Saturday, 4 April 2015

My March Favourites 2015

 Hi everyone!

Last month was quite crazy for me, hence why this post is late but, I still wanted to share with you what I loved during March.

YouTube Channels

This month I've been watching a lot of videos on Lousie Pentalnds second channel Sprinkle Of Chatter, especially her vlogs from last year.  I really love how chatty she is during the vlogs but also how other YouTubers (basically just Jack Howard) take turns vlogging for her as well, it always makes me laugh.
I really enjoy watching her Playlist Live vlogs from 2014 and they never fail to make me laugh and smile.



Adam Elmakias
Adam Elmakias is hands down one of my favourite bloggers/YouTubers/photographers.  I really freaking love Adams photography so, I love reading his blog and finding out about the photos he's taken.
This month I loved reading about when he was on tour with All Time Low and You Me At Six, especially seeing how he notes down what happens during each song and where he wants to be in the venue at various points during a concert. 

Little Miss Katy
You may have seen this post when I spoke about the lovely Katy English and how she's one of my style icons.  You may also remember from that post that I also said how much I love Katy's blog because it is genuinely like a hug but, in blog form.
I have so much love for Katy's blog, I absolutely love her style of writing and how it's so chatty and friendly.  I seriously cannot put into words how brilliant Katy's blog is and how important it is that you should go and check it out, you will not regret it!


In The Meantime, In Between Time
Defy You Stars
You may have seen from my instagram that last month I received my copy of Defy You Stars debut album In The Meantime, In Between Time. 
This.  Album.  Is.  Incredible.
I have a lot of love for this album and I definitely want to make an album dissection post about this album so I can chat about it in more detail with you all.
If you want to read what I think about the song Scared For You, which is the second track from the album, then you can read that here.
And, you can read my interview with Nikk Banos, the lead singer and guitarist from Defy You Stars, here.
Sleeping With Sirens
This is the first Sleeping With Sirens album that I actually own a physical copy off and I really love it.  There's such a range of songs on this album and it's a really amazing listen.
You can read what I think about this album in my album dissection post about it here.
The Blind Side

The Blind Side will most probably always be one of my favourite films ever. 
There are so many amazing lessons and messages in this film, the cast are incredible and, I absolutely love the soundtrack as well.
I have watched this film way more times than I will ever be able to remember and, I know for a fact that there will be many more times when I rewatch this film and still love it just as much (it's that amazing).

We Should Hang Out Sometime
Josh Sundquist
This book is amazing!  I seriously cannot explain to you how much I love this book.  It had me laughing out loud on the bus to college (which resulted in some very strange looks from the guy sitting across from me!), smiling like an idiot throughout the entire book and, I just love this book so, so, so, so much!
I would definitely recommend getting this book (although it proved kind of difficult for me in the UK as I ordered it from Waterstones and took over 2 months to get here) because it is absolutely brilliant!  And, the style in which it is written is great, it feels like Josh is just sitting talking to you and, I love the use of his hand drawn graphs and diagrams as well.
Overall, this book is amazing and one of my all time favourite reads.

I hope you've enjoyed finding out about what some of my favourite things were during March, let me know in the comments what you liked during March, I'd love to hear from you.


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