Wednesday, 25 October 2017

Single Track Art Gallery & Espresso Bar // The Isle of Skye

Freshly ground coffee is one of my favourite smells.  I don't why, but there's something about it that just makes me smile.  I find so much happiness in visiting coffee shops; the unique décor, the cosy atmosphere, the chance to read or study in a new environment, hot drinks and cake, and a space to meet up with friends.  But above all this is the constant aroma of freshly ground coffee.

Last week two friends and I took a two hour drive to the top of Skye.  The scenery was stunning and it was so beautiful to drive across the island during autumn.  This roadtrip had one purpose for us - to go to the Single Track Coffee Shop in Kilmaluag.  The building of the coffee shop and the house beside it was featured in season twelve of Grand Designs, a show which I enjoy watching so much.

Both buildings have wooden exteriors and turf-top roofs.  Although they are different from the typical houses you would find on the island, they fit in well with the surrounding scenery.  The views from Single Track are absolutely stunning and well worth the drive.

Although the coffee shop is small, it has a cosy feel to it and they have made great use of the space that they do have; a long table accompanied with bar stools at the window facing the coastline, shelf spaces to display local produce for sale, a table in the middle surrounded by bright yellow chairs, the coffee counter with home-baking, and small stools covered with old coffee bean bags seated under a wall filled with beautiful artwork.  With a building so small you would think that they would be limited with what they could achieve but they have turned it into a beautiful, creative space.

The selection of hot chocolates and home baking was wonderful, and it was made all the better that we were able to have some homemade soup before diving into the sweet stuff.  Between us we had the flourless chocolate brownie, the pear and almond cake, and the carrot cake.  For hot drinks I really was spoilt for choice but decided on the dark hot chocolate and Isle of Skye sea salt.  Although it was maybe a little more bitter than I'm used to, it complimented the brownie so well.

Altough it's a long drive to the Single Track Coffee Shop, it's a beautiful drive and worth it for the unique little café at the end.  You can find out more about the Singe Track Art Gallery and Espresso bar by visiting their Facebook page here.



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