Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Grace | A Poem

Gods Riches At Christ's Expense.
But, why?
To show that He is God?

That is unnecessary.
The stars show His breath,
the birds sing His praise.

Our hearts.
Oh, our hearts.
Filled to the brim,
with love,

He is our Saviour.
Our King.
Our Friend.

He gave it all,
so we could have it all.

To the full.
Filled with grace.

A life lived for Him,
with Him,
because of Him.
A life worth living. 

Forgiveness and grace.
and overwhelming.

He gave it all,
so we could have it all.
He gave it all,
I owe Him all. 

"Since you are precious and honoured in my sight,
and because I love you..."
Isaiah 43:4



Saturday, 5 August 2017

All The Goodness | Coffee & Bakeshop

I adore coffee shops; the cosy feel, the smell of fresh coffee, and the space to meet up with friends, read a good book, or do some studying.
The only issue for me when it comes to coffee shops is that I don't actually drink tea or coffee, although I could happily drink numerous hot chocolates a day. 

I'm quite known for happily sitting in a coffee shop for a while with a good book, or popping into Costa to grab a takeaway for my Dad and I before church on a Sunday morning.  I enjoy going to independently run coffee shops and finding their unique quirks and fun décor. 

I moved further north a couple of weeks ago for my new job, and last week some friends took me to a lovely coffee shop and bakery called All The Goodness

All The Goodness is located at the edge of Ardelve with a beautiful view of Eilean Donan Castle from their outdoor picnic benches.  All The Goodness specialise in artisan coffee, local food products, and fresh home baking.  It's safe to say the description of All The Goodness was stealing my heart before I even set foot inside. 

The first thing I noticed when we went inside was the fun colour scheme they have for their décor; a bright, eye-popping blue with black, red, and white accents.  My senses were overwhelmed with the quirky décor, the range of home baking on display, and the smell of home baking mixed with fresh coffee. 

The staff are very welcoming and friendly, and were great at recommending products both for the fresh home baking and products from the food shop.  It was wonderful to look at the Scottish map on their wall to find out where their produce is from, and to see what local produce they had on sale in their store. 

I had the Caramel & Isle of Skye Sea Salt Hot Chocolate along with a Chocolate Chip Cookie.  I have quite a soft spot for anything with caramel, but especially for hot chocolate.  This was the first salted caramel hot chocolate that I had tried and it was divine.  We also had some banana brownie, rock rose gin and raspberry brownie, mango smoothie, and fresh coffee between us. 

It was lovely to sit outside and enjoy some home baking along with a little bit of sunshine from the British summer. 

If you find yourself in the Kyle area then I would highly recommend a visit to All The Goodness.  Lovely staff, beautiful home baking, and an incredible view to enjoy at the same time.  You can find out more about All The Goodness from their website and their Instagram