Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Another Re-Brand & New Bloglovin | Faithfully Carolyn

A few months ago I rebranded my blog from Carolyn's Simple Life to Stained Glass Stars.  I was doing this in the hopes of starting afresh with my blog and having a new wave of motivation for my blog. 

But as you have probably noticed, I've been rarely posting and struggling to be active in the blogging community.  I miss sharing my thoughts and experiences on here, blogging is something that was a huge part of my life and I am now hoping to really get back into it. 

I feel as though when I re-branded my blog to Stained Glass Stars it lost its personal touch and I feel as though I don't enjoy blogging as much. 

I've recently been sharing a lot about my faith on my blog as this is the most important thing in my life and is something that I want to share more on my blog.  I'm also making some huge life steps at the moment as I'm looking into wrapping up what has been my very long gap year and seeing what God wants to be the next chapter in my life. 

So I'm re-branding again, although this is something that I wasn't intending on doing again, I feel it's what I'm needing to do, so I'll now be blogging under "Faithfully Carolyn".

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