Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Gold In The Darkest Moment #8

I started my Gold In The darkest Moments series with the hopes of sharing more positive posts on my blog and as a way of documenting the little moments in life that make me smile.  As another way of documenting this I've started doing a line-a-day-diary to document little things in life, like dreaming of opening a coffee shop, the goings on at work, and being back at church.

1.  Lovely letters. 

I've only been back at work for a couple of weeks but already two of my close friends have sent me such lovely letters in the post.  It's so rare to send and receive letters nowadays so getting a really thoughtful letter in the post makes my heart so happy.  It's even better when it comes from your best friend in a really pretty envelope!

2.  Phoning my mum. 

I'm really fortunate to have a really close relationship with my mum.  I phoned her last night to quickly asked her something but we ended up talking for almost an hour, it was so nice to have a good catch up and to chat through all the goings on of life with my mum. 

3.  Bible Study.

At the end of last year I started getting up early in the morning to do my own devotions, and in the evenings I'm doing the Hidden Dreamer Bible study.  I'm really enjoying it and it feels good to be growing in my faith and strengthening my relationship with God.

4.  Road trip, praying & hot chocolate.

My friend Finlay and I cook our meals together (he's a genius in the kitchen!) and were driving to the supermarket last week.  I'd had a bit of a tough evening and was a bit upset with myself that I hadn't prayed about the situation yet.  So we spent our car journey praying and it felt so good.  Then we picked up some hot chocolate at one of my favourite little coffee shops before going shopping.
It was wonderful. 

5.  Re-branding my blog.  Again.

You may have noticed that I have rebranded my blog again, and it feels so good!  I have a new wave of love for blogging and I'm so excited to be involved in this community again. 

I'm hoping to make Faithfully Carolyn a space for me to share my faith, my love for baking, my travel adventures, and my thoughts and feelings as I look into my dream of starting my own business.  I'm excited for this new step in blogging and a chance to start afresh with my blog when I'm finally feeling in the right place to do so.

I hope the past few weeks are going well for all of you as well and that you're finding a way to appreciate the little moments of happiness that come your way.  It's what I've been doing and it's made me laugh at myself more, worry less, and be thankful for the little pockets of happiness in my life.