Sunday, 3 May 2015

A Spotlight On: Brighter by Against The Current

On May the 1st, Against The Current released the lyric video for their new song Brighter. 
This morning was my first time hearing the song and I love it so much.  Mainly for the lyrics which, to be honest, seems to be the case for me with a lot of songs recently.
So, I thought I'd share with you all why I love this song so much by writing it for my A Spotlight On series.

The song starts off with a short intro with the piano holding the main tune.  This piano part continues on when the vocals kick in.  Also, there are strings!  I freaking love it when stringed instruments are used in alternative music, I think it sounds so beautiful.  And, there are strings used throughout this song which I think sounds amazing and creates a really nice atmosphere.
Vocally, I am a really big fan of Chrissy Costanza's voice and I think it suits the style of this song really well, which is definitely heard in the first verse.

Lyrically, I love the entire song and, the first verse helps to nicely set up what the lyrics are going to be like throughout the song.  I've just re-listened to the first verse a few times to try and decide what my favourite lyric is but, I honestly can't decide, I love all the lyrics in the first verse.
Instrumentally, I like that the piano is the main instrument but, I also love how well the drums hold a nice, steady rhythm.
The bridge is really nice.  Atmospherically, I love that the instrumental dips down a little bit at the end to provide a nice build up for the chorus.

Vocally, I really like that Chrissy Costanza's voice has more of a presence at this point in the song, you can hear her putting more into it which I really like.
Lyrically, I particularly love the lines
"There's something beautiful, hiding in the shadows
So set the world on fire, let's burn a little bit brighter now"
It just gives me this picture in my head that makes me think that there's always some good in the bad situations but, we need to look for it in order for it be there.

Instrumentally, I like that there's not too much going on in the chorus and the instruments used work really well together.  This really helps there to be a focus on the vocals and lyrics which I think is important for this song.

Instrumentally, I love that the drums have more of a front seat from here on.  I think it helps to enhance the strength of the rhythm of the song, especially since there is no bass guitar used (if only I could play bass and be in this band!) which is something I feel is lacking.
Vocally, Chrissy's voice is still strong but not as much as it is in the chorus.  I think this is important because it means the verse is still strong but the emphasis is still on the chorus.
Lyrically, I really like the first line (pictured above), mainly because of how truthful it is.
I think that following our dreams is an extremely important thing but, it can also be very scary because we don't know what we'll have to sacrifice or how will things will turn out.

I really like the tune that the song changes to for the third verse.
The harmonies, vocally, in the third verse are amazing and I love that they take on a sort of gang vocal effect.
Lyrically, I feel like it sort of adds a bit of pressure through the line "Can't stand by and wait like the others".  It makes you really think about why you're putting of something that you want to achieve.
Instrumentally I like it but, I feel it could have done with the drums having a more prominent part in this verse.

The chorus after the third verse is amazing.  Firstly, the drums become prominent which I feel was needed.  Secondly, there are gang vocals with incredible harmonies.  Thirdly, this combination creates such a beautiful atmosphere.  This then leads really nicely into the finall chorus and keeps up the atmosphere that has just been created.
I absolutely love that the song ends on the line that it starts with;
"It's a brand new day, it's never too late to start"
 I think it sums up the message behind this song really well.

Overall I absolutely love this song.  The main thing that I love about it is the lyrics and, how motivational they are.  It really makes me want to just go for the things that I want in my life.

You can listen to Brighter on Against The Current's YouTube channel by clicking here.
And you can order their new EP 'Gravity' by clicking here.

Let me know in the comments what you think of this song, I'd love to hear from you.


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