Tuesday, 7 April 2015

A Spotlight On: Runaways by All Time Low


Today is the release of All Time Low's album Future Hearts.  I just received my physical copy in the post and I'm currently listening to it for the first time. 

Before the actual album release they released 4 songs from Future Hearts and they were Something's Gotta Give, Kids In The Dark, Runaways and, Tidal Waves (featuring Mark Hoppus). 

I have blogged about two of the songs that had been released before the album release.  The first song I wrote about was Something's Gotta Give, and then I blogged about their song Kids In The Dark.
But when they released their song Runaways it was without a doubt my favourite Future Hearts song that they had released before the full album was actually out. 
There are a lot of reasons why I feel this way but, it's mainly because of the 3rd verse. But we should probably talk about the rest of the song first, shouldn't we?

When I first heard the intro of this song it reminded me of their album Nothing Personal straight away, it just had that sound which is apparent in their Nothing Personal album (you can read my review of the Nothing Personal album here).
But then the vocals started and it had the same sound as the other songs released from Future Hearts.
Vocally, I really love how although Alex Gaskarth's voice has changed since the last album, it still has that roughness to it.
Lyrically, I love the entire song but in the first verse I particularly love the lines
"I was so bitter, 'til you came along, You set my sails when the tide was low". 
I think this really helps to show how the people we meet can change and influence us and our lives for the better.  And it also reminds me of their song Stay Awake (Dreams Only Last For A Night) from their album So Wrong, It's Right (you can read my album dissection for So Wrong, It's Right here and, you can read what Stay Awake has meant to me recently here).
Instrumentally I love that there are effects on one guitar part but not the other, it makes it a bit grittier which I really like, even if it is really subtle.


I love the lyrics in the bridge a lot (the ones in the picture above) because I think they link really well to the title of the song. 
I love how it has 'less of an atmosphere' compared to the verses but I fell that somehow this gives it more of an atmosphere, if that makes any sense.  I think you need to listen to the song to understand what I'm hearing.
Instrumentally the change between the verses and the bridges is seamless and allows for a small build up before the chorus.  I also think I can hear a glockenspiel in there which makes me very happy.

The chorus is filled with an amazing atmosphere which I really love.
Instrumentally it's hard hitting from the start but during the middle of the chorus the guitar parts hold back a little which has an amazing feel to it.
Vocally, you can hear Alex Gaskarth putting his heart into the song which is something I really love to hear from any musician, the artist connecting to their song.
Lyrically, the chorus really helps to hold together the message of the entire song which is shown in the verses.   And I really love that the lyrics in the chorus live up to the title of the song.

I love how well the song leads into the second verse and I mainly feel this because of the drums (well done Rian Dawson).  The rhythm from the chorus is kept up so the energy never goes away but, it doesn't draw away from the fact that the chorus is the main focus point of the song.
Vocally I love the sound of the final line "We hide ourselves right where we stand" I don't know what it is but, I just love way this line sounds vocally.

Ah, the third verse.  The part of this song that I want to love unconditionally, I want to write the lyrics down and carry them with me forever. 
I. Freaking. Love. The. Third. Verse. Of. Runaways.
A lot.
The atmosphere is freaking incredible, there's a sort of mellow in the first vocal part which causes an insanely good build up.
Then the repeat of the lyrics is so bursting with emotion, that they surpass the build up that they just created. 
The instrumental for this part is beautiful, the way that they've combined the guitars with the drums is amazing (which is to be expected from this band) but then they had to go along and add strings in there to make my heart want to burst with the overwhelming feeling of love for this verse.
And then there's the lyrics.
The lyrics for the third verse are as follows:

"They won't catch us in the dark,
Roll like thunder, Burn like stars"

 For me the phrase 'Burn like stars' is just so powerful and beautiful.  I really don't think I can explain why this lyric stands out for me so much, I think it's just what it means to me personally but also that the entire sound of the song at this point is so full of emotion that I don't know how to react to it.

And then of course that emotion calms down a little at the beginning of the final chorus by having the vocals (with an effect) and a very subtle guitar part.
And then the emotion explodes all over again when the chorus picks up again and it's insanely brilliant.
The atmosphere in the final chorus is amazing and, again, Rian Dawson has done insanely well with the percussion.  I just think the way that they've made all the instruments work with each other is amazing and the emotion in the vocals added to that combination causes an amazing atmosphere.
The only thing I don't like about this song is that it ends on a fade!  I really hate it when songs end on a fade, I like to know how a song is supposed to finish!


 Overall, I absolutely love this song and have spent a lot of time playing it on repeat and, I would absolutely love it if they released a music video for this song.

Let me know in the comments what you think of this song, I'd love to hear from you all.


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