Thursday, 23 April 2015

Album Dissection: In The Meantime, In Between Time by Defy You Stars

This just seems to be the year for EVERY BAND I LOVE TO RELEASE NEW MUSIC!!!!!
All Time Low have released a new album, Simple Plan are recording a new album, Tonight Alive are recorded a new album, Fall Out Boy have already released a new album, Sleeping With Sirens released a new album (you can read my post about that album here), As It Is released their debut album this week, Pierce The Veil are (hopefully) releasing new music this year, the list just goes on!
On top of this I've started listening to a lot of bands for the first time such as Against The Current, Neck Deep and, Roam which means I also have a lot of old albums and EP's that I want to get copies of as well.
Now, don't get me wrong this excites me to no end because I love nothing more than finding new music to listen too.  But, I'm also a student who doesn't know what she's doing after her college course, so I kind of need to be saving the pennies. 
But when Defy You Stars released pre-orders for their debut album there was no way I was going to say no.  They're a band that have been working on this album for a long time and it's one that I was so incredibly excited to hear.
Last month  Defy You Stars debut album 'In The Meantime, In Between Time' was released and I was so excited when it arrived and, when I opened it to find it was signed!  I've been playing the album a lot since I got it so, I thought I'd do an album dissection post for you all.
Defy You Stars
In The Meantime, In Between Time 
Tyler Glasgow
March 17th 2015
Track List:
1. Like Glass
2. Scared For You
3. Saturday Nights
4. Morning Talks, Late Night Walks
5. Rest
6. Through To You
7. Pressure
8. Bad Again
9. Wild Fires
10. Eventually
11. You're What It's All About
My Dissection (Track by track):

Like Glass

I think this track is a great choice as the opener for the album. 
Instrumentally, I really love how well you can hear the bass part in this song and, also how well it works alongside the guitar and drums. You can hear the different instrumental parts are showing off without clashing with each other which I really love.
Vocally, I love the harmonies but also how there are so many parts were you can hear that little extra bit of emotion being put in which sounds great.  I also absolutely love what they've done vocally during the third verse by using multiple voices.  It creates an amazing atmosphere and sounds incredible.
Lyrically, I love this song and how well the chorus sums up the lyrics in the verses.

Scared For You
I have a lot of love for this song.  Seriously, I really, really love this song.  I really do, to the point where I've already written a separate post about what I think of the song (which you can read here).
I think the atmosphere and emotion in this song is absolutely incredible.  Every time I listen to this song I somehow manage to fall in love with the lyrics even more, if that's even possible. 
Saturday Nights
 I absolutely love how smooth the transition is between the verses and choruses throughout this song.  I also love the tempo change that there is between the verses and choruses as well.
Lyrically, my favourite part probably has to be the third verse, I think it's really nicely written.
Instrumentally, I absolutely love the lead guitar in this song, it's absolutely amazing.  And, I love how well it fits in with the drums in this song.  Also, in the third verse the bass part really stands out for me, I think it sounds absolutely incredible.
The way that the vocals work with the instrumental at the beginning of the final chorus is really nice and I think it sounds amazing.  

Morning Talks, Late Night Walks
I love listening to this song through my headphones because the way it's been split into the left and right ears is brilliant. 
Instrumentally, my favourite part has to be the third verse and the final chorus, no questions asked. 
The third verse is purely instrumental and sounds incredible, I particularly love that the beginning of it is just bursts of instrumentals. 
For the final chorus I really love how well the instrumental parts help to create an atmosphere alongside the vocals.
Lyrically, the second verse stands out for me in this track.  I think this is mainly because of the line "Something amazing will show itself no matter where you are".  I think this lyric is amazing and it really makes me think about looking for a positive in every situation.
Vocally, I absolutely love how well you can hear the emotion being put into the final chorus of this song, it's really strong and impossible to ignore.

Instrumentally, I absolutely love the drums in this song.  I think that they really help to compliment all the other parts of this song really nicely.  I love that the third verse is purely instrumental and has an absolutely incredible guitar solo.
Lyrically, I think this song is so beautiful.  I just love the lyrics the whole way through this song, they really hit home and are so filled with emotion.
The final chorus for 'Rest' gets me emotional every single time I listen to this song.  The atmosphere in this final chorus is breath taking and, the emotion put into it, vocally, lyrically and instrumentally is amazing.

Through To You
The first time that I heard this song it was the acoustic version on the Defy You Stars YouTube channel and, I absolutely love this version of the song.
  When the track list for In The Meantime, In Between Time was released and I saw that Through To You was going to be on the album, I was a little nervous about hearing the studio version.  But, I really wasn't surprised when I loved the studio version as much as I love the acoustic version.

The studio version is still an acoustic which makes me really happy.  It's just the vocals and an acoustic guitar which I think is all it needs to be.
The lyrics throughout the song are really beautiful, but the first two lines of the chorus will probably always be my favourite part.   I also love the line "I don't know how to swim, but I'll learn if you're drowning" from the second verse, I just think it's a really lovely lyric.
I absolutely love the way that this song ends, you hear the picking of the guitar strings so clearly which I just really like.


The intro for this song is brilliant!  It starts of with such an impact instrumentally that really sets you up for what this song is going to be.
The energy throughout this song is really high and never fails to die down which I really like.
Because f this I think the atmosphere created at the start of this song never dies down either which I really love (if you've been reading my blog for a while then you'll know I'm a sucker for any song that has a good atmosphere to it).
Lyrically, I think this song is really good and for me, the verses link to each other which I really like.
Bad Again
I have a lot of love for this song.  Like I was with Through To You, when the tracklist for this album was released I was so excited when I saw Bad Again was going to be on the album. 
The first time I listened to this song it was the acoustic version that was posted on the Defy You Stars YouTube channel (which I can't seem to find on their channel now, sorry) and I fell in love with this song.
The studio version of this song is also an acoustic, which I was really happy about when I first listened to it.  I think what will always be one of my favourite things about this song is that you can really feel the emotion that's in the vocals.  I think this is something that's really important in any song, hearing the artist connect to their music.
Lyrically this song is great but, ever since I first listened to it my favourite part lyrically will always be the chorus, I just think it's really truthful and is the perfect link between the verses.
Wild Fires
 This is such a beautiful song! 
For me, I think what really makes this song so beautiful is the lyrics.
But then the way that they have put the instrumental parts into this song are really nice and help to highlight the lyrics rather than draw away from them.
I think what really helps to highlight how beautiful these lyrics are and the story they tell, is the emotion put into the vocals.  You can really feel the emotion in this song the whole way through it which I really love.
I find the emotion in this song to be quite overwhelming but in a really good way.

I absolutely love the rhythm in this song, it's there from the very beginning and keeps up the whole way through.  There's a change during the third verse but this just helps to create a really nice atmosphere during the third verse rather than sound out of place.
Lyrically I like the whole song but, the second verse really stands out for me, particularly the line "I'm capable of so much more than you can believe".
Vocally, the final verse will probably always be my favourite part of this song because you can really hear the emotion in it.  I also love the little overlay of the vocals between the second verse and the following chorus, I think it adds a really nice effect.
You're What It's All About
 This is the first ever song that I listened too by Defy You Stars, so it's one that means a lot to me.
I think choosing the piano as the main instrument for the majority of the song was a great decision.  It suits the vocals really well and really helps to create an atmosphere.
The rest of the instrumental parts kick in at the third verse and it sounds absolutely incredible.  There's a build up in the song the whole way up to this point and it definitely lives up to this, mainly because it creates this incredible atmosphere.
Lyrically, I think this song is absolutely beautiful (on the same level as Wild Fires) and the vocals throughout the song really help to highlight this.
The only thing I don't like about this song is that I think it ends quite abruptly, I'm wishing it had more of a 'finish' to it, even if it ended on a fade.

Overall I think this is an incredible album, especially for a debut.  When listening to it you can really hear how much work has been put into the music and that the work put in definitely pays off.
I absolutely love the artwork and packaging for the album but, I was really sad when there wasn't a lyric booklet.

I think that for a band who are unsigned this is an amazing album and one that they should be extremely proud off.  I've been listening to Defy You Stars for quite a while and was really excited to hear this album.  My expectations were quite high for In The Meantime, In Between Time but it has more than surpassed what I thought it would be, this album is a beautiful listen.

You can buy the album from the Defy You Stars Bandcamp page here.  You can also read my interview with the bands lead singer and guitarist, Nikk Banos, by clicking here.

Let me know in the comments what you think of the album, I'd love to hear from you.