Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Life Lately | Embracing February

February has been quite the busy month so far, and I have the rest of my diary pretty much full for the remainder of the month.  February has seen my job gradually getting busier, my travel plans for March fast approaching, and my faith being tested daily.  I also had a bit of a cold last week that is slowly passing after I spent a day in bed feeling sorry for myself and watching Call The Midwife.  February is going in quickly which is something I wasn't anticipating but I'm hoping to embrace the rest of this month with a more optimistic mind set.

Although things have been quite busy for me these past few weeks, something that has reground my mind and my heart is going on late night walks with two of my closest friends.  I have the reputation for being a bit of an old lady, I like to be snuggled up in my bed with my tea and my journal by 10 o'clock in the evenings.  So when one of my friends invited me on a walk a little after 10, I shocked myself when I started putting on my welly boots and jacket.  But these walks have been so wonderful, I'm so thankful for these guys and the God centred conversations we've had together. 

If you follow me on instagram then you'll see that I'm posting a photo every day and sharing a little bit of my heart.  The past week or so has seen my struggling in my faith slightly, but I've been feeling a bit more refreshed the past day or two which is so comforting.  I'm feeling a little closer to God and hoping to build on this now. 

It's officially less than two weeks till I go to Australia and it still seems surreal to me that I'm actually going!  Obviously, I'm excited, but I'm also feeling surprisingly laidback which worries me slightly.  I'm just hoping I don't leave anything to the last minute or forget to pack something really important. 

A couple of weekends ago I went back to my parents for a few nights, it was so lovely to see my family.  I finally got a much needed haircut then we spent an afternoon at The Restoration Yard and it was so lovely.  I love the vintage, authentic feel to the whole place, from the beautiful café to the incredible, bespoke store.  This place is worth a visit and walking around the country park is great, even if it's freezing and you cuddle up to your Grandma the whole time like I did!

I have had numerous coffee shop visits recently and I don't think I've appreciated a hot chocolate more than I have this month.  The chance to get out for a bit and spend time with my friends somewhere that isn't our workplace has been good.  Also, when your barista gives you extra whipped cream and caramel sauce it's pretty awesome. 

The end of this month is scheduled to be just as busy as the beginning but I'm looking forward to whatever comes my way.  How's February shaping up for you?  Let me know in the comments how your month is going so far, I'd love to hear from you.