Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Carolyn's Simple Life | The Re-Brand to Stained Glass Stars

So, you might have noticed that Carolyn's Simple Life has changed over the past few days.  It's changed A LOT.  Firstly, I've renamed my blog (internally screams!!!).  I've been thinking about this for a long time and finally decided to take the leap of renaming my blog.  I've been so scared to do this because I don't know how this is going to affect my blog/networking and all those bloggy things but, I outgrew my old name. 

I've been wanting to have a fresh start on my blog without starting all over again, I feel the best way for me to do this is to have a new name, a new design, and hopefully a new motivation for me to get back to posting regularly.   Although in the process of doing this I've managed to lose all my 280 Bloglovin' followers for my blog which has been quite upsetting.

To be completely honest with you guys I'm absolutely petrified to be doing this because my blog means so much to me.  This is my little space online which I've come to know and love, so the thought of letting go of Carolyn's Simple Life is a difficult one.  But, I think it's time for my blog to 'grow up' in a sense and so that's what I'm doing. 

I think back to when I started blogging, I did it because I was lonely and needed a hobby which meant I didn't have to leave the comfort of my bedroom.  If you had told 16 year old me where I would be now I wouldn't have believed you but the fact is that I have done a lot of growing up over the past two years.  I'm not the attention seeking, selfish girl that I was then.  I've moved away from home, I have a full time job that I love, I've grown tremendously in my faith as a Christian, and I have a group of close friends that I love like family.   

I've matured, and I'm ready for my blog to catch up with me now.  Thanks to the amazing people over at pipdig my blog now has a gorgeous template that I think is sleeker and that I'll slowly be personalising over the next few weeks. 

So, why Stained Glass Stars?  Two reasons, the first being the Bible verse that's picture below.  The second being a song called Stained Glass Eyes & Colourful tears which I really like. 

My posts won't be changing, I'll have mostly the same content, I'm just hoping to post on a more regular basis.  If you'd like an idea of some of the posts I'll be working on the you can read my last post

Also, I have anew Bloglovin' address, so please go and follow me on there. 

I'm looking to writing posts that aren't just updates for you guys, I'm so excited to be writing posts for both me and (hopefully) you guys to enjoy.