Sunday, 8 February 2015

My Never Take It Off Wishlist | February 2015

Hey everyone!
To say I have a slight love for jewellery would be an understatement.
As someone who doesn't have any piercings and doesn't wear rings because of her hand shape (stupid chubby fingers!) this does mean that my jewellery collection is limited to mostly bracelets and necklaces.  But, this doesn't mean that I don't love admiring earrings and rings when I'm shopping.

One jewellery website which I love looking through is Never Take It Off.  Not only do I love their pieces but also the meaning behind the entire organisation:

"The Never Take It Off Vow Bracelets were created to bring strength to the process of change and choice. Each piece comes with a list of vows to encourage the individual tying it on to never give up, never back down and never stop trying. Never take it off..." - Tommy Simms, President NTIO
(Above quote taken from here).

I thought I would share with you some of the Never Take It Off items that I would love to add to my jewellery collection.

Clouds, Sky, Heart, Cry: Windows in Heaven by Taylor Jardine
 This is probably one of my favourite items on Never Take It Off, if not my favourite. This bracelet was designed by Tay Jardine, the lead singer of We Are The In Crowd and, this piece was inspired by We Are The In Crowd's song 'Windows In Heaven'.
This is a song which means a lot to me and, has a very special place in my heart.  I love the simple design and also how one of the main parts of the bracelet is the heart shaped bead.
You can buy this bracelet here.

Spread Your Wings by Jess Bowen
 I love this necklace designed by Jess Bowen.  I love the delicate feather centrepiece and I think it helps to highlight the name for this piece; Spread Your Wings.
I also love the small key, although I'm not sure what it's supposed to represent but, I know what it represents for me personally.  I really like the small blue bead used as I think it adds a really nice splash of colour to the necklace.
You can buy this necklace here.

I'll Fall In Love NTIO Bracelet by Kellin Quinn ~ Dark Romance Collection
 When I found out that Kellin Quinn from Sleeping With Sirens had designed his own line for Never Take It Off, I was really excited to see his pieces.
I love a lot of the pieces that he's designed.  I really love the red bead detailing on this bracelet, as well as the main rose bead.  And I think that grey as the perfect choice for the thread of this bracelet.
You can buy this bracelet here.

Harder Before Easier 6 months Butterfly Project NTIO Bracelet
The butterfly project is very close to my heart.  I think this bracelet is very beautiful yet simple and I think that's all that it needs to be.
You can read about the butterfly project here.
You can buy this bracelet here.

Love - Let our violence end NTIO Bracelet by Juliet Simms
I think that the message behind this piece is amazing.  There is so much war and pain happening around the world just now and, the name of the bracelet describes how I feel about it.
I think having the word 'Love' as the centrepiece is perfect and I love the cursive font used for it as well.  I also love the tiny beads next to the 'Love' bead, I think they add a really nice touch. 
You can buy this bracelet here.

Charmed NTIO Bracelet
I love the design of this bracelet for its simplicity.  There's no fuss and there's not too much going on which I think makes it really beautiful.  I also love how the entire piece is different shades of silver and grey, I think they're the perfect colours for this bracelet.
You can buy this bracelet here.

Key to My Heart NTIO Bracelet
I think that this is a lovely piece.  I love that the thread is coloured, as well as the beads.  I think the idea behind this bracelet is lovely, especially to give to someone as a present; the key to my heart.
 I love the key charm and that the shape of a love heart is incorporated into it because it helps to strengthen what the piece is about.
You can buy this bracelet here.

Dragonfly NTIO Bracelet by Juliet Simms
I think the combination of colours in this bracelet have been really well chosen.  I really like that there are different sized beads on the piece but, I think the width of the dragonfly wings could maybe be a little smaller, especially for someone like me who wears lots of bracelets at one time.
You can buy this bracelet here.

Sing You a Song NTIO Bracelet by Kellin Quinn
I love this bracelet purely because the centrepiece is a charm in the shape of a music note.  Music is a huge part of my life and, is the reason why I started this blog. 
I think that the design for this bracelet is quite simple but I think that's what it needs to be.  I love the small red beads because they add a nice subtle touch of colour to the bracelet. 
You can buy this bracelet here.

Pinning Paper Wings NTIO Necklace by Taylor Jardine
This piece is inspired by one of my favourite We Are The In Crowd songs, which is Reflections from their album Weird Kids. 
When I first saw this necklace I actually wasn't sure if it as for me but I've grown to like it, mainly because it is inspired by Reflections.  But also because I love the solidity of the paper aeroplane charm and also because I really love silver necklaces.
You can buy this necklace here.

Second Star to the Right NTIO Bracelet by Derek Sanders
I love that the small beads have a sort of sea glass affect to them, it makes them really beautiful.  I love the elongated bead used and how (at least in this photo) it looks like it has a slight copper effect on it.  I think this bracelet is really beautiful and I would love to have it in my jewellery collection.  
You can buy this bracelet here.

Sirens are Singing Your Songs NTIO Bracelet by Kellin Quinn
I really like that grey thread has been used for this bracelet even because I think it makes the colour in the small beads stand out more.  I love that the centrepiece is a treble clef because again, music means a lot to me and this bracelet would show that if I as wearing it.
You can buy this bracelet here.

What Goes Around Comes Around NTIO Bracelet by Taylor Jardine
I think hat really caught my eye with this bracelet is that the arrow bead curves around with the thread, it's made to fit your wrist.  I also love that surrounding the arrow bead there are quite a lot of small beads, at least more in comparison to some other NTIO pieces, which I think makes this bracelet quite unique.  
Again, I love that it's inspired by another We Are The In Crowd song, Manners, which I really love.
You can buy this bracelet here.

Still Have All of My Heart NTIO Bracelet by Kellin Quinn
This bracelet as inspired by one of my favourite Sleeping With Sirens songs which is All My Heart from 'Let's Cheers To This'.  I love the emotion put into the song which is one of the main reasons why I love it so much.
When I saw that Kellin Quinn had designed a bracelet inspired by this song I was really excited.  I absolutely love this bracelet, especially the brightness of the red beads used, I think it would make the bracelet stand out if someone like me (who wears lots of bracelets at one time) was wearing it.
You can buy this bracelet here.

I hope you've enjoyed hearing about some of the Never Take It Off items I'd love to add to jewellery collection. 
Let me know in the comments which piece of jewellery from my wishlist is your favourite, I'd love to hear what items you like.  Also, be sure to have a look at the Never Take It Off website which you can see here.