Saturday, 9 May 2015

A Spotlight On: The Strays by Sleeping With Sirens

I bought my copy of Sleeping With Sirens album Madness the week it was released and fell in love with it on my first listen. 
The 6th track on the album is The Strays and is a song that I really love.  So, you can imagine my excitement when they released the music video for this song. 
 I briefly spoke about this song in my album dissection post for Madness but, I really love this song and the music video so I thought I'd talk about it with you in a bit more depth.

I really love the way that this song opens up.  The way it opens with the sharp guitar strums and then Kellin Quinn's vocals counting in the song is really lovely and, it's probably my favourite thing about the first verse. 
I love how delicate sounding the instrumental is in the first verse of this song, I feel like it's a suitable way to introduce what the instrumental will be like throughout the song. 
It isn't what I'd expect from Sleeping With Sirens in a studio album (although it fits the sound of their acoustic EP 'If You Were A Movie, This Would Be Your Soundtrack', which is a beautiful listen) but I think it definitely fits in with the rest of the songs on this album.

I love the way that the song changes in tune at the bridge, especially vocally and percussion wise.  I think it helps to create a really nice run up to the chorus.

Instrumentally, the strings become more prominent during the chorus which I really love (if you've been reading my blog for a while, then you may have noticed that I'm a sucker for strings being used in alternative music). 
I love how well you can hear the emotion in the vocals during the chorus I think it's really important for this song, and I love how well you can not only hear but feel the emotion in the vocals.
Lyrically, my favourite lines in the chorus are the following;
"You know we're better, we're better than that
We are the strays"

Personally, I feel these lines sum up the message behind this song really well.

Instrumentally, the tempo picks up in the second verse which I really like, I feel as though this matches the lyrics in the second verse really well.  I especially love how the drums become more prominent at the end of the second verse, I feel it really helps to give the song more of a kick.
Lyrically, my favourite lines from the second verse are the last two;
"Lived it all,
But I didn't break"
Vocally, I love that Kellin Quinn's voice goes just that little bit higher at the end of the verse during these lines.

In the third verse you can hear and feel the emotion that is being put into the vocals which I love.
Instrumentally, I love how prominent the guitar part is and, how in the instrumental part after the verse, there's a glockenspiel and whistles as the main tune.
Lyrically, for me, the third verse is extremely hopeful and quite inspirational.  It makes you really think about how you should just go for what you want in life and ignore the people that are trying to put you down.
I absolutely love that the first two lines of the song are played at this point in the song right after the third verse. 

As far as the instrumental goes, the final chorus is my favourite part.  You can really hear the band members putting their all into the music.  Also, the strings, oh my goodness the strings!  The combination of the strings and the band members putting their everything into the song is so atmospherical.
Vocally, I absolutely love how much you can hear Kellin Quinn putting his all into it, especially in the final "You know we're better, we're better than that", it sounds absolutely incredible.
I really love the music video for The Strays.  I think my two favourite things are that they got the Sleeping With Sirens fans involved and, the band just look really genuinely happy throughout the video.  I also love how bright it is, it reflects the song really well.
I absolutely love the idea behind the video, that the people in it are able to be something when they put their mind to it, especially when doing that with people who care about them.

Overall, I really love this song and I think the music video they've created fits with the lyrics in the song really well.  I feel this song is a good place to start if someone hasn't listened to the band before, it gives you a nice taste of what their music is like without being too heavy.
Let me know in the comments what you think of this song and the music video, I'd love to hear from you.