Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Gold In The Darkest Moments #2

It feels like a lot longer than a week since I wrote the first post for my Gold In The Darkest Moments series - so much has happened in the past seven days! 
My week has been quite emotional to say the least, but I'm still going to look back and share some of my happy moments with you all. 

1.   Campfire with my friends.

On Monday evening a group of my friends cooked a barbeque and we had a campfire.  We all live and work together but it was nice to spend time together out of the pressure of our work environment, even if we were still om site.  And a few of my friends taught me a bit about constellations which was really fun for me. 

2.   Lunch with my parents. 
Last Thursday I went out for lunch with my parents and had a really lovely time.  It was nice being back home and going out with them both.  We then done a bit of shopping and I may have got a little carried away in Lakeland and bought a lot a few baking things.

3.  Nicer weather. 
The weather here in UK is slowly but surely getting better.  The daylight is lasting longer, I'm occasionally reaching for my sunglasses, and I've been spending a bit more time out and a bit and not running inside from the cold.  This excites me so much and I'm looking forward to organising things with my friends to enjoy the nicer weather. 

4.  Watching Lucy and Lydia on YouTube. 
Since I moved away I haven't been watching YouTubers are often as I used to, but I've been slowly getting back into watching certain creators regularly.  I've really enjoyed catching up on Lucy and Lydia's channel.  Their videos are fun, easy watching and I feel as though I'm sitting listening to a friend chat when I watch their videos, it's great. 

5.   Photography. 

I've been letting my photography take a back seat recently and I miss it a lot but I've been finding a lot of inspiration in Linda Blacker's work.  I've never tried portraiture or fine art photography but I'd like to give it a go as well as get back into the photography I already enjoy like architecture and nature. 

Let me know in the comments about the things from your week that have made you happy, I'd love to hear about them and to spread the positivity.