Sunday, 26 April 2015

My April Playlist 2015

This month has been filled with a lot of ups and downs for me. 
Me being the way that I am means that I've been focusing on the negatives way more than the positives.
But luckily for me, this month saw the release of two new albums from two of my favourite bands so, my earphones have been good companions (as usual) for a lot of stressful situations this month.

I hope you all enjoy finding out about some of the music I've been listening too during April.
All Time Low - Cinderblock Garden
Pierce The Veil - The New National Anthem
Twenty One Pilots - Tear In My Heart
As It Is - Silence (Pretending's So Comfortable)
All Time Low - Missing You
Against The Current - Another You (Another Way)
Tonight Alive - What Are You So Scared Of?
All Time Low - The Edge Of Tonight

As It Is - Cheap Shots & Setbacks
Fall Out Boy - Our Lawyer Made Us Change The Name Of This Song So We Wouldn't Get Sued
Twenty One Pilots - Car Radio
The Summer Set - This Is How We Live
All Time Low - Satellite

As It Is - Sorry
Defy You Stars - Morning Talks, Late Night Walks
Fall Out Boy - Nobody Puts Baby In The Corner
Twenty One Pilots - Guns For Hands

As It Is - My Oceans Were Lakes

It's safe to say that the album I have been loving the most this month, is All Time Low's Future Hearts album.  It was released on the 7th of April and since then I have been listening to it a lot. 
I've included what have been some of my favourite tracks so far but, I'm really enjoying the album as a whole and will hopefully have a separate post written about it soon.
This month I finally took the time to sit down and listen to Twenty One Pilots for the first time.  What I've listened too so far I absolutely love and, I'm hoping to get a copy of their album 'vessel' soon.  I think what I like about their music so much is how completely honest and emotional it is.
I've also watched quite a few of their live videos and I'd love to see them in concert, their shows look absolutely incredible.

This As It Is released their debut album 'Never Happy, Ever After' through Fearless records. 
You may have seen from my Instagram that I picked up my copy on the day it was released here in the UK, I've been looking forward to hearing this album since they announced that they were recording. 
I've definitely not been disappointed by this album, it's absolutely incredible and, like with Future Hearts, I'll hopefully have a separate post written about this album in detail soon.

Let me know in the comments what music you've been listening too this month, I'd love to hear from you.


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Thursday, 23 April 2015

Album Dissection: In The Meantime, In Between Time by Defy You Stars

This just seems to be the year for EVERY BAND I LOVE TO RELEASE NEW MUSIC!!!!!
All Time Low have released a new album, Simple Plan are recording a new album, Tonight Alive are recorded a new album, Fall Out Boy have already released a new album, Sleeping With Sirens released a new album (you can read my post about that album here), As It Is released their debut album this week, Pierce The Veil are (hopefully) releasing new music this year, the list just goes on!
On top of this I've started listening to a lot of bands for the first time such as Against The Current, Neck Deep and, Roam which means I also have a lot of old albums and EP's that I want to get copies of as well.
Now, don't get me wrong this excites me to no end because I love nothing more than finding new music to listen too.  But, I'm also a student who doesn't know what she's doing after her college course, so I kind of need to be saving the pennies. 
But when Defy You Stars released pre-orders for their debut album there was no way I was going to say no.  They're a band that have been working on this album for a long time and it's one that I was so incredibly excited to hear.
Last month  Defy You Stars debut album 'In The Meantime, In Between Time' was released and I was so excited when it arrived and, when I opened it to find it was signed!  I've been playing the album a lot since I got it so, I thought I'd do an album dissection post for you all.
Defy You Stars
In The Meantime, In Between Time 
Tyler Glasgow
March 17th 2015
Track List:
1. Like Glass
2. Scared For You
3. Saturday Nights
4. Morning Talks, Late Night Walks
5. Rest
6. Through To You
7. Pressure
8. Bad Again
9. Wild Fires
10. Eventually
11. You're What It's All About
My Dissection (Track by track):

Like Glass

I think this track is a great choice as the opener for the album. 
Instrumentally, I really love how well you can hear the bass part in this song and, also how well it works alongside the guitar and drums. You can hear the different instrumental parts are showing off without clashing with each other which I really love.
Vocally, I love the harmonies but also how there are so many parts were you can hear that little extra bit of emotion being put in which sounds great.  I also absolutely love what they've done vocally during the third verse by using multiple voices.  It creates an amazing atmosphere and sounds incredible.
Lyrically, I love this song and how well the chorus sums up the lyrics in the verses.

Scared For You
I have a lot of love for this song.  Seriously, I really, really love this song.  I really do, to the point where I've already written a separate post about what I think of the song (which you can read here).
I think the atmosphere and emotion in this song is absolutely incredible.  Every time I listen to this song I somehow manage to fall in love with the lyrics even more, if that's even possible. 
Saturday Nights
 I absolutely love how smooth the transition is between the verses and choruses throughout this song.  I also love the tempo change that there is between the verses and choruses as well.
Lyrically, my favourite part probably has to be the third verse, I think it's really nicely written.
Instrumentally, I absolutely love the lead guitar in this song, it's absolutely amazing.  And, I love how well it fits in with the drums in this song.  Also, in the third verse the bass part really stands out for me, I think it sounds absolutely incredible.
The way that the vocals work with the instrumental at the beginning of the final chorus is really nice and I think it sounds amazing.  

Morning Talks, Late Night Walks
I love listening to this song through my headphones because the way it's been split into the left and right ears is brilliant. 
Instrumentally, my favourite part has to be the third verse and the final chorus, no questions asked. 
The third verse is purely instrumental and sounds incredible, I particularly love that the beginning of it is just bursts of instrumentals. 
For the final chorus I really love how well the instrumental parts help to create an atmosphere alongside the vocals.
Lyrically, the second verse stands out for me in this track.  I think this is mainly because of the line "Something amazing will show itself no matter where you are".  I think this lyric is amazing and it really makes me think about looking for a positive in every situation.
Vocally, I absolutely love how well you can hear the emotion being put into the final chorus of this song, it's really strong and impossible to ignore.

Instrumentally, I absolutely love the drums in this song.  I think that they really help to compliment all the other parts of this song really nicely.  I love that the third verse is purely instrumental and has an absolutely incredible guitar solo.
Lyrically, I think this song is so beautiful.  I just love the lyrics the whole way through this song, they really hit home and are so filled with emotion.
The final chorus for 'Rest' gets me emotional every single time I listen to this song.  The atmosphere in this final chorus is breath taking and, the emotion put into it, vocally, lyrically and instrumentally is amazing.

Through To You
The first time that I heard this song it was the acoustic version on the Defy You Stars YouTube channel and, I absolutely love this version of the song.
  When the track list for In The Meantime, In Between Time was released and I saw that Through To You was going to be on the album, I was a little nervous about hearing the studio version.  But, I really wasn't surprised when I loved the studio version as much as I love the acoustic version.

The studio version is still an acoustic which makes me really happy.  It's just the vocals and an acoustic guitar which I think is all it needs to be.
The lyrics throughout the song are really beautiful, but the first two lines of the chorus will probably always be my favourite part.   I also love the line "I don't know how to swim, but I'll learn if you're drowning" from the second verse, I just think it's a really lovely lyric.
I absolutely love the way that this song ends, you hear the picking of the guitar strings so clearly which I just really like.


The intro for this song is brilliant!  It starts of with such an impact instrumentally that really sets you up for what this song is going to be.
The energy throughout this song is really high and never fails to die down which I really like.
Because f this I think the atmosphere created at the start of this song never dies down either which I really love (if you've been reading my blog for a while then you'll know I'm a sucker for any song that has a good atmosphere to it).
Lyrically, I think this song is really good and for me, the verses link to each other which I really like.
Bad Again
I have a lot of love for this song.  Like I was with Through To You, when the tracklist for this album was released I was so excited when I saw Bad Again was going to be on the album. 
The first time I listened to this song it was the acoustic version that was posted on the Defy You Stars YouTube channel (which I can't seem to find on their channel now, sorry) and I fell in love with this song.
The studio version of this song is also an acoustic, which I was really happy about when I first listened to it.  I think what will always be one of my favourite things about this song is that you can really feel the emotion that's in the vocals.  I think this is something that's really important in any song, hearing the artist connect to their music.
Lyrically this song is great but, ever since I first listened to it my favourite part lyrically will always be the chorus, I just think it's really truthful and is the perfect link between the verses.
Wild Fires
 This is such a beautiful song! 
For me, I think what really makes this song so beautiful is the lyrics.
But then the way that they have put the instrumental parts into this song are really nice and help to highlight the lyrics rather than draw away from them.
I think what really helps to highlight how beautiful these lyrics are and the story they tell, is the emotion put into the vocals.  You can really feel the emotion in this song the whole way through it which I really love.
I find the emotion in this song to be quite overwhelming but in a really good way.

I absolutely love the rhythm in this song, it's there from the very beginning and keeps up the whole way through.  There's a change during the third verse but this just helps to create a really nice atmosphere during the third verse rather than sound out of place.
Lyrically I like the whole song but, the second verse really stands out for me, particularly the line "I'm capable of so much more than you can believe".
Vocally, the final verse will probably always be my favourite part of this song because you can really hear the emotion in it.  I also love the little overlay of the vocals between the second verse and the following chorus, I think it adds a really nice effect.
You're What It's All About
 This is the first ever song that I listened too by Defy You Stars, so it's one that means a lot to me.
I think choosing the piano as the main instrument for the majority of the song was a great decision.  It suits the vocals really well and really helps to create an atmosphere.
The rest of the instrumental parts kick in at the third verse and it sounds absolutely incredible.  There's a build up in the song the whole way up to this point and it definitely lives up to this, mainly because it creates this incredible atmosphere.
Lyrically, I think this song is absolutely beautiful (on the same level as Wild Fires) and the vocals throughout the song really help to highlight this.
The only thing I don't like about this song is that I think it ends quite abruptly, I'm wishing it had more of a 'finish' to it, even if it ended on a fade.

Overall I think this is an incredible album, especially for a debut.  When listening to it you can really hear how much work has been put into the music and that the work put in definitely pays off.
I absolutely love the artwork and packaging for the album but, I was really sad when there wasn't a lyric booklet.

I think that for a band who are unsigned this is an amazing album and one that they should be extremely proud off.  I've been listening to Defy You Stars for quite a while and was really excited to hear this album.  My expectations were quite high for In The Meantime, In Between Time but it has more than surpassed what I thought it would be, this album is a beautiful listen.

You can buy the album from the Defy You Stars Bandcamp page here.  You can also read my interview with the bands lead singer and guitarist, Nikk Banos, by clicking here.

Let me know in the comments what you think of the album, I'd love to hear from you.


Wednesday, 15 April 2015

A Spotlight On: Cheap Shots & Setbacks by As It Is

Ever since I started listening to them, As It Is have hands down been one of my favourite bands.  I think this is mainly because they manage to make every single one of their songs sound as though it is bursting with emotion. 
Their debut album (which is now available to stream from their YouTube channel) is officially released through Fearless Records on the 20th of April in the UK and the 21st of April everywhere else in the world.  It's safe to say that I can't wait to get my hands on a physical copy of the album, I'm so excited for it.
The first single released from the album was Dial Tones (which I wrote about here) and the second single was Concrete.  They've just released another single from the album which is Cheap Shots & Setbacks and, I thought I'd share my love for the song with all of you.

The song starts off with a great guitar part as the intro that then continues into the first verse.
Lyrically I really like the first verse, it has As It Is written all over it. 
Vocally I'm so happy to hear both the lead singers (Patty Walters and Ben Biss) sharing the vocals.  Ben's voice doesn't sound as rough as it usually des but, I think this is nice to hear and really makes his voice compliment Patty's voice.
There are some vocal adlibs in there which aren't the type that I'd expect from As It Is but, since they're quite subtle I think it works really nicely and adds a really good build up for the chorus.
Instrumentally I think the two guitar parts work really, really well together.
 The drums sound really strong the whole way through this song and you definitely get a feel for this during the first verse.

Lyrically I love the chorus.  My favourite line has to be "We dream 'cause we don't sleep", I think it's just a brilliant line.
Also, I love how well the lyrics in the chorus tie together the lyrics in the verses, they help to sum up the main message of the song which is great.
Vocally, I absolutely love how Patty's voice gets rougher and for me I think this lets you hear how he's putting his absolute everything into the song, which I really love.
Instrumentally, I love how all the individual parts come together and just explode with energy.  I have a lot of love for the bass line in particular during the chorus.

Vocally, Ben starts of the second verse and I think this helps to make a really nice transition from the chorus into this verse.
I also love the vocal harmonies added in near the end of this verse, oh my goodness they sound so nice and help to keep up that amazing atmosphere.
Instrumentally, the energy from the chorus is still there but it's not drawing away from the energy in the chorus which I think is really important.
Lyrically, for me I feel as though the second verse links back to the first verse through the last line: "Is it just me or everybody else?", which I really like.
Lyrically I really like the third verse (except the little swear word they put in there - bad boys!) and I think it fits in really well with the rest of the song.
Atmospherically, it's absolutely brilliant. 
Vocally, I love how Patty draws out the last word both times round that the third verse is played, I think it adds a really nice sound.
Instrumentally, the lead guitar part really stands out for me here, it's incredible and I think it really helps to keep a solid instrumental part in this verse.
Gang vocals!  Gang vocals!  Gang vocals!  I am a sucker for gang vocals in any song, I think it just creates a brilliant atmosphere.  As It Is have gang vocals at the chorus straight after the third verse which I think is brilliant.
And of course they have to go ahead and throw in a great drum part to accompany the gang vocals, which makes an even better atmosphere.
And then they have to go along and make the last line just Patty's voice with a really cool effect on it, which creates a nice little mellow point before the final chorus.

The final chorus is really good and definitely has all the energy that's been building up throughout the entirety of the song.
The gang vocals continue into the final chorus which makes me very happy but, you can still hear Patty and Ben's voices clearly which I really like.
Instrumentally I really love the final chorus and again, the lead guitar part stands out for me because I feel it just creates a really nice melody to accompany the vocals.
I love that the song ends on Patty's vocal, as well as the guitar sort of fading out, I think it's the best way they could have chosen to end this song.

 I really like the music video for Cheap Shots & Setbacks.  I think that the story they have in the music video really does help to reflect the ideas in the song.  Also, the performance shots look insanely good, the way the lighting's been done is great and makes it look really cinematic.

Let me know in the comments what you think of the song, I'd love to hear your thoughts.


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Tuesday, 14 April 2015

It's A Fine, Fine Life | Aprils Little Happy Moments
When my amazing friend Allie announced on her blog (which you should all definitely have a look at because it's a great blog) that she was going to be hosting a weekly link up that any blogger could join (you can read the announcement post here), I knew that I wanted to get involved.
But then I started to panic.  The whole point of the link up, titled 'It's A Fine, Fine Life' is to talk about the things in life that are making you happy by sharing stories, pictures, a favourites lists, anything in your life that is positive.
I am a natural pessimist. 
I see the negative in almost every situation that I'm in, on a daily basis. 
I'm currently dealing with a lot pretty stressful, scary and, unknown situations.  This means that my pessimistic mind-set is even more negative than usual. 
But, I thought I'd take a leaf out of Louise Pentland's book (it's actually her Facebook Page in this case) and list some of the little happies that have been in my life during the month of April so far:
1.  My friend visited from Denmark and it was so amazing getting to spend time with her again.
2.  I had my nails done for the first time, it was a really lovely experience.
3. If you've been reading my blog for a while then you'll know that I love listening to new music and, one of my favourite bands is All Time Low. 
So, you can imagine why excitement when my copy of All Time Low's new album, Future Hearts, arrived through my letter box.
I have been listening to this album a lot and, I have a lot of love for certain songs on this album (keep your eyes peeled for an album dissection post soon).
4.  Speaking of All Time Low, this month I booked my ticket to see them in August along with Neck Deep which I am extremely excited (although slightly nervous) about!
5.  I went out with my mum and dad last week for afternoon tea which was actually a mothers day present for my wonderful mum. 
We went to a lovely place called Melville Castle and, I was very happy because there was a horse in the grounds there and, I really love horses!
6.  I've been on quite a lot of clothes shopping trips recently that have been very stressful and quite emotional but, the last two were actually a success and I'm really pleased with what I bought.  I might even do a little haul post for you all.
7.  After watching Evan Edinger's YouTube videos about him and Dodie Clark travelling around New Zealand, I am feeling extremely inspired to go travelling if my applications for apprenticeships don't work out. 
This is something that really excites me and I'm going to start doing a lot of research about gap years and travelling.
If anyone has any advice in this area then please, please, please share it in the comments or head over to my contact page to share your knowledge.  I'd really appreciate any advice (both good and bad things about travelling) while I'm making decisions about my future.
8.  My blog (yes, this blog you're reading right now) is almost at 200 followers on Bloglovin' which I am struggling to get my head around!  This is something I never thought would happen so makes me very happy because, this blog means an awful lot to me.
9.  On my last blog post (which you can catch up on here) I talked about fashion, which is actually something I've been struggling a lot with over the past year or so.   
I received a lot of very lovely comments on that post that made me feel like I was getting an internet hug.  It's really made me appreciate all of the wonderful people in the blogging community.
Wow.  It turns out that even though it's only the 14th of April it's actually been pretty good so far (even if there are a lot of stresses in my life just now). 
Thank you to both Allie for giving me a reason to be positive and, Louise Pentland for the inspiration to list the happy things in April so far.
If you want to join Allie's link up for this week then you can do that through Allie's post here.
Let me know in the comments what has been making you happy this April, I'd love to hear from you and be happy about your happiness. 


Sunday, 12 April 2015

Becoming Your Own Hero | Part 3: Fashion & Style

 I was recently told (by two different friends) that I dress like a boy.  I was told by a separate person that I dress 'not very feminine'. 

I will admit that I am not a very 'girly' girl and I know I don't make a lot of effort most of the time when it comes to what I'm wearing.  My everyday wardrobe will almost always consist of a band t-shirt, black skinny jeans and, my trusty black hoodie.
If I'm wearing shorts I will always wear leggings or tights with them, even during the summer.
I own a very small number of dresses (3 to be exact) and they are lucky if they leave my wardrobe once a year.
I don't wear very much colour, to the point where people are surprised when I'm not wearing black.

But even though I know all this about myself, I was still really hurt when I was told by people who I consider as friends that I dress like a boy and, I'm still really upset about this.
I am quite a girly girl, I just don't know how to show that when it comes to my wardrobe content.

When it comes to fashion I will admit I am quite clueless.  When I go shopping for clothes, 99% of the time I feel like a fish out of water.   I see a lot of clothing items in high street stores that I like but, I can never see myself wearing them. 
My mum has been so supportive recently when I've been going shopping and having (sort of) breakdowns in shops (and getting quite tearful at many points) because I'm so frustrated with myself when it comes to clothes.
Last week I did buy some new tops that are all quite plain and not the most girly but, for me they are different in that they're not band t-shirts and may have small details that make them more 'dressy' or even slightly girly. 

When it comes to fashion, style and, clothes, I think what makes me struggle so much is that I don't feel confident within myself.
 I don't have a 'style'.  I don't tend to put a lot of thought into my outfits.
On the most recent event in which I did put some effort into my outfit.  I was really pleased with it, I was wearing one of my tops I bought last week for the first time. 
Though I guess I'm now realising it wasn't anything special because this was also one of the times that I was told I dress like a boy. 
In this instance of having put effort into my outfit and then being told I dress like a boy, it was when I was telling a friend about the first time that someone had said this to me (the first instance happened not that long ago).  But before I got the chance to tell her how much it had upset me she went on to say 'well you do dress like a boy' and, I decided to change the subject.
So, the little confidence that I was starting to gain in my wardrobe and what I was wearing was then shot down into the double negatives by someone who is supposed to be my friend.
(This is the outfit I was wearing that I'd put quite a bit of effort into.  Also, it isn't very clear in the photo so I thought I'd clarify that I'm wearing shorts and tights, not jeans)
 I think that in order to try and gain some confidence in what I'm wearing, I need to be more confident in myself but also, I need to just aim to please myself when it comes to my clothes.
I'll admit that this is going to be pretty tough, considering I don't really know what I want my fashion sense/style to be but, I'm hoping that I'm able to figure something out that makes me both happy and comfortable in my clothes.
And what will be even tougher is finding some confidence in myself but, I feel that confidence in my outfits will come when I am able to find some self confidence.
I think that when it comes to fashion the key is to reflect who you are as a person.  So for me, I guess that's someone who is quite shy (but trying to change that), loves reading and writing and, just so happens to love modern punk music but is also quite girly.
I know that I will be struggling for quite a while longer when it comes to fashion mainly because the comments I mentioned have left quite a big dent in my confidence. 
But hopefully I'll be able to move forward from them soon and gain some confidence in my wardrobe and personal style.
If you're in the same boat as me when it comes to fashion, then let me know in the comments what you're going to try in order to gain some confidence in your wardrobe, we can all support each other.
Also let me know what things you do/would like to do to reflect your personality through your wardrobe, I'd love to hear about your creativity and ideas.
And, if you have any confidence tips or style advice on anything that I've mentioned in this post, then that would be greatly welcomed and appreciated by myself in the comments!


Saturday, 11 April 2015

The Versatile Blogger Award

Hey everyone!
I was nominated by the lovely Izzy K and Key To My Sparkle for the Versatile blogger award! I've seen this award floating around the blogging world a lot recently so I was really excited when I saw that I had been nominated.

The Rules are:

1. Thank the blogger who nominated you for the award  
2. Tell your readers and the person who nominated you 7 facts about yourself
3. Finally, nominate 15 other blogs for the award

1.  If you've been reading my blog for even a little while then, you'll know that I love music.  But I can't really play any instruments although, I'd love to learn the guitar, I'd love to play the drums (I can play about 3 basics beats, very badly) and, I really need to take the time to learn to play my ukulele properly.

2.  Because of number one, I absolutely love going to concerts.   I have been to a total of 3 concerts (although I would love to go to a lot more), my first being Lawson, then Tonight Alive and most recently, All Time Low and You Me At Six on their UK arena tour.
Later this month I'm going to see Take That with my mum and my big sister, I'm really looking forward to this as I'm in need of a night out with them.  And, this week I booked my ticket to see All Time Low and Neck Deep at their Reading & Leeds warm up gig, which I'm unbelievably excited for!

3.  I'm a very indecisive person, which means I'm a nightmare to go shopping with unless I definitely know what I want - I'm at the stage where my indecisiveness is making me frustrated with myself when I go shopping for anything!

4.  I really enjoy creative writing, it's what got me started writing in the first place and I think it will always be something that I enjoy doing.
5.  When I was younger I was certain I'd be fine without a queen, just a king inside his castle with an ocean in between....sorry I'll stop typing/singing All Time Low Disney wasn't a huge part of my life like it is/was for a lot of kids (although I did watch the majority of the Disney princess films).  But I've recently started to really love Disney and, I want to go to Disney world Florida so badly!  

6.  One of my favourite things to do on a day off is to bake.  Ever since I was little I've loved baking (especially cupcakes because of the different icing patterns you can do with a piping kit).
I love to blast my music really loudly and bake away to my hearts content.

7.  I love reading and, as my mum would say 'have enough books to start a shop'!
You can see my reading habits post here if you'd like.

I hope you all enjoyed finding out a little bit more about me.  I'm not going to nominate 15 bloggers but the bloggers I am nominating are:

Phoebe from Phoebe's Diaries

Esmee from Ezzlepops

Sian from Cakey Dreamer
Victoria from Destination Daydreamer

Allie from Reckless

Sarah from Sarah Anne

All the girls I've nominated have amazing blogs and I'd highly recommend giving them a read, you won't regret it!


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Tuesday, 7 April 2015

A Spotlight On: Runaways by All Time Low

Today is the release of All Time Low's album Future Hearts.  I just received my physical copy in the post and I'm currently listening to it for the first time. 

Before the actual album release they released 4 songs from Future Hearts and they were Something's Gotta Give, Kids In The Dark, Runaways and, Tidal Waves (featuring Mark Hoppus). 

I have blogged about two of the songs that had been released before the album release.  The first song I wrote about was Something's Gotta Give, and then I blogged about their song Kids In The Dark.
But when they released their song Runaways it was without a doubt my favourite Future Hearts song that they had released before the full album was actually out. 
There are a lot of reasons why I feel this way but, it's mainly because of the 3rd verse. But we should probably talk about the rest of the song first, shouldn't we?

When I first heard the intro of this song it reminded me of their album Nothing Personal straight away, it just had that sound which is apparent in their Nothing Personal album (you can read my review of the Nothing Personal album here).
But then the vocals started and it had the same sound as the other songs released from Future Hearts.
Vocally, I really love how although Alex Gaskarth's voice has changed since the last album, it still has that roughness to it.
Lyrically, I love the entire song but in the first verse I particularly love the lines
"I was so bitter, 'til you came along, You set my sails when the tide was low". 
I think this really helps to show how the people we meet can change and influence us and our lives for the better.  And it also reminds me of their song Stay Awake (Dreams Only Last For A Night) from their album So Wrong, It's Right (you can read my album dissection for So Wrong, It's Right here and, you can read what Stay Awake has meant to me recently here).
Instrumentally I love that there are effects on one guitar part but not the other, it makes it a bit grittier which I really like, even if it is really subtle.

I love the lyrics in the bridge a lot (the ones in the picture above) because I think they link really well to the title of the song. 
I love how it has 'less of an atmosphere' compared to the verses but I fell that somehow this gives it more of an atmosphere, if that makes any sense.  I think you need to listen to the song to understand what I'm hearing.
Instrumentally the change between the verses and the bridges is seamless and allows for a small build up before the chorus.  I also think I can hear a glockenspiel in there which makes me very happy.

The chorus is filled with an amazing atmosphere which I really love.
Instrumentally it's hard hitting from the start but during the middle of the chorus the guitar parts hold back a little which has an amazing feel to it.
Vocally, you can hear Alex Gaskarth putting his heart into the song which is something I really love to hear from any musician, the artist connecting to their song.
Lyrically, the chorus really helps to hold together the message of the entire song which is shown in the verses.   And I really love that the lyrics in the chorus live up to the title of the song.

I love how well the song leads into the second verse and I mainly feel this because of the drums (well done Rian Dawson).  The rhythm from the chorus is kept up so the energy never goes away but, it doesn't draw away from the fact that the chorus is the main focus point of the song.
Vocally I love the sound of the final line "We hide ourselves right where we stand" I don't know what it is but, I just love way this line sounds vocally.
Ah, the third verse.  The part of this song that I want to love unconditionally, I want to write the lyrics down and carry them with me forever. 
I. Freaking. Love. The. Third. Verse. Of. Runaways.
A lot.
The atmosphere is freaking incredible, there's a sort of mellow in the first vocal part which causes an insanely good build up.
Then the repeat of the lyrics is so bursting with emotion, that they surpass the build up that they just created. 
The instrumental for this part is beautiful, the way that they've combined the guitars with the drums is amazing (which is to be expected from this band) but then they had to go along and add strings in there to make my heart want to burst with the overwhelming feeling of love for this verse.
And then there's the lyrics.
The lyrics for the third verse are as follows:

"They won't catch us in the dark,
Roll like thunder, Burn like stars"

 For me the phrase 'Burn like stars' is just so powerful and beautiful.  I really don't think I can explain why this lyric stands out for me so much, I think it's just what it means to me personally but also that the entire sound of the song at this point is so full of emotion that I don't know how to react to it.

And then of course that emotion calms down a little at the beginning of the final chorus by having the vocals (with an effect) and a very subtle guitar part.
And then the emotion explodes all over again when the chorus picks up again and it's insanely brilliant.
The atmosphere in the final chorus is amazing and, again, Rian Dawson has done insanely well with the percussion.  I just think the way that they've made all the instruments work with each other is amazing and the emotion in the vocals added to that combination causes an amazing atmosphere.
The only thing I don't like about this song is that it ends on a fade!  I really hate it when songs end on a fade, I like to know how a song is supposed to finish!


 Overall, I absolutely love this song and have spent a lot of time playing it on repeat and, I would absolutely love it if they released a music video for this song.

Let me know in the comments what you think of this song, I'd love to hear from you all.


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Sunday, 5 April 2015

Becoming Your Own Hero | Part 2: Self Confidence Isn't Full Time

Hey everyone!
I want to say a huge thank you for all the lovely feedback on the initial post I wrote for my Becoming Your Own Hero series (which you can read here).
 It really meant so much to me reading the comments on that post and realising that I'm not alone in the 'extreme lack of self confidence' group.  Also, I really think we need to organise a virtual tea party!

Something I've been thinking about over the last few days is that maybe in order to have self confidence in myself and who I am on both the inside and the outside, I think I need to realise that self confidence maybe isn't full time.

It's completely okay to have days, weeks, months, where you are really happy with who you are; the way your hair is styled, the way you're treating other people, the way you're treating yourself, your makeup, the little quirks that make up your individual personality, the outfits you put together, your body, and anything else that you feel confident about.  And that's okay.

But there will be days, weeks and months, where you're happy with some of those things or, only one of those things or, none of those things.  There will be days when you're confident about everything about yourself except for one little aspect of yourself that's making you feel down.
And that's also okay.

I personally don't think it's possible to have the whole self confidence thing completely worked out, in every aspect of your life, all of the time.
Because let's face it, being completely confident with your personality, your entire body, your job/studies, the people you've surrounded yourself with, your clothes, the way you act in different situations, your makeup, your diet, your hair, your hobbies, (the list goes on), seems like it would drown every ounce of energy from you

But if someone does have this figured out (without the whole energy draining thing) then please share your knowledge, the rest of us would almost definitely benefit!

I think it would maybe be easier to even just be a little bit confident, in however many areas of our lives is best for ourselves, and if we wanted to we could try and slowly build up those little bits of confidence.
Our confidence does need to start somewhere but I feel it would maybe be easier to start of with a little bit of confidence and then try to build it up.  But also to keep in mind that it's totally okay for self confidence levels to chop and change.

I think starting of small sounds a lot easier than throwing ourselves in the deep end, attempting to tread water the entire time in the deep end, then admitting defeat by doggy paddling to the side, pulling ourselves out the metaphorical swimming pool of self confidence, and then being way too scared to so much as dip our baby toe in ever again, right?
We'll just be sensible and start off with very simple, small 'lessons' in the metaphorical self confidence pool.
For the record, I have no idea why I just used a swimming pool/swimming lessons as a sort of reference because I really hate swimming, but that's for a different post (also to do with a self confidence thing actually).

Anyway, enough of my rambling.
I think what I'm trying to get at is that it's okay to be self confident with lots of things, or only a few things, or only one thing.  I think I'm also trying to say that if you want to feel happier with yourself and have however much more self confidence you want for yourself, it's probably a lot easier to start of small.
And, it's completely okay to only feel confident some of the time.

I think something we could all do is to pick one or two (or however many areas of our lives really) that we want to look at and try to slowly build up our confidence in those areas.  It could be fitness, makeup, writing, fashion, school studies, cooking, body image, absolutely anything that you want to feel more confident in.
If you feel comfortable sharing, then let me know in the comments what area you want to build your confidence in and, we can see what we could do to try and help each other.

Also let me know in the comments what your thoughts are on self confidence being a part time thing, I'd love to hear your opinions.


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Saturday, 4 April 2015

My March Favourites 2015

 Hi everyone!

Last month was quite crazy for me, hence why this post is late but, I still wanted to share with you what I loved during March.

YouTube Channels

This month I've been watching a lot of videos on Lousie Pentalnds second channel Sprinkle Of Chatter, especially her vlogs from last year.  I really love how chatty she is during the vlogs but also how other YouTubers (basically just Jack Howard) take turns vlogging for her as well, it always makes me laugh.
I really enjoy watching her Playlist Live vlogs from 2014 and they never fail to make me laugh and smile.



Adam Elmakias
Adam Elmakias is hands down one of my favourite bloggers/YouTubers/photographers.  I really freaking love Adams photography so, I love reading his blog and finding out about the photos he's taken.
This month I loved reading about when he was on tour with All Time Low and You Me At Six, especially seeing how he notes down what happens during each song and where he wants to be in the venue at various points during a concert. 

Little Miss Katy
You may have seen this post when I spoke about the lovely Katy English and how she's one of my style icons.  You may also remember from that post that I also said how much I love Katy's blog because it is genuinely like a hug but, in blog form.
I have so much love for Katy's blog, I absolutely love her style of writing and how it's so chatty and friendly.  I seriously cannot put into words how brilliant Katy's blog is and how important it is that you should go and check it out, you will not regret it!


In The Meantime, In Between Time
Defy You Stars
You may have seen from my instagram that last month I received my copy of Defy You Stars debut album In The Meantime, In Between Time. 
This.  Album.  Is.  Incredible.
I have a lot of love for this album and I definitely want to make an album dissection post about this album so I can chat about it in more detail with you all.
If you want to read what I think about the song Scared For You, which is the second track from the album, then you can read that here.
And, you can read my interview with Nikk Banos, the lead singer and guitarist from Defy You Stars, here.
Sleeping With Sirens
This is the first Sleeping With Sirens album that I actually own a physical copy off and I really love it.  There's such a range of songs on this album and it's a really amazing listen.
You can read what I think about this album in my album dissection post about it here.
The Blind Side

The Blind Side will most probably always be one of my favourite films ever. 
There are so many amazing lessons and messages in this film, the cast are incredible and, I absolutely love the soundtrack as well.
I have watched this film way more times than I will ever be able to remember and, I know for a fact that there will be many more times when I rewatch this film and still love it just as much (it's that amazing).

We Should Hang Out Sometime
Josh Sundquist
This book is amazing!  I seriously cannot explain to you how much I love this book.  It had me laughing out loud on the bus to college (which resulted in some very strange looks from the guy sitting across from me!), smiling like an idiot throughout the entire book and, I just love this book so, so, so, so much!
I would definitely recommend getting this book (although it proved kind of difficult for me in the UK as I ordered it from Waterstones and took over 2 months to get here) because it is absolutely brilliant!  And, the style in which it is written is great, it feels like Josh is just sitting talking to you and, I love the use of his hand drawn graphs and diagrams as well.
Overall, this book is amazing and one of my all time favourite reads.

I hope you've enjoyed finding out about what some of my favourite things were during March, let me know in the comments what you liked during March, I'd love to hear from you.


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