Saturday, 13 June 2015

A Spotlight On: I'm There by Hey Violet

At the beginning of last month I started listening to a band called Hey Violet after they came up on my 'recommended' videos on YouTube.  I decided to give them a listen (as there are too many times that I see bands on YouTube but don't bother giving them a listen and I regret it so much) and I'm really enjoying listening to their music.

At the end of last month they released the music video for their song I'm There, so I thought I'd share the song with all of you as part of my A Spotlight On series.
 The song opens with an instrumental introduction and this definitely helps to set up what the overall sound of the song is going to be; acoustic. 
Not only does this introduction set up the song nicely but, instrumentally, it also leads very well into the first verse.  Instrumentally, the first verse starts off with just the acoustic guitar but, partway through the other instruments join in and I feel this helps to give a strong rhythm to the first verse.  I feel as though the vocals in the first verse could come across as stronger but, the harmonies that are there are really strong and well selected.

Lyrically, I'm in love with the chorus.  I think that the lyrics in the chorus are really beautiful, especially in the second stanza;

"'Cause no-one wants to be alone
And feelings like this
They need a home
You just have to say the word
And I'm there"

 Again, the vocal harmonies here are really good, a high standard was set for this in the first verse and they've carried it on without fail.  The lead vocals become more stronger at this point and I think that this paired with the percussion becoming more prominent in the chorus was a really good decision, it helps to make the chorus stand out in the song which I feel is an important thing.

One of my favourite things about this band is that they're not shy in making their bass guitar part heard.  There are some bands that I listen too and I'm straining to hear the bass guitar which I hate but, with Hey Violet this is yet to be the case and this song is no exception.
In the second verse I feel that it becomes a little more prominent than it previously was in the song which I really like.
I really love how well this verse leads on from the chorus lyrically, there's a story being told and a lot of thought has clearly been put into what's been written.
In the third verse you can hear lead singer, Rena Lovelis, putting her all into the vocals which I love.  One of my favourite things about the third verse is how well the percussion works alongside the vocals, you can hear them feeding off each other which I think is brilliant.
I think that the layout that they've chosen for the vocals and lyrics in the third verse is amazing, it creates an expectant atmosphere and a really good set up for the final chorus.
The vocal ad libs in the final chorus sound amazing, you can both hear and feel the emotion in them which I love.
As an entirety you can hear the band putting their all into the song during the final chorus which I love, it makes the final chorus more powerful.  I particularly love the percussion during the final chorus, I think this is mainly because I used to play the drum kit and I'm finally finding the motivation to maybe get back into it.  So, I always love hearing a drummer giving it their all and you can definitely hear that at this point as it's being continued on from the third verse.
I think that having a separate verse as an outro for this song is a really unique twist to put on this song.  It helps to close the song in a way that isn't abrupt and without using a vocal fade. 
Instrumentally it's softer which fits in nicely with the vocals also being softer at this stage and makes them work really well together.

 I'm really excited to see this band grow and I'm looking forward to the release of their debut album, it's definitely one that I can't wait to hear.
Let me know in the comments what you think of this song, I'd love to hear from you.