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Album Dissection: Madness by Sleeping With Sirens

Hey everyone!
On Monday Sleeping With Sirens released their new album Madness.  I bought my copy of Madness yesterday.  And I listened to my copy of Madness for the first time today.
And I now I love this album.  A lot.
This is the first Sleeping With Sirens CD that I actually own, I've previously just listened to their music online.  But when they announced that they were releasing this album I decided I wanted a physical copy of it and, I'm so glad that I did.
This album is incredible even though it isn't the combination of sounds that I expected from Sleeping With Sirens. 
It's been a long time since I wrote an album dissection post and I'm glad to say that this could be the album that really gets me back into writing album dissections.
Sleeping With Sirens
Epitaph Records
John Feldman
EU: March 16th 2015
US: March 17th 2015
Track List:
1. Kick Me
2. Go Go Go
3. Gold
4. Save Me A Spark
5. Fly
6. The Strays
7. Left Alone
8. Better Off Dead
9. We Like It Loud
10. Heroine
11. November
12. Madness
13. Don't Say Anything
Bonus Tracks:
14. Parasites
15. 2 Chord
My Dissection (Track by track):

 Kick Me
As an opener, this was the perfect choice.  It's a strong, fast paced song that sets up for what the rest of the album is: powerful. 
Lyrically, this is an angry yet strong song.  If you're looking for a song to throw at your enemies then this is it, no questions asked.  I like the lyrics but there are a few that I'm not too keen on but, I think that's just my personal opinions and beliefs.
Vocally this song really shows Kellin Quinn's vocal range and how he's capable of manipulating his voice in a matter of seconds.  I also love the gang vocals in the final chorus, they help to create a great atmosphere for the songs ending.
Instrumentally, I think this song is brilliant, I especially love the guitar at the intro and, the drums during the bridge. 
Go Go Go
I love the drums in this song so much (hats off to Gabe Barham) because I feel it's what makes the song more 'rock'.  I heard this song before the album became out because it was released as a single in late January. 
This song is very different from Kick Me but still has a really good pace to it.  I think what I really like is that all the vocals are clean.  Although Kellin would be capable of adding screams into this song they've not included any and I think that suits this song really well.
I also love the effects that have been used on both the vocals and the instruments, they don't distract from the song but instead add a really great sound.
I feel like this is a road trip song.  That's what this song makes me think off and, this really isn't a bad thing.  I think I feel this because of the slight acoustic feel to the song but also just the overall sound of this song.  I love how well both guitars have been fitted with the drums and percussion in this song, it makes me smile.
Lyrically, I really love this song.  I especially love the lyrics in the chorus and the emotion that's put into them.
Save Me A Spark
Oh my goodness!  The lyrics in this song are so amazing!  I just love this song so freaking much!
The overall sound is insanely good, the vocals are amazing (especially in the 3rd verse and the final chorus), the emotion in this is song is brilliant, the instrumentals are just brilliant (again, Gabe Barham your drumming is incredible) and, I just really, really, really, love this song.
I love this song so much that I'm going to write a separate post about this song in a lot more detail.
I think that the rhythm to this song is brilliant and the way it changes (although it's not drastic) is really well done and seamless.
I love the lyrics and I think they make this quite a motivational song, especially the lyrics in the chorus.  I absolutely love the baseline in this song.  I think the 3rd verse is great and has a really amazing atmosphere to it.  I love the vocal adlibs in this song, especially in the 3rd verse and the final chorus.
Overall, I think this is a really good song and starts to bring the album back into a more 'rock' sound that we had at the beginning with Kick Me.
The Strays
I really love the instrumentals in this song.  I think the combination of instruments they've chosen is brilliant.  It's not really what I would expect to accompany these really heartfelt lyrics but surprisingly it fits really well.  I think when the song hits the final chorus, it's a really great atmosphere because of the instruments, I always love the combination of strings and an electric guitar.
Like I said, the lyrics for this song are extremely heartfelt.  And even though the lyrics are written about a situation I've never been in I can still relate to it.  This is mainly because of the emotion put into this song, it's so strong that if you've ever felt like this, then this song will remind you of whatever made you feel that way. 
I think this is what makes this song so powerful, the emotion that is in it.
Left Alone
The instrumentals in this song have a more 'electronic' sound to them which I wasn't really expecting to be honest.  This meant when I first listened to this song I wasn't too sure about it.  But then at the second chorus the instruments properly kick in and  I really like that, it helps to create an atmosphere that can't be ignored.  Again, I love the use of gang vocals in this song, especially in the final chorus because, I think they fit in really well.
Lyrically, I quite like this song.  I'm still trying to figure out they mean to me but I think that's okay.
Better Off Dead
I really like that there is no introduction to this song, the vocals just kick in with a killer guitar part and drum beat.  For me, this straight away brings the album back around to that 'rock' sound that's in Kick Me and Fly. 
Lyrically, this song is extremely emotional which you can tell before even listening to it because of the title, Better Off Dead.  I especially love the lyrics in the 3rd verse and think they act as a light in the darkness, especially "So what does it take?  Maybe it's not too late".
Instrumentally, this song is really well put together and the instruments really compliment each other.  They also help to create the harsher sound of this song in a way that isn't too in your face which I really like.  I especially love the guitar in the final chorus and at the end of the song.
We Like It Loud
We Like It Loud was released at the beginning of this year.  It's definitely up there with being as 'heavy' as Kick Me.  I think that the harshness added to the vocals definitely helps to make this a grittier song and the vocals match the lyrics really well.
I love the effects used on the vocals at the bridge and again, the gang vocals come in at really good points in this song.
The lead guitar part for this song is really amazing and helps to keep a really good rhythm the entire way through this song, especially with how well it accompanies the other instruments.
The only think I don't really like about this song is how short it is, I personally would have loved a third verse and another chorus but, I still think it suits the layout that it has.
Like Left Alone, the instruments in this song (except the acoustic guitar) have a more electronic sound to them, which reminds of Sleeping With Sirens earlier work, especially their album Feel. 
Lyrically, I'm not really a fan of this song but, I think that maybe after listening to it a few more times I could grow to like them.
I think that Kellin Quinn's voice suits this song really well and that comes across throughout the entire song. 
I feel like the only time this song actually moves up a level is during the 3rd verse when the instrumentals properly kick in which creates more of an atmosphere.  I personally can't really get into this song just now but, hopefully that will change over time.  

This is one of the more 'acoustic' songs on the album (like The Strays and Gold).
 The first time I listened to this song I really liked it.  I still really like this song and I think it was placed pretty well on the track list.
I love the piano part in this song and how it compliments Kellin Quinn's lead vocals, as well as the vocal harmonies and adlibs. 
I really like this song but I feel like it's missing that sort of 'kick' when it comes to the atmosphere.  I really love the lyrics in this song and I think that they suit the instruments used, especially the piano and strings. 
 This isn't what I expected Madness to be instrumentally.  I was expecting a song more like the instrumentals in Kick Me or We Like It Loud.  But, I'm really glad it isn't what I expected because I think it sounds really, really good. 
I really love the build up that's created in this song (especially at the second verse) and how the song doesn't exactly deliver a big burst of noise like you'd expect but still manages to deliver something (what, I'm not entirely sure but it's there) through the atmosphere in this song.
I really love the lyrics in this song, I think they're really beautiful and, the instruments used really compliment the lyrics.
I think this was the perfect song to name the album after, even if it isn't what you'd expect a song called Madness to sound like.
Don't Say Anything
 This is the perfect album closer for Madness (not including the bonus tracks).  It somehow manages to wrap up all the sounds that Sleeping With Sirens have created in this album without sounding messy.
There's really strong guitar parts, heart hitting drum beats, strong lyrics and, there are gentler parts to this song which fit in rather than sounding lost. 
Vocally, I really like it although I would have liked a few unclean vocals thrown in there to create a little bit of a harshness that's in some of the lyrics.  But then again, I'm not really sure if that would have fitted with the overall sound of this song so, I'm also kind of glad there aren't any unclean vocals in this song.

Bonus Tracks:
 Vocally, this really shows Kellin Quinn's capability with both clean and unclean vocals.
I think instrumentally this song fits the vocals really well but I feel like the instrumentals stay on the same level until the 3rd verse and final chorus which at first I wasn't sure about but now I'm really starting to like it.  I think this is because the entire song is building up to the third verse and the final chorus and you don't realise it till you actually get to this part of the song.
Lyrically, I really like this song.  I think the lyrics have a really strong message behind them which I think is highlighted really well in the second verse.
2 Chord
This is another of the 'acoustic' songs on the album and it just sounds really freaking pretty! 
I love the combination of the strings with the acoustic guitar and how well they compliment Kellin Quinn's unique voice. 
Lyrically, this song is pretty heart breaking and the overall sound of the song really shows this as well.  And even though these aren't lyrics that I can directly relate too, I can still feel the emotion which I think is really important with this song.
I think this song sounds quite haunting but in a really beautiful way (if you've been reading my blog for a while then you'll know that I really love songs like this).   
 Overall, I think this album is really incredible.  There are a lot of sounds but Sleeping With Sirens still manage to make them fit together and compliment each other in this album.  As a band they are definitely bringing something completely new to post hardcore music which is exactly what I think is needed just now. 

This album has made me fall in love with Sleeping With Sirens all over again and it's making me wish more than anything that I was seeing them when they're in the UK next month (I'm just gonna go cry in the corner cause I couldn't get tickets).

They have written and produced an incredible album with Madness and,  I'd highly recommend giving this album a listen even if you aren't a Sleeping With Sirens or post hardcore fan because, there will be at least one song on this album that you'll like and relate too.

If you want to buy the album you can do that here.

Let me know in the comments what you think of the album, I'd love to hear from you.


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