Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Sweater Weather

I am not a fashion blogger.  I've never claimed to be one, and I probably never will.  But it's Autumn which is my favourite season, the leaves are beautifully gold and red, I'm drinking countless hot chocolates a day, and the weather's getting colder each day.  One of my favourite things about Autumn is that I can wrap up in oversized scarves, biker boots, and my favourite sweaters.  So, I enlisted the help of my amazing friend Lawson so I could share some of my favourite sweaters and jumpers with you all. 

New Look Maroon Jumper

I own a lot of maroon and burgundy items of clothing.  Mainly because it reminds me of Autumn, and there was that one time I was told I suited it and now I seem to have fallen in love with the colour.  This jumper is a couple of years old but is still one of my favourite sweaters to grab on a chilly day.  The only downside is that you have to wear a vest-top or t-shirt underneath due to the spaced out way it's been made, although this does mean you're extra toasty! 

Slouched Grey Sweater

I love a sweater that's slightly baggy because it means I can hide my tummy!  I own a lot of dark coloured clothes because it contrasts really nicely with my hair.  When I saw this sweater in New Look I wasn't sure whether to buy it or not, but my mum persuaded me too and I'm so glad she did.  Although the material is a little thinner than I'd like, it's actually quite handy for wearing to work as it means I'm not too warm when I'm inside.  This exact sweater isn't available anymore but you can buy a similar one here.

Boston Massachusetts Crewneck Sweater
After seeing a lot of jumpers in store with American university or college logos embossed on the front, I may have wanted to own at least five of my own.  My uncle brought this jumper back from America a few years ago to give to someone but they hadn't wanted it and it had been sitting in his house ever since.  When he offered it to me I may have snatched it out of his hand before he changed his mind.  I find crewneck jumpers so comfortable and this one has a wonderful fleece lining which is perfect for this time of year.  You can buy a similar one here

Carolyn Bell Photography
Carolyn Bell Photography
Carolyn Bell Photography

Grey Primark Cable Knit Jumper
I'm a sucker for good bargains in Primark, I'll go in with the intention of buying one item and leave with two full bags of shopping!  I bought this jumper on one of these occasions and it's one of the times that I don't regret having a little Primark splurge.  The knit on this jumper is quite chunky and I think this adds nice detailing to the entire jumper.  You can buy one similar here

Black Chevron Tape Sweater
New Look is probably my favourite place to go clothes shopping, I always seem to find something that I like there, and their high waisted skinny jeans are the comfiest things I've ever owned.  I bought this sweater a little while ago and I really like it.  Although I don't wear it as often as I'd like because I struggle to find jeans that I like with it, I really do like this jumper.  It's a crewneck style but a little more fitted which I really like as I think it helps to enhance your figure slightly more than a normal crewneck sweater. You can buy this sweater from New Look here.

Oversized Maroon Sweater
Yet another maroon sweater!  It's also knitted!  And it's oversized!  All my favourite things in one amazingly cosy jumper.  I was visiting my sister up north when I bought this jumper and they only had it in a large which I'm now so grateful for.  This is the kind of jumper I can just throw on when I'm feeling too lazy to bother with being fussed about what I'm wearing, although the slits on the side add a nice detailing to give the look a little more effort.  It's also great for layering up in the colder weather and looks great with an oversized scarf.  You can buy a similar jumper here.

I hope you've enjoyed seeing some of the jumpers that are going to be the staples in my Autumn wardrobe this year.  I had a lot of fun having these pictures taken, be sure to check out Lawson's instagram and Facebook page, he is a seriously talented photographer.  Let me know in the comments about some of the items that will be regulars in your wardrobe this Autumn, I'd love to hear from you.