Saturday, 26 January 2019

Mimi's Little Bakehouse | The Royal Mile Edinburgh

The Old Town area of Edinburgh is one of my favourite parts of the city.  I love to spend time at the castle, explore the Royal Mile, and wander around the independent shops on Victoria Street. 
In December I had the delight of visiting Mimi's Little Bakehouse on The Royal Mile in Edinburgh, it is such a beautiful cafe on one of my favourite streets in Edinburgh.

I adore coffee shops, and have a particular fondness for independent stores and smaller businesses. For well over a year now, Mimi's Bakehouse has been on the list of places in Edinburgh that I would like to visit.   So, when I was going out for lunch with some friends in the city I knew I wanted to take them to the Bakehouse on the Royal Mile.

The store is quite small, however it has a cosy atmosphere and the storefront is so warm and inviting.  We arrived in time for lunch and were spoiled for choice with the selection of food on the menu, which is displayed by beautiful lettering on chalkboards around the cafe. 

Two of us had the tomato and roasted red pepper soup, whilst another had a mozzarella and pesto panini with side salad.  During winter I enjoy having comfort food, particularly homemade soup with bread.  The tomato and roasted red pepper soup did not disappoint, I would have happily ordered a second bowl had I been able to finish another!

With Mimi's being a Bakehouse, it is well known for the assortment of cupcakes and traybakes which we were eager to try.  We decided to order a variety of cakes to share between us - although looking back we should have ordered less as we were all quite full already!  Alongside the sweet treats we also ordered a few mugs of the nutella hot chocolate. 

The cupcakes and tray bakes lived up to all the wonderful reviews I had heard about the baking at Mimi's.  There is such a wonderful variety of baking to choose from and I would love to go back for another cupcake soon!   The staff at Mimi's are so friendly, easy to chat to, and were so patient when we were trying to choose which cakes we wanted to try.  

Overall, our visit to Mimi's Bakehouse was wonderful.  The atmosphere in the little coffee shop is snug and homey, the staff are extremely welcoming, and the food is delightful.  Mimi's Bakehouse in the Old Town is well worth a visit!

You can find out more about Mimi's Bakehouse by visiting their website here.



Friday, 18 January 2019

Word of the Year Twenty Nineteen | Intentional

1. done with intention or on purpose; intended: 

Last year was the second year in which I decided to have a word to focus on rather than setting resolutions.  My chosen word for twenty eighteen was 'courage'.  It was a year that shaped me and refined me; it pushed me beyond my comfort zone again and again.   

My word for twenty nineteen is one that has been clear to me for a number of months; 'intentional'.  
I was daunted when this word was first placed on my heart, I have found that the words God calls me to pursue are the words which I often feel unqualified for.  Yet, over the past two years He has taught me so much about trust and courage, and now, alongside building on trust and courage, I am hoping to grow in intentionality.

Over the past two years, rather ironically, I have not been as intentional as I would liked to have been in regards to my words for each year.  I slowly allowed them to become an afterthought the further into each year we reached, rather than something for me to focus on and a characteristic to grow in over time.  

This year I am hoping to take the time to learn what it means to live each day with intention.  In particular, to be intentional in rest, intentional in relationships, and intentional in my faith, alongside growing in intention in other areas.  Of course, as He has done in the past, I'm sure that God will teach me lessons in intentionality in the most unexpected yet beautiful ways.  

Looking back on twenty eighteen, it was a year of highs and lows, a year that was bookended at beginning and end with doubt and questioning.  Yet standing at the end, I looked back on lessons of trust and courage, and within the doubt there is a steadfast hope that cannot be shaken.  I am walking into twenty nineteen holding onto this steadfast hope and looking to God to grow me in intentionality with Him.