywhere, I was excited because I was seeing All Time Low, I was nervous because I was worried our seats weren't good but, most of all I just wanted the time to go quicker so I could finally see All Time Low.
When they came on the atmosphere in the arena was incredible.


During Therapy Alex got everyone in the audience to put on their flashlights on their phones, it was so beautiful to see and I cried a little bit during the middle 8 of Therapy, I just got completely overwhelmed with emotion.  I think it just sort of hit that I was actually seeing All Time Low in concert.

Some of my favourite moments from All Time Low's set were:
- When Jack first spoke the first thing he said was 'Hey everyone, we're You Me At Six'
- When Alex stopped partway through Heroes to make sure a fan was okay and to make sure that if someone fell over in the standing that the people around them would help them up.
- When they got some fans onstage to sing Time Bomb with them, it was amazing to see some fellow hustlers perform with the guys.
- When a fan got pulled over the barrier and Jack ran after the security guard that was leading her out to give one of his guitar picks to the fan.
- When Adam Elmakias was taking a photo of Jack I saw that when Jack noticed he started making stupid faces at Adam.
- During Lost In Stereo there was a moment when the camera was on Zack and he just had the biggest smile on his face, it was really sweet.
- Rian Dawson putting absolutely everything into his drumming, it was really incredible.

At the end of their set I was thinking about their song So Long Soldier from their album Don't Panic, in particular part of the second verse:

"Give 'em six more years,
And see what time will do, for hopeless dreamers
Singing wishes to their broken stereo"

Because they really are living their dream and it's amazing to be a part of that dream.

After All Time Low went offstage I was a bit of an emotional mess.  I couldn't believe (and still can't believe) that I saw All Time Low live.
There was another equipment change and then You Me At Six came on.  I knew half of their set but didn't know the other half.  They opened up with Room To Breathe and the feeling in the arena was amazing.

Unfortunately halfway through You Me At Six's set my SD card in my camera ran out of memory because, during All Time Low's set I had gotten quite trigger happy and took over 150 photos of All Time Low.  But I switched to my phone to take some more photos of You Me At Six.  At this point my voice was almost completely gone but, I still sang along to the songs that I knew.

Although when I booked the tickets I mainly booked them to see All Time Low but I really enjoyed You Me A Six's performance, they are absolutely incredible live and definitely know how to put on an amazing show. 
Some of my favourite moments from You Me At Six's set were:
 -When they performed Underdog and Fireworks.  It was my first time hearing the songs and it as so incredible hearing them live but also, hearing all the other fans reactions to these songs was incredible.
- When Josh told us about his Granddad who's from East Kilbride near Glasgow.
-Hearing everyone in the crowd sing along to Crash, it was really beautiful.
-All the fireworks and glitter that they had!!
-Although I am a fan of You Me At Six, I'm quite a new fan cause I only started listening to them last year.  But, seeing them live has really made me want to listen to more of their music and I definitely have a new found love for their music now.

I had an absolutely amazing time and really hope I'm able to see both bands live again.  If I do then I'd love to get standing tickets because the atmosphere at the standing looked amazing.
If you've been to any of the dates on the All Time Low and You Me At Six tour then let me know what you thought in the comments, I'd love to hear from you.


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