Sunday, 29 April 2018

Thankful // The April List

April has been a mosaic of both bright and dark colours.  I've found myself facing refinement and being unsure of how to walk through it with my heart in the right place.  But God has been gracious and for that I am so thankful. 

My thankful book had some days in April that were left blank, unsure of wether reflecting on the past twenty four hours would have helped or hindered my heart.

Yet I look back on this month with God by my side and that is what matters most, I got through by His grace and His strength.  And despite my selfishness He has displayed His love to me in beautiful yet simple ways that have soothed my heart. 

1.  A morning at the beach 
This month started off with a morning at the beach with my friend Maire. It was a lovely to start April and I couldn't have asked for a brighter soul to have spent this time with. 

I had the privilege this month of volunteering at KYCK youth conference in Katoomba.  It was a full but brilliant weekend.  The speakers for the weekend were wonderful and the message that was shared had such a great impact. 

3.  Wollongong
At the end of this month I had the chance to stay with some friends in Wollongong for a few days.  It was an example of how God knew what I needed when I was feeling a little fragile.  It was really lovely to be out of the city for a while and to spend time with some friends who shared Gods love with me in such kind ways. 

4.  The Guernsey Literary & Potato Peel Pie Society
When this book was gifted to me at the end of last year I had no idea how the story would touch my heart.  This book and the story within provided comfort for me this month.  Then seeing the film last night really uplifted my heart. 

5.  Journaling
Journaling used to be an automatic part of my daily routine, it was a way for me to process and to write out my prayers.  But since the middle of last year I've felt myself struggling with journaling and losing the joy that I once had in writing.  But this month I was encouraged to try again with journaling and although it is going slowly, I am thankful to be writing again. 

I will admit that I look back on some moments of this month with regret due to my selfishness and fear.  But I am ultimately thankful for Gods grace and that each time I fall down, He offers His hand to help me get back up and to keep going. 

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Thursday, 19 April 2018

Ladies Who Brunch | The Tiny Giant

Brunch. 1. (Noun) A meal that serves as both breakfast and lunch. 

I'm quite the enthusiast for brunch.  Any time when people come together to share food and share life is special to me.  At my old workplace a few friends and I used to have brunch together on our day off.  It is one of my fondest memories from my last few months of working there. 

At the start of this week I made some last minute plans to meet up with a couple of my classmates.  We explored Petersham for a while then decided to visit The Tiny Giant for some food.

The café has a beautiful wooden interior as well as an outdoor seating area.  The menu included a great selection of both breakfast and lunch foods, as well as an amazing assortment of pastries and sandwiches in the display cabinet - we were most definitely spoiled for choice!  As someone who is quite indecisive the staff were very kind and patient with us; allowing us to order some drinks whilst we decided on sweet or savoury foods for our brunch date.

Between us we ordered the chicken wrap, the pulled pork bun, and the Belgian waffles, I also went for the mango smoothie to add something sweet to my savoury choice. 

It was such a lovely place to catch up with friends and to spend time enjoying good food.  The café is bright and friendly, and the atmosphere matches it so well - pair this up with amazing food and I know for sure that I'll probably be heading back quite soon.

If you're in the Petersham area I highly recommend a visit to The Tiny Giant, it's a short walk from the train station and I am sure that you will be just as impressed with the café as I was. 


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Saturday, 14 April 2018

The Journey Ahead


I remember the community of cottages,
surrounded by the mountains.
Protected and kept safe
by the very creation that was placed there.

I remember the settled feeling that was within my heart;
I felt at home. 
Walking through the garden
then down to the shore.

I remember my heart feeling exposed;
there was no hiding from the need to be vulnerable.
The setting was overwhelming,
and yet, there was a closeness that comforted my heart. 

And now, He is opening my heart;
teaching me to grow
teaching me to choose Him
teaching me to accept grace. 

A time of raw healing;
a daily refinement
a daily choice
a daily love that is poured out. 

I remember the community of cottages,
surrounded by the mountains.
Protected and kept safe
by the very creation that was placed there.

I remember what felt like home,
and now I look to the journey ahead;
trusting that He will lead me there again,
even as a new place beings to feel the same way.   



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Tuesday, 3 April 2018

Thankful // The March List

Starting a thankful book is something that I have contemplated many times before.  When I was travelling last year it was something I briefly attempted but unfortunately didn't continue with. 

This month I decided it was time to start a thankful journal, to end each day making a list of things that I'm thankful for from that day, and to stay committed in doing to doing this each day. 

It's been a comforting way to finish my days.  It has helped me to reflect on the big and the little moments that have shaped the past month, and now I'm looking forward to sharing some of these moments with you. 

1.  Gods Grace and Refinement
This month hasn't always been easy and there are moments that I look back on with regret.  God has definitely been teaching me the beauty of His grace and the necessity of His refinement. 

2.  The Grounds of Alexandria
At the end of March I visited The Grounds of Alexandria with my friend Megan.  This is something I had hoped to do whilst visiting Sydney last year but unfortunately wasn't able to.  It was such a beautiful place to explore and it was wonderful to spend some time with Megan, she has such a loving nature.

3.  Video Calls
I'm beginning to feel a lot more settled here in Australia; I'm enjoying my college course, adjusting to my new routine, and spending time with some lovely new friends.  But something that I am thankful for is being able to video call home, to be able to talk with my family and close friends has been really lovely and their prayer and support has meant so much to me. 

4.  New Stationary
I treated myself to some new notebooks in the sale at Koorong and I'm so pleased with them.  I don't think I could ever own too many noteboks so I'm quite excited to add some new ones to my collection. 

5.  Painting my Toenails
Sometimes it's the little things that can bring us happiness, and for me this week that was painting my toenails.  This is something that I don't usually do but since I'm wearing flip flops a lot now (or not even bothering with shoes) I thought it might be nice.  It's a little thing but it's made me happy. 

6.  Caitlin
My fellow ISFJ who has been showing me so much love and care since I arrived in Australia.  I am so thankful for this lovely girl; late night ice cream trips, photos of puppies, pointing me back to God, watching cute Cinderella movies together, and sharing good books. 

7.  Maire & her family.
I was able to finish my month staying with my friend Maire and her family.  It was wonderful to end the month spending time with them, they made me feel like a part of their family.  We tried out a new recipe, went to the Blue Mountains for a day, and enjoyed the sunshine by the pool. 

Although it was a busy month, March was a good month and one I can look back on with a thankful heart.  Let me know in the comments what you're thankful for from the past month. 


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