Thursday, 19 February 2015

My Style Icons: Jenna McDougall
Hey everyone!

I've decided to start a little series here on my blog about my style/fashion inspirations because, my wardrobe and where I get my inspiration from is quite a mixture.  So, I thought it would be fun to share with you all some of the people I look too for inspiration when it comes to fashion and style.

In this post I'm going to talk about Jenna McDougall, the lead singer of Tonight Alive.
I love, love, love Jenna McDougall's style.  If I could own her wardrobe I would be so, so happy!
 I think what really got me interested in Jenna's style was watching her Vevo Stylized video.  Her style is one that I had been wanting to replicate for myself for a while but, seeing her piece together outfits made me even more keen to have a style like hers.
Whenever I watch this video I always think of how I want to visit the shop that Jenna goes too, it looks so unique and filled with loads of vintage finds.
But since there aren't any stores like this near me it means I have to find somewhere else to get items that are similar to Jenna's style.
So, when Glamour Kills Clothing (you can read my most recent Glamour Kills Clothing wishlist here) announced that they would be working with Jenna, I was so excited.  I love Glamour Kills and I was really excited to see the personal touches that Jenna would add to Glamour Kills Clothing.
I love the items that she's released with them and I'd love to add them to my wardrobe.
 You can now tell where my love for crew neck jumpers started!
I think one of my favourite things about Jenna's style is that she seems to dress for herself.  She doesn't choose clothes based on what is 'popular' or 'current'.  She wears a lot of band t-shirts for musicians that she listens too and she's inspired by the music she listens too and, I think her clothing reflects that.  I feel this makes Jenna's style one that's really personal to her and also reflects her personality.
I also love that just because she's female it seems as though she doesn't have to embrace her feminine side through her clothing.  And if she does, she does it in a way that suits her and with a bit of an alternative edge to it. 
I really love this because a lot of the time when I wear clothes that are 'girly' I can feel quite insecure and uncomfortable.  So for me, it's nice to have someone to look too for fashion inspiration who dresses according to what is comfortable for her and, that is also a style which I really love.
I really love Jenna's style and I hope that I'm able to find new ways to replicate it for myself, but also put my own twist on it to make it personal for me.
I hope you enjoyed my first post in this little series, let me know in the comments who some of your style inspirations are.


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