Wednesday, 2 September 2015

All Time Low & Neck Deep Concert | The Edinburgh Corn Exchange
It's been a while.  In fact, it's been over seven weeks since I opened up blogger or anything blog related.  To be completely honest, I've rarely been on my laptop at all.  But, I'm going to explain all of that in a different post that hopefully will be up soon - but I can't make any promises!
But right now I am so happy because a week past Tuesday I saw All Time Low and Neck Deep in concert at the Corn Exchange in Edinburgh.

It was an incredible gig.
 This was my second time going to see All Time Low (you can read about the first time I saw them in concert by clicking here) and since I'd been really busy for the few month before the gig I hadn't really thought about it much.  But the morning of the gig the weeks worth of excitement all arrived at once.
I was originally meant to be going to this concert by myself which really scared me but at the last minute I managed to arrange to meet up with a friend in the queue.  This meant we were pretty near the front of the queue as her and some of her friends had been queuing for quite a while.

This meant when we got in we were about 12 people away from the stage which is a spot I was really pleased with.   It was absolutely packed in the venue, the show had been sold out for about 3 or 4 month previous to the gig. 
It was very claustrophobic and got hot very quickly, I've always been quite protective of my personal space but I had to do my best not to think about it otherwise I would have started panicking. 
It made me realise what standing gigs are really like - hot, sweaty, and claustrophobic.
Neck Deep opened up and they were incredible.  I was pretty excited to see them as I've heard they're just as good live than in the studio and I definitely agree.  They brought so much energy to the stage and the crowd were feeding off it, which made Neck Deep go for it more as well. 
I didn't know all the songs that they played but I knew a few - I was slightly gutted that they didn't play Growing Pains but otherwise I really enjoyed their set. 
Although I've listened to a few of their songs a lot, seeing them live has made me want to properly listen to their music so I'll probably be ordering a copy of their newest album 'Life's Not Out To Get You' pretty soon.


I had decided before the gig that I didn't want to take loads of photos and the closeness of the crowd helped me to make sure of that.  I ended up only taking 20 photos and 3 videos during the concert, compared to about 60+ at other concerts I've attended, it feels like I barely took any photos.  This means that I didn't take any photos of Neck Deep.  Partly because I wanted to just enjoy their performance but mainly because I was being pushed around so much I couldn't get my camera out to take photos. 

The change between bands was very quick.  At other concerts I've attended the change between opening bands and the headlining band has always seemed to take forever, in some cases it was about a half hour wait which is never good if it's a standing gig. 

When All Time Low came on they opened with Satellite from their new album, 'Future Hearts'  (you can read my album dissection post for the Future Hearts album by clicking here) and the atmosphere in the venue was electric. 

I had expected the pushing to get a lot worse when All Time Low came on but it surprisingly didn't which I was quite relieved about.  Although the crowd was a bit pushy at points the majority of the concert goers there (at least all the ones that I interacted with) were really nice. 

Their set list had a good mixture of old and new songs.  They didn't play as many songs from their new album as I was expecting but they did play a few which was really nice to hear, especially Runaways, Kids In The Dark and Missing You.
During Time Bomb they got a lot of fans on stage to sing with them which was great to see, I loved seeing loads of the fans getting to interact with them on stage and have a lot of fun.  Since I was quite near the front at this point it meant that I managed to squeeze my way through to the second row which was great. 

The atmosphere throughout the entire set was incredible and when they came back on for their encore, opening up with one of their newest singles, Kids In The Dark, the crowd was buzzing.

They closed the gig with their song Dear Maria, Count Me In from their album  'So Wrong. It's Right'.  At this point my throat was in a lot of pain, I was roasting hot, and my ears were ringing but I was grinning like an idiot.   During the third verse of Dear Maria Jack and Alex came down to the barrier and the crowd were singing so loud, it was incredible.  At this point everyone was pushing forward and I managed to get pretty near the barrier, so close that at one point I held Jack's hand which I still can't believe happened!

I had an amazing time and it's definitely the best concert I've been to so far, it was absolutely incredible, both bands put on a fun, energetic performance.

Let me know in the comments what concerts you've been to, I'd love to hear about your experiences.  Also if you want to see what some of my concert tips are then click here to read a post full of the advice that I have about going to gigs.

Sorry I've been very absent from the blogging world, I'm hoping to change this.


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