Saturday, 16 April 2016

All Time Low Back To The Future Hearts Tour 2016

Back in February I went to see All Time Low in Glasgow for their Back To The Future Hearts Tour.  On Facebook I described the day as "seeing one of my favourite bands with two of my favourite people" because I had a great time.  We spent the day together in Glasgow, window shopping and eating Millie's Cookies then went to the SSE Hydro in the evening for the concert. 

We arrived at the venue about half an hour before the doors opened, I was panicking slightly as we had standing tickets and thought that by arriving this late we wouldn't get a good spot.  But we somehow managed to end up in the queue which got let in the quickest, and ended up pretty near the end of the catwalk - yes, there was a freaking catwalk!

All Time Low are getting bigger and bigger over here in the UK but you can still bet on their audiences still being mostly filled with a core of people who are dedicated fans of not only this band but alternative music in general. 

The opening acts for this tour were Against The Current and Good Charlotte.  Their music styles are quiet different but both had the crowd getting hyped up, and put on a great show.  Against The Current displayed a lot of musical ability for a fairly new band and seeing them live has made me listen to their music more.  Good Charlotte performing was like being at an old punk show, it was brilliant.  They played a range of their older music as well as a few new songs, and their onstage banter was great. 


During the opening acts I got split up from my two friends but ended up two rows from the front and made small talk with a few of the people around me.   Adam Elmakias (one of my favourite music photographers) was one of the official photographers for this tour and went round the front of the catwalk handing out some of his wristbands and I managed to get some for me and my friend Becca which was great. 

When All Time Low came on they entered the stage through a rising platform and the energy in the arena was ecstatic.  Their set was a good mixture of their older and newer music, hearing songs from their Put Up or Shut Up EP was incredible as a it gave a sense of how far this band has come.  I only took a few photos throughout the concert, the majority of the photos I have are from my wonderful friend Becca.

Seeing Alex Gaskarth perform Therapy so up close was pretty emotional, but not as emotional as being one of the voices in an arena full of people singing along with him.

Overall it was a pretty amazing concert.  The first time I saw All Time Low was at the SSE Hydro I February last year when they toured with You Me At Six which I was sitting pretty far back for.  The second time I saw All Time Low was at the Corn exchange in Edinburgh for their Reading & Leeds warm up gig in ugust last year.  That was a very small venue in comparison, hot, all standing, and one of the best concerts I've been too.  This cncert was like a combination of my other two times seeing All Time Low.  Yet this was a milestone for a band, they knew and so did the fans. 

This was All Time Low's first time headlinging an arena tour in UK where they weren't co-headlining,  The had the crew and the equipment to not just put on a gig put a show and the most certainly did that.  It was a punk show with the fun of the pyro and fire, and the usual ridiculous banter from Alex Gaskarth and Jack Barakat. 

I had a great time at this concert and hope to see All Time Low again.  Let me know in the comments about what concerts you've been too, I'd love to hear about your experiences.


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