Thursday, 12 March 2015

A Spotlight On: Kids In The Dark by All Time Low
Hey everyone!
If you, like myself, are an All Time Low fan, then you've probably been listening to their new song Kids In The Dark a lot these past few days and you know all the lyrics, harmonies, bass line and, drum beats off by heart and have been really liking it.
For the non All Time Low fans, let me fill you in.  All Time Low's new album Future Hearts is being released on April the 7th.  From this album they have previously released Something's Gotta Give (you can read my first impressions of it here) and they have now released Kids In The Dark from this album as well (a little bit earlier than expected which is very nice). 
To be completely honest I was very, very scared to listen to the song for the first time.  I have been having fears that the Future Hearts album may be more pop than punk and, after the amazing masterpiece that was Don't Panic! (All Time Low's last studio album) I feel as though I have my valid reasons to feel slightly worried.
But, thank goodness for Kids In The Dark because it's banished those fears for me!
I freaking love this song so, so much!  It's a feel good, grin-the-whole-way-through-it, dance-around-like-an-idiot kind of song and I really love that but, I also love that the lyrics still have meaning in them. 

I'm still feeling slightly unsure about the lyrics in the first verse.  I understand them but I'm still trying to figure what they mean to me/how I can relate to them personally.  I think that instrumentally the first verse is brilliant, I love the sort of dimming effect used on the instruments before the vocals properly kick in because for me, it builds a great atmosphere.

It's safe to say that I absolutely love the lyrics in the chorus.  My favourite line from the chorus has to be "Beautiful scars on critical veins" because I have a real personal connection to this lyric.
I also love the line "We come together, state of the art.  We'll never surrender, the kids in the dark" because it just gives a real sense of the connection that people can have through the music that they listen too and, I just really love that.

I think my favourite part of the second verse has to be the lyric "Been a while since you dressed for the kill" because it automatically reminds of the line "You're dressed to kill" from their song Jasey Rae.  I also love the backing vocals and I really love how they help to maintain the hyped up atmosphere of the chorus. 

The middle 8 is mostly instrumental which I love because it gives them a chance to show off their talents.

The final chorus is brilliant.  The entire song builds up to it and the final chorus definitely delivers what you want to hear.  I absolutely love the effect used on Alex's vocals at the beginning of the final chorus because it reminds me of their song "To Live & Let Go" which is hands down one of my favourite All Time Low songs.
 The drumming in the entire song is brilliant but I personally think that you can really feel it in the final chorus which I really love.

I think what I really love about this song is how well they've kept this high energy throughout the song in both the vocals and the instruments, it's really amazing.  I can't help but grin and have a dance party in my head when I hear this song.
 I think the music video for Kids In The Dark is absolutely brilliant.  It fits really well with the song and just looks like so much fun.  I love the neon paint party, it looks messy but amazing!
I think my favourite thing about the entire music video the band performance shots is the use of pyro (those indoor firework things) because it reminds me of seeing them on tour last month.
 Having listened to Kids In The Dark a lot since it was released I'm now really looking forward to hearing the full Future Hearts album (I'll be a hyper mess when my Future Hearts bundle arrives at my door). 

Let me know in the comments what you think of the song, I'd love to hear from you.