Wednesday, 15 April 2015

A Spotlight On: Cheap Shots & Setbacks by As It Is

Ever since I started listening to them, As It Is have hands down been one of my favourite bands.  I think this is mainly because they manage to make every single one of their songs sound as though it is bursting with emotion. 
Their debut album (which is now available to stream from their YouTube channel) is officially released through Fearless Records on the 20th of April in the UK and the 21st of April everywhere else in the world.  It's safe to say that I can't wait to get my hands on a physical copy of the album, I'm so excited for it.
The first single released from the album was Dial Tones (which I wrote about here) and the second single was Concrete.  They've just released another single from the album which is Cheap Shots & Setbacks and, I thought I'd share my love for the song with all of you.

The song starts off with a great guitar part as the intro that then continues into the first verse.
Lyrically I really like the first verse, it has As It Is written all over it. 
Vocally I'm so happy to hear both the lead singers (Patty Walters and Ben Biss) sharing the vocals.  Ben's voice doesn't sound as rough as it usually des but, I think this is nice to hear and really makes his voice compliment Patty's voice.
There are some vocal adlibs in there which aren't the type that I'd expect from As It Is but, since they're quite subtle I think it works really nicely and adds a really good build up for the chorus.
Instrumentally I think the two guitar parts work really, really well together.
 The drums sound really strong the whole way through this song and you definitely get a feel for this during the first verse.

Lyrically I love the chorus.  My favourite line has to be "We dream 'cause we don't sleep", I think it's just a brilliant line.
Also, I love how well the lyrics in the chorus tie together the lyrics in the verses, they help to sum up the main message of the song which is great.
Vocally, I absolutely love how Patty's voice gets rougher and for me I think this lets you hear how he's putting his absolute everything into the song, which I really love.
Instrumentally, I love how all the individual parts come together and just explode with energy.  I have a lot of love for the bass line in particular during the chorus.

Vocally, Ben starts of the second verse and I think this helps to make a really nice transition from the chorus into this verse.
I also love the vocal harmonies added in near the end of this verse, oh my goodness they sound so nice and help to keep up that amazing atmosphere.
Instrumentally, the energy from the chorus is still there but it's not drawing away from the energy in the chorus which I think is really important.
Lyrically, for me I feel as though the second verse links back to the first verse through the last line: "Is it just me or everybody else?", which I really like.
Lyrically I really like the third verse (except the little swear word they put in there - bad boys!) and I think it fits in really well with the rest of the song.
Atmospherically, it's absolutely brilliant. 
Vocally, I love how Patty draws out the last word both times round that the third verse is played, I think it adds a really nice sound.
Instrumentally, the lead guitar part really stands out for me here, it's incredible and I think it really helps to keep a solid instrumental part in this verse.
Gang vocals!  Gang vocals!  Gang vocals!  I am a sucker for gang vocals in any song, I think it just creates a brilliant atmosphere.  As It Is have gang vocals at the chorus straight after the third verse which I think is brilliant.
And of course they have to go ahead and throw in a great drum part to accompany the gang vocals, which makes an even better atmosphere.
And then they have to go along and make the last line just Patty's voice with a really cool effect on it, which creates a nice little mellow point before the final chorus.

The final chorus is really good and definitely has all the energy that's been building up throughout the entirety of the song.
The gang vocals continue into the final chorus which makes me very happy but, you can still hear Patty and Ben's voices clearly which I really like.
Instrumentally I really love the final chorus and again, the lead guitar part stands out for me because I feel it just creates a really nice melody to accompany the vocals.
I love that the song ends on Patty's vocal, as well as the guitar sort of fading out, I think it's the best way they could have chosen to end this song.

 I really like the music video for Cheap Shots & Setbacks.  I think that the story they have in the music video really does help to reflect the ideas in the song.  Also, the performance shots look insanely good, the way the lighting's been done is great and makes it look really cinematic.

Let me know in the comments what you think of the song, I'd love to hear your thoughts.


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