Wednesday, 25 March 2015

A Spotlight On: Scared For You by Defy You Stars

Hi everyone!
You may have seen from my instagram that last week I received my copy of Defy You Stars debut album 'In The Meantime, In Between Time'. 

I have been loving this album so much and thought I would talk to you about one of my favourite tracks from the album.  When I first listened to the album through for the first time the song 'Scared For You' really stood out for me, so of course I wanted to tell you all about it.

The song opens with a short guitar intro and it's freaking brilliant.  Somehow within a (about) 14 second intro, they have managed to create an amazing atmosphere using only a guitar.

When the vocals kick in for the first verse they fit perfectly with the guitar that's continuing from the intro.  And the drums subtly joining in during the first verse helps to cause a great build up. 
Lyrically I love the first verse, in particular the lines "You feel alone but you're not all" and "Love, you know where you can find me".  I just think it's so beautiful that they used the word "love" to describe the person that the song's about.

The small instrumental bridge after the first verse helps to continue the build up in the first verse and it leads into the chorus so seamlessly, which I think is great. 

The chorus is so amazing!!!  The atmosphere in the chorus definitely delivers from the build up that is made in the first verse and the bridge, and I think it's because of the impact the instrumental has. 
The vocals come across with a very strong emotional sound which fits perfectly with the atmosphere from the instrumental. 
Lyrically, I love the chorus and how well it sums up the lyrics in the entire song

I think that the entire song 2nd verse may be my favourite part lyrically, mainly because of the following lines:

"Just cause you're losing, doesn't mean you're lost
Just cause you're broken doesn't mean you're a lost cause"
(these lyrics may be ever so slightly wrong on my part cause there's no lyric booklet with the album but, I've done my best to type what I hear).

 I think these lyrics are really encouraging and I love the emotion put into the vocals for these lines, it really makes you connect to the song.
Instrumentally the 2nd verse keeps the atmosphere from the chorus but doesn't draw away from the fact that the chorus has the most atmosphere.

The middle 8/third verse is mainly instrumental which I really like because it gives the drums and lead guitar a chance to show off a bit.  But there are also some small vocal parts added in which really help to compliment the main instrumental parts.

The atmosphere and emotion throughout this entire song is insanely good but, I personally think you can really hear this in the final chorus.  And I especially love how the song ends on a raw, solo vocal that is just bursting with emotion, it's the perfect way to finish this song.

I think one of my favourite things about 'Scared For You' is the atmosphere throughout the entire song.  It's one of those songs that when I listen too it I get that feeling in my chest and, I just want to love this song as musch as it's humanly possible.  You know, it's one of those songs.
The atmosphere, for me personally, is caused through the way that they've really made all the instruments compliment each other but, I mainly think the atmosphere is there because of the lyrics and, the emotion put into ever single part of this song.

You can buy the 'In The Meantime, In Between Time' album here and you can listen to 'Scared For You' here.
You can read my interview with Defy You Stars lead singer and guitarist, Nikk Banos, by clicking here.

Let me know in the comments what you think of 'Scared For You', as well as the 'In The Meantime, In Between Time' album, I'd love to hear from you.


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