Saturday, 30 May 2015

My May Playlist 2015


This month has been crazy busy for me, especially at college since I've had a lot going on for my graded unit, I still can't believe it's finished!  So a few trips to HMV were needed, although I was good and only treated myself to one CD but, that will probably change over the course of the next few days.
I hope you enjoy my playlist for this month.
Twenty One Pilots - Holding Onto You
Dodie Clark - A Permanent Hug From You
Sleeping With Sirens - Don't You Ever Forget About Me
As It Is - You, The Room & The Devil On Your Shoulder
Twenty One Pilots - Trees

All Time Low - Old Scars/Future Hearts

Dodie Clark & Jack Howard - Four Five Seconds (Cover

Hey Violet - This Is Why

Tonight Alive - Complexes

Twenty One Pilots - Screen

Cahoots (Ft. Shaun Reynolds) - Down

As It Is - Can't Save Myself

Dodie Clark - Moving On (over)

All Time Low (Ft. Joel Madden) - Bail Me Out

Twenty One Pilots - Glowing Eyes

State Champs - Prepare To Be Noticed

As It Is - Drowning Deep In Doubt

Hey Violet - I'm There

You may have seen from my instagram that this month I bought a copy of Twenty One Pilots debut album Vessel.  This album is absolutely incredible!  There's not really a way to put their music into a genre because it has so much variety in it, from ukulele, to rap, to alternative rock. 
When I first heard of twenty one pilots I didn't bother giving their music a listen because I automatically assumed I wouldn't like their music from the weird description I read about their music and I hate that I didn't give them a listen.   Their music is extremely powerful and I'm hoping to get a copy of their new, Blurryface, soon.

You may remember me talking about this album in last month's playlist.  But I'm going to happily talk about it all over again.  The album in question is Never Happy, Ever After and is the debut album from one of my favourite bands, As It Is. 
I was so excited for their debut album and they didn't disappoint.  This month I have been listening to this album a lot, more than I did last month when it was actually released.  I'll even admit to this being the only music that I listened too for a few days in a row.  This band are definitely the upcoming band to watch on pop punk music right now.

I have talked about Dodie Clark many times on my blog, mainly about her music but also her YouTube channel in general.  This month I've been trying to make more of an effort with learning to play my ukulele (I'm not doing very well with this) and I've been listening to Dodie's music a lot as inspiration and motivation for this.  Also, the first song that I'm trying to learn is Dodie's song A Permanent Hug From You.  This song is just so lovely and the lyrics make me smile so much.

I hope you've reading about some of the music in this playlist.  let me know in the comments what music you've been enjoying during May, I'd love to hear from you.